Embarcadero Database NewsFlash - May 2014

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: News and resources for database professionals


Database NewsFlash
News and resources for database professionals



May 2014 


Online Webinar

Write SQL the Right way to Optimize Performance
Webinar presentation by Karen Morton

Join Karen Morton, Oracle ACE, and Embarcadero's Scott Walz as they discuss strategies and techniques to create highly effective SQL statements. Learn how different versions of Oracle need special handling and how common anti-patterns can be rewritten for performance.


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MDM Summit

Come and meet Embarcadero at Master Data Management Summit Europe 2014

Embarcadero Industry Innovation Session
"Take Control of your Data Governance" Mark Barringer Embarcadero Technologies

Organisations face continued significant growth in complexity, diversity and volume of enterprise data with more and more companies worldwide understanding that data governance offers the only strategic solution to this challenge. Enterprises drowning in data and disconnected from trusted data repositories need to break out of organisational silos and re-establish adequate coordination and controls. Metadata Governance & Syndication technology enables collaborative content development and effective access to your Enterprise Information Map, the authoritative guide to an organisation's information assets. By providing greater insight into the location, meaning and proper use of enterprise data, organisations can improve corporate data compliance and utilisation. Business users can now locate, interpret, and accurately utilise data as an enterprise asset thereby adding real value to the business.

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Recorded Webinar

Inheriting a database can be a daunting task. Learn what to do & when.
Webinar on-demand presentation by Tim Radney & Scott Walz

Does inheriting a big enterprise database seem like a bad dream? For many of us, it's a reality. It's a necessary evil of the real world. Done properly, taking control of a new database can be a fairly painless process. Join Tim Radney (DBA, PASS Regional Mentor & Chapter Leader of the Columbus, GA SQL Users Group) and Embarcadero's Scott Walz as they discuss strategies and techniques for proper analysis & operation.

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White Paper

The Changing Role of the DBA

With many organisations seeing 25 percent year-on-year data growth and with data becoming more diverse - more apps running on more devices connected with more databases - the role of the data management professional has become increasingly complex. Database professionals have been forced to navigate these rapidly changing environments, guaranteeing compliance and solving performance issues. This is happening as new competitive pressures are forcing companies to streamline their workforces. Read how DBAs are rising to meet the challenge..

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Success Story

Catalina has the right tools to keep up with their data warehousing strategy.

The team needed to replace legacy tools to enable capabilities specific to Netezza, and, with ER/Studio, obtained a solution that gave them the functionality they required and improved their ability to manage their data warehouses more effectively.

Learn how Catalina:

  • Implemented state-of-the-art modeling tools that will keep pace with Catalina’s advanced data warehousing environment
  • Easily and successfully migrated all data models to the new platform
  • Provided developers, DBAs and business users visibility and improved collaboration

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White Paper

Seven Deadly Sins of Database Design

To learn all you can about data modeling for your data warehouse and what to look out for, you need to know how to identify the primary issues that surface. This awareness can help when you run into a scenario where you find architecture that is not fully documented and different from the rest of your database designs. In this whitepaper we'll focus on seven common database design "sins" that can be easily avoided and suggest ways to correct them.

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Health Check

A Database Management/Modelling Health Check

Embarcadero would like to offer a complimentary database management/modelling health check for your organisation. Meet our database experts and benefit from their experience of solving the problems faced by data professionals like you. For more details contact our database team at sales@embarcadero.com





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