Database Newsflash Newsletter - February 2014 EMEA edition

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: News and resources for database professionals

Database NewsFlash
News and resources for database professionals
February 2014 

Database Tools

Embarcadero Scales to Big Models and Data Warehouses with Enhanced Database Tools

Embarcadero has announced a major new XE5 release of its award-winning portfolio of database tools: ER/Studio, DBArtisan, Rapid SQL, DB Optimizer and DB Change Manager. Available now, the new offerings add support for the latest database management system (DBMS) platforms, including enhanced support for Teradata. The new ER/Studio XE5 release adds extended support for Teradata and much more. Rapid SQL XE5, a tool for cross-platform SQL development and debugging, and DBArtisan XE5, a tool for cross-platform administration and management, are enhanced to include support for Oracle 12c, SQL Server 2012, Sybase ASE 15.7 and IBM DB2 z/OS 10 and LUW 10. Both tools also now provide native 64-bit operating system support and new Windows 8 support.

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Find, Know, Protect your Enterprise Data 
Data Modelling For Big Landscapes, Big Models, Big Teams and Big Data

From the extensive work Embarcadero do helping data professionals all over the world, we have formulated this half-day event with both Embarcadero and industry data modelling experts focusing on the issues that most businesses tell us they face today, and the strategies that give the highest levels of success. This exclusive seminar also provides an opportunity to network with other data industry leaders who share your challenges and are solving them in their daily work. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Manchester United, Old Trafford, Manchester, UK
We are ending the morning with a tour of the football ground and the team's achievements
20 March 2014

For more information contact Chris Drabwell at
+44 (0) 1628 684 487


Online Webinar

Use Dynamic SQL Like A Pro! 
Learn Valuable Techniques & Protect Against SQL Injection Attacks

Dynamic SQL. Use it correctly and make your life easier. Use it incorrectly and kill performance or cause security vulnerabilities. This expert webinar looks at how to take full advantage of Dynamic SQL techniques while guarding against SQL Injection attacks. Join Microsoft SQL Server expert Rick Morelan & Embarcadero's Scott Walz for an engaging session highlighting how DBA's and developers can safely leverage Dynamic SQL to solve critical business issues.

Online Webinar: Tuesday, 25 February 25, 2014 
3pm London, 
4pm Frankfurt, Paris

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The Changing Role of the DBA

Data is everywhere. Databases are growing at exponential rates across the globe, and someone has to manage the chaos. This is happening as new competitive pressures are forcing companies to continually streamline workforces. But what does this mean for today's DBAs? Find out in this whitepaper on The Changing Role of the DBA. 

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Data Governance Whitepaper Series

Have you read the exclusive Embarcadero Data Governance white paper series written by leading data management expert Kelle O'Neal? 
Don't wrestle with your data governance challenges alone, these four practical papers will help you no matter which stage you are at of  your Data Governance journey. 

Getting Started with Guerrilla Governance 
Making the Business Case for Data Governance
5 Data Governance Pitfalls to Avoid 
Creating a Sustainable Data Governance Program



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