Fix list for Update 1 for RAD Studio XE5, Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: List of customer reported issues fixed in the update

Here is the list of customer reported issues that are fixed in Update 1 for RAD Studio XE5 (Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5). The release also includes fixes to issues identified by the product QA team that aren't listed here. You can look up additional details on some of the fixes by going to Quality Central, typing the report number into the search field in the right column, and clicking the Go to Report button. Some items may have been reported during the beta test period and those are only accessible to beta testers.

Quality Central Reference No. Summary Component/s
118951 Numeric Filters on a TClientDataSet do not filter Data, Data\Midas
119028 Linker error: TXMLTransformProvider libraries missing Data, Data\Midas
119164 Attempting to use MIDAS (eg TClientDataset) in the simulator on iOS7 fails Data, Data\Midas
119432 TClientDataSet.Locate method fails to work properly with XE5 midas.dll Data, Data\Midas
  Application stops when driver is missing Data, Data\FireDAC
  [Phys]-300 on connecting using Oracle / MSSQL / etc drivers using Arch SKU at design-time Data, Data\FireDAC
  bfd_mach_o_scan: unknown architecture messages displayed in PAServer with iOS 7 Debugger
  [Android]. CameraComponent.dpr demo doesn't work on Andriod Demos
118923 Out of GPU and CPU Memory in 3dTextEditor Demo FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime
118933 Acess Violation in a combination of TSwitches with different IsChecked state + Disappear semantics FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
118940 TTexture leaks in FireMonkey 3D app FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
119355 GPU Bug causes failure in PaintTo functionality FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime
119365 3D FireMonkey Application has Memory Leak FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime
  FireMonkey form with only biSystemMenu true breaks previous resizing FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime
  Forms created a run time do not have the correct size. FireMonkey
  Paint inside OnPaint cause clipping issue on GPU Canvas FireMonkey
  Application shows iOS6 style on iOS7 Devices for background and components FireMonkey, Firemonkey\Styles
  TMemo multi-selections cannot be copied FireMonkey
  Reloading a different style to an existing stylebook causes an Access Violation FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Style Designer
  iOS 7 ListBox Header font too large and positioned incorrectly FireMonkey, Firemonkey\Styles
  FMX form editor UI lost iOS6/iOS7 selector FireMonkey
  In TEdit, cannot select text by click and drag from the right side FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
  [iOS7] IDE hangs when changing a tabitem stylelookup FireMonkey
  [iOS7] Pickers for iOS7 shows wrong color for bar on top of picker FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
  On iOS 7, the keyboard 'done' button toolbar is separated from the keyboard FireMonkey
  Click event missing at bottom of the screen on iOS 7 FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime
  Cannot continue input using Japanese IME in a Tmemo on Windows FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
  ListView does not call OnChange event when selection changed FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
  Use texture in 3D form cause lot of memory leaks and crush application on non-GPU Canvas FireMonkey, FireMonkey\3D Components
  Out of memory error adding menu items in Firemonkey FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
  Scrollbar on Android devices with 3x resolution has not correct size Firemonkey\Styles
118995 Access violation while opening a VCL package IDE, IDE\General
  iOS7 Icon and image sizes IDE, IDE\Deployment, IDE\Projects
  iOS7 style stops working in the designer when iOS6 is selected first IDE, IDE\FireMonkey Designer
  iOS 7 styles cause Out of Memory Exception in IDE IDE, IDE\FireMonkey Designer

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