Embarcadero Database NewsFlash - January 2013

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: News and information for database professionals - European edition

News and resources for database professionals from Embarcadero
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January 2013 
Online Webinar
Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics with Karen Morton Online Webinar  
Whether you're a developer or a DBA, you want your application SQL to perform well and remain stable over time. You can stack the odds in your favour by understanding Oracle optimizer statistics and how the optimizer formulates execution plans. The calculations the optimizer uses to make operation choices are rooted in some very simple statistical formulas. These formulas, if understood, can help you make better choices when tuning SQL and improve database performance over the long haul.
  • Oracle optimizer statistics fundamentals for computing cardinality/selectivity on single and multi-column predicates
  • How statistics can help the optimizer understand data distribution patterns
  • Reasons why certain ways of writing SQL limit the optimizer's ability and how query transformations improve the odds 
Tuesday 05 February 2013 1500 London
1600 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
Online Webinar
Embarcadero Database Direct: Season 1 Online Webinar  

Join Embarcadero Database product experts on these relaxed, friendly, technical and discussion sessions. You will see interesting product demos, hear about the latest and upcoming product releases and you will have the chance to interact live with both presenters and attendees.

Webinar sessions are held every 2nd week on Tuesday 19 February, 05 March and 19 March 2013

Online Webinar
Product Update - ER/Studio and DB PowerStudio Online Webinar  
This webinar session is for customers using Embarcadero's Database Tools, specifically ER/Studio Enterprise and the DB PowerStudio suite of Products (Comprising DB Artisan, DB PowerStudio and DB Change Manager). This provides a great opportunity to learn more about the latest product version, discuss the product direction, see the roadmap and ask questions to the team.

Tuesday 12 February 2013 1530 London
1630 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
DB Optimizer
Discover how to use SQL loading and Tuning to maximize your Database performance    

Demands for always-on, high-performing enterprise databases have never been greater. But with the need to achieve more with less, developers continually look for innovations to help them meet corporate expectations.

Take a look at video 3 in this series of short DB Optimizer demos and see how to generate cases and performed detailed analysis with easy to understand visual clues.

We can guide you on how to use SQL load testing techniques to optimize performance. Watch video 5 and Get the White Paper on the 5 Effective Steps to SQL Load testing

New Product Release
NEW ER/Studio XE3 Announced    
ER/Studio XE3 is the fastest, easiest and most collaborative way for data modeling professionals to build and maintain enterprise-scale databases and data warehouses. ER/Studio XE3 sets a new standard for data management. ER/Studio XE3 empowers data management professionals to easily share, document, and publish models and metadata to distributed teams.
Creating an Enterprise Data Strategy    
Creating an enterprise data strategy is not for the faint of heart. It first requires a commitment from the top and an acknowledgement that data is a corporate asset that must be managed and protected like any other asset. Get this expert white paper from Wayne Eckerson that can get and keep you on the straight and narrow to enterprise data strategy success.
Data Governance
Discover The Fast Track to Data Governance Benefits    
Companies of all sizes need to make better business decisions, faster, and more frequently. An effective data governance program delivers that capability.
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