InterBase Newsletter January 2013

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: ODBC news, iOS beta, XE Update 5 and InterBase ToGo

 InterBase XE3 - The Embeddable Database for Windows 8 and Mac

InterBase News – January 2013
Here’s your January 2013 update on InterBase, the highly scalable, powerful, embeddable database from Embarcadero.

InterBase ODBC Driver transition for DataDirect ODBC users

If you’re currently using the DataDirect ODBC driver, be sure read this new information about changes coming this year as we transition to the Embarcadero ODBC driver. This will affect new purchases as well as VAR/OEM agreement renewals starting in April 2013 when InterBase licenses will no longer include a license to use the DataDirect ODBC driver. Info is also included on the new Embarcadero ODBC driver for InterBase. Info on the InterBase ODBC driver transition >

Interested in InterBase ToGo on iOS? Beta access is available

If you’re interested in using InterBase as an embedded database in your iOS mobile applications, contact your Embarcadero InterBase specialist or VAR contact for information on getting into the beta. InterBase for iOS will be a great choice for Delphi and RAD Studio users creating iOS applications.

InterBase XE Update 5 is now available

Update 5 for InterBase XE is now available.  Note that this update is for the prior XE version of InterBase, not the latest XE3 version. The update is available free of charge to registered users of all InterBase XE products including Server, Desktop, ToGo and Developer editions. Click through to see more on the update and fix list. Learn more about the update >

Creating your First InterBase Application Using Delphi

This presentation from Quinn Wildman at the CodeRage 7 Delphi Conference is designed for a user starting to use InterBase and Delphi. It demonstrates how to create a database and tables using IBConsole, and shows how to create a small useful trigger and how to import data. You'll also see how to create a simple database application using InterBase Express with FireMonkey using Delphi. Watch the video >

Get to Know InterBase ToGo

The InterBase ToGo database engine can be embedded in applications by directly using the InterBase database engine library. ToGo has no separate database server process running, and the database engine executes in the application process space.

The embedded InterBase engine runs more efficiently when completely embedded in an application because network connections are not used and data is not passed between the application and a separate database server. This gives application developers more choice and flexibility in their database design and deployment. Applications for the tightly embedded database include small devices (medical instruments, point-of-sale, networking equipment) and public kiosks. Because InterBase ToGo also supports strong encryption, it can also securely store sensitive data. Download a free trial of InterBase ToGo for Windows and Mac >

Thank you again for your interest InterBase and we hope you enjoy the information in this newsletter.

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