InterBase ODBC driver transition - 2013

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Information on transition from the DataDirect ODBC driver to the new InterBase ODBC driver

Executive Summary

Since 2006, the InterBase product on Windows, Linux and Solaris have included an ODBC driver supplied by DataDirect. The DataDirect ODBC driver will no longer be available to customers as of 11-Apr-2013. Starting in Aug'2012, Embarcadero has made available an alternative new ODBC driver for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms; there are currently no plans to make a ODBC driver for the UNIX platforms where InterBase is sold including Linux, Solaris or MacOSX. Should you have a need for an ODBC solution on these UNIX platforms, please communicate your requirements through your Embarcadero Sales representative.

As of 11-Apr-2013, you must stop deploying the DataDirect ODBC driver for InterBase on new installations. This excludes VARs who have an existing contract allowing older InterBase version distribution for a specified timeframe. Please see how you can achieve this in the VARs section below.

    VARs using InterBase XE and earlier versions

This section applies specifically to InterBase VARs using InterBase XE and earlier versions including versions 7.x, 2007, 2009 and XE.

  • Existing InterBase VAR customers who have active contracts with Embarcadero (signed before the above date) can continue deploying the DataDirect ODBC driver with versions of InterBase XE and before.
  • New VAR contracts signed after the expiration date of 11-Apr-2013 cannot include DataDirect ODBC driver deployment. Once existing VAR agreements expire, any renewals can no longer include the driver post this date.
    • For example: Assume an existing VAR’s agreement expires in Mar'2014. The VAR can no longer ship the DataDirect driver from that date.
  • If you are deploying ESD/ISO kits of InterBase versions from 7.x to XE, you will need to refresh your copy of those kits from the Embarcadero Registered Users site for InterBase. The refreshed kits have the DataDirect ODBC driver removed.

    Individual Customers

Please see "Frequently asked questions" section below.


    Frequently asked questions

This section applies to all InterBase customers.

  • Does InterBase XE3 have the DataDirect ODBC driver?
    • No. InterBase XE3 (released Aug'2012) does NOT have the DataDirect ODBC driver. It includes the new Embarcadero InterBase ODBC driver stated above.
  • I have an existing installation of InterBase server. I need to install a new ODBC applications/clients on new Windows Desktops targeting this InterBase server. Can I install the DataDirect ODBC driver with the application?
    • Yes. If you made the InterBase purchase before 11-Apr-2013, you can install the DataDirect ODBC driver with your application.
  • If I purchase InterBase XE or other older versions will I get the DataDirect ODBC driver?
    • Starting Jan'2013, we have started the effort to remove the DataDirect ODBC driver from older InterBase kits. Your purchase may not include it. If you need a copy you can download the "DataDirect ODBC driver" from the Registered Usersuntil 31-Mar-2013. After that date, you will only be able to download the new Embarcadero InterBase ODBC driver.
  • If I am currently using the InterBase ODBC driver on Windows, Linux and/or Solaris, do I need to do anything?
    • No. Your current installations can continue to use the ODBC solution you have already installed. You don't have to uninstall it. Remember that starting from Apr'2013, InterBase offerings on Linux and Solaris will discontinue the ODBC driver offering.
  • Does InterBase on MacOSX come with any ODBC solution?
    • No. InterBase on Mac OSX has never had a ODBC driver offering from Embarcadero; no change expected here.
  • What platforms and architectures does the new InterBase ODBC driver support?

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