Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 Update 2 is now available

By: Calvin Tang

Abstract: Get the latest update for Embarcadero Prism XE2.5

Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 Update 2 is now available for download from:  https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/28936

Please check the Prism registered users download page for all of the latest updates. 

This update is available only to registered users of Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 and Embarcadero All-Access XE.

Users who purchased RAD Studio XE2 after May 15, 2012 can also get this update but must first download and register Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 following the instructions at https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/prismoffer.

Download and run the .exe file to install. A full or trial serial number for Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 or All-Access XE is required to install and use this software.

See the changelog at https://www.remobjects.com/changelogs/oxygene.aspx or the list below for information on fixes in this update.

If you're not yet an Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 user, learn more about Embarcadero Prismdownload a free trial, or watch the latest Prism demo videos to learn more.


    New in the "June 2012" Release, Version 5.1.35 (Build .1041)

(Status: Jul 2, 2012, Revision master-319157d) "Embarcadero Prism XE2.5 Update 2"


  • 56541: New Item templates for various Android XML files
  • 56536: Code Completion support for Android XML files, including Layouts
  • 56388: Updated WinRT/Metro RC support for WIndows 8 RP and Visual Studio 2012 RC
  • 56366: New pred()/succ() Compiler Magic functions
  • 56226: Updated Support and for Visual Studio 2012 RC
  • 55789: New "Project Switcher" UI for files shared between projects


  • 55865: Need to be able to define operators on mapped types
  • 55172: New ECHOES, COOPER, NOUGAT default defines.


  • 56764: 'tiny project' template for Java is broken.
  • 56752: Add system permission picklist for the Android Manifest uses-permission
  • 56748: VS2012 builds version-less projects against mix of 2.0 and 4.0
  • 56747: Cannot change a project's framework version in Visual Studio 2012
  • 56716: Update Android IntelliSense schemas to work with Jelly Bean
  • 56712: Problem with Async sample
  • 56697: CC schema for preference files needs PreferenceCategory to be optional
  • 56695: WireFrame Applet sample projects doesn't compile
  • 56683: Visibility mismatch in partials for Metro in Visual Studio 2012
  • 56681: Coloring gets wonky after adding event to Metro app in Visual Studio 2012
  • 56670: JDK app startup class issues
  • 56659: Nested class access allowed by Oxygene but, not by Android runtime
  • 56632: NRE while adding Activity to Android project
  • 56597: Add "Java Resources" field to Android property page
  • 56594: EE fails read int64 value (cooper)
  • 56592: constant propagation broken for shl().
  • 56582: Update Metro xaml build task dll to match Visual Studio 2012 RC
  • 56563: VS activity exception on deleting code
  • 56562: Android app cannot reference another lib in solution
  • 56556: "(E0) Internal error: An item with the same key has already been added." trying to add unmanaged libs to Android project
  • 56552: Ctrl+Shift+C fails in particular class
  • 56547: Compiler errors in asp.net project with lambdas
  • 56534: Cooper Int64 value bugs
  • 56529: Unable to evaluate local var that is used in anonymous methods (cooper)
  • 56523: set on Metro lacks typecode and fails to compile, on RP
  • 56521: csC inserts method header before existing"empty"
  • 56519: completion for $IFDEF creates bad code if you type it yourself
  • 56454: huge constant expression gives NRE.
  • 56453: NRE when running application
  • 56437: Lockup in BuildLogger
  • 56427: VS frozen when evaluating parameters with index
  • 56421: Calls on nested ctors not allowed (java)
  • 56414: NRE when evaluating TypeValue in Android app
  • 56408: Strange error message when referencing a bad parameter in xml comments.
  • 56402: Watch window refuses to evaluate constant expression
  • 56390: High end integer values don't work.
  • 56389: J2pas: Variable-Length Argument Lists
  • 56386: NRE when loading android apps
  • 56377: Cannot get line info for abstract method
  • 56374: Watch hexadecimal display option does nothing
  • 56372: Code editor adds an & before a variable name, even if it is already here
  • 56307: NRE when using urbanairship-lib-1.1.3.jar - PushManager class
  • 56287: Wrong "Unable to find inherited constructor" compiler error
  • 56282: Missing elements in add new items for Java/Android projects.
  • 56258: Duplicate vars for anonymous methods
  • 56232: CC messes up $ELSE
  • 56223: "dobegin" in Oxidizer/Java
  • 56222: CC in string constant
  • 56218: Metro project templates fail on RC with "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tailored.ActivationWizard"
  • 56200: "Visual Studio 2012" Rebranding
  • 56189: NRE when adding particular project to solution
  • 56179: Cannot debug just created Metro Application
  • 56130: Delphi2Pas: Lots of "namespace expected" errors in resulting code
  • 55989: "Creating new Application" takes forever, throws dozens of bad internal exceptions
  • 55986: XAML event handler gets added with bad casing for "object", resulting in compiler warning
  • 55985: Metro project doens't ask to (re)download Developer License, if it had expired
  • 55983: internal/caught NRE when building metro app (second error)
  • 55933: calling static methods in EE is broken
  • 55889: "exit" doesn't honor "try/finally" in Cooper
  • 55887: Commandline doesn't support frameworkfolder option
  • 55861: Editor throws "System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException"
  • 55859: Compiler should be able to implicitly cast from mapped to underlying type
  • 55858: Compiler gets confused with "System.String" vs. "RemObjects.Sugar.String"
  • 55856: "Internal error: Index was out of range." on Cooper extension method
  • 55838: Defining a set in java gives an internal error -> proper error now, sets aren't supported
  • 55794: extra lines are added after end keyword
  • 55793: wrong finally block and extra space after end keyword when converting try-finally statement
  • 55784: Folder copy scatters content around
  • 55774: Final keyword is not recognized in parameters
  • 55770: java2pas: Wrong float processing
  • 55760: Java2pas: Unable to import enum
  • 55758: java2pas: no space between "do" and "begin" keywords
  • 55745: CC library insert problem
  • 55708: Cooper: verify error in cooper library only on Android.
  • 55663: Optimized away code shows [[Invaid Code40007]] A.n in evaluator
  • 55653: "ord()" doesn't compile in cooper apps
  • 55636: Method hint doesn't show currentParam
  • 55630: NRE when compiling a piece of code
  • 55615: Class properties are missing the 'magic' accessor CC (testcase)
  • 55610: Cirrus NRE with mapped types
  • 55608: NRE in Cooper Iterator
  • 55593: VS exception when scrolling _intf file down after opening it in RODL
  • 55564: bad "end;" auto-inserted once in a hundred times (never fails twice)
  • 55561: KeyNotFoundException in editor
  • 55494: Class of variable calls incorrect constructor
  • 55474: Go To Definition fails on interface in ancestor list
  • 55464: XAML event handler generation is broken in VS11
  • 55240: Remove OX$<>locals8 item from locals tab
  • 54957: Can't add XML file to Android project
  • 54575: Oxidizer has no shortcut and no accelerator
  • 54366: Watch window type display misreports Single array
  • 53623: java: access to protected static constants.
  • 53337: When typing unicode an ansi file it doesn't turn it into unicode
  • 53238: Oxidizer loses track of comments
  • 51443: Some errors in the automatic XML comments.
  • 50094: Tooltip expression evaluation issues in Cooper
  • 45550: XML comments not correct with an attribute

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