Stop Motion Pro Uses Embarcadero® Delphi® to Deliver Stop Motion Animation Software for Films Wallace & Gromit, Pirates! Band of Misfits

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Delphi enables Stop Motion Pro to meet dynamic demands of film production companies and helps customers save tens of thousands of pounds

Maidenhead, UK - 20 June, 2012 — Embarcadero® Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, today announced that Stop Motion Pro, a software built on the Embarcadero Delphi® platform, has been used by award winning UK-based film makers Aardman Animations Ltd to create the popular films Wallace & Gromit and Pirates! Band of Misfits. Using Delphi as its primary software development tool, Stop Motion Pro has pioneered motion control and visualisation for stop motion animation to become one of the world's leading solutions used by film production houses.

Delphi is a rapid visual development environment that makes it easy for developers to build rich and visually stunning software.

"Delphi is the perfect platform upon which to develop software for the Windows environment. It is intuitive and well designed and has enabled us to incorporate features and superior animation visualisation tools that speed up film production processes from days to hours. When we took Stop Motion Pro to Aardman Studio to make their films and TV commercials, they couldn't believe how economical and efficient it was to actually produce animated films. The software saved them tens of thousands of pounds," says Co-founder Ross Garner. "We started the development of Stop Motion Pro 11 years ago on Delphi - it is still our number one platform of choice."

Stop Motion Pro is constantly faced with requests for urgent software feature enhancements from production companies. Due to the tight deadlines often faced by film production companies, it's imperative that Stop Motion Pro delivers such enhancements within very short timeframes. Delphi offers key capabilities that enable developers at Stop Motion Pro to quickly design new user interface elements, as well as test and deliver new features, often by the next business day and without sacrificing the visual characteristics of the software.

"We are very excited about Stop Motion Pro's creative use of Delphi to develop a truly innovative solution for an industry that is becoming exceedingly technology driven," comments Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products at Embarcadero. "As the entertainment industry pushes the boundaries of technology, more and more media and film software developers are using Delphi - it is a versatile and dynamic platform that allows easy and fast development of leading-edge software without the need for developer organisations to recruit large development teams, in turn facilitating cost savings that can be invested in other parts of the business."

The latest version of Delphi is Delphi® XE2 and includes FireMonkey™, the first native CPU and GPU powered platform for rich business applications. Delphi XE2 offers the fastest way to deliver ultra-rich and visually stunning native applications for Windows, Mac and iOS - including 64-bit Windows applications. Dramatically reducing coding time and building applications 5x faster, Delphi XE2 provides component-based visual development and a fully visual two-way Rapid Application Development Integrated Development Environment (RAD IDE) with high performance access to popular databases.


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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Stop Motion Pro is the world leading software for filming stop motion animation and is used by animators worldwide to improve the quality and speed of producing an animation. With more than 10 years of constant refinement, Stop Motion Pro pioneered the integration of camera technology and computer-based workflow that transformed analogue film processing to digital processing, saving film production companies thousands of dollars and speeding up the production process from days to hours. For more information, visit

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