How to Create an InterBase Database

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Instructions for creating a database with InterBase XE

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  Create an InterBase Database

Now that you have created a valid user name, you can create the TUTORIAL database that you will use for the exercises in this tutorial.

InterBase databases are stored in files that, by convention, have a .gdb extension.

ActionItemIndicator00001.pngCreating the TUTORIAL Database

1.  If it isn’t already open, open IBConsole by choosing it from the InterBase folder on the Start > Programs menu.

2.  Log on to the server as the TUTOR user.

Note:     Be sure you log on as TUTOR for the remaining exercises in this tutorial.

3.  Create a directory for your TUTORIAL database. This example and the SQL script files useC:\Embarcadero\Interbase\database\tutorial.gdb. If you choose a different location, you must edit the CONNECT statement in the SQL script files to reflect the new location.  (You’re instructed how to do this a little later.)

4.  To open the Create Database dialog, highlight the server in the left pane and select Database > Create Database.


5.  Enter Tutorial in the Alias field

6.  In the Filename(s) field, browse to your new database at



7.  Enter tutorial.gdb in the File Name field and click Save

8.  Set the SQL dialect to 3. The other options are discussed later.


9.  Click OK to create the TUTORIAL database.

You’ve now created a database named TUTORIAL that belongs to user TUTOR.

This information comes from the InterBase Quick Start Guide.

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