Survey Shows Over 72% of Workers Find Their Productivity Affected by Having to Search For, Install and Upgrade PC Software

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: 84% of respondents would like the one-click access provided by Enterprise App Stores

Survey Shows Over 72% of Workers Find Their Productivity Affected by Having to Search For, Install and Upgrade PC Software

84% of respondents would like the one-click access provided by Enterprise App Stores

SAN FRANCISCO–April 24, 2012—Embarcadero Technologies released findings from a recent PC software survey showing over 72% of information workers find their productivity reduced by having to search for, install and upgrade software on their PCs. Embarcadero conducted this survey online with 1500 North American Information Technology workers.

According to 84% of survey respondents, the ability to have self service, on-demand, one-click access to PC apps would be valuable. Almost 50% said having one-click access to PC software would be very or extremely valuable. A quarter of respondents said their company is looking at an Enterprise App Store, with 6% indicating their company is an early adopter and already has an Enterprise App Store in place.

“The whole experience of PC software is widely out of sync with how today’s workers want to interact with their software. We have all become familiar with the instantaneous process of accessing apps on our mobile phones and now, we want that on our desktop computers,” said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of product management and product marketing for Embarcadero.

“Today’s workers spend too much time in the antiquated method of acquiring software and installing it on their PCs and maintaining licenses. These methods have to change to keep up with today’s technologies. The growing trends of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) and the Consumerization of IT are pushing the need for “iTunes-like” app stores more than ever before,” said Swindell.

It is typical for IT departments to acquire software for most employees. However, the survey results show that the BYOD trend is occurring with 47% of respondents using alternative ways of acquiring their apps besides traditional IT installation. Sixty-two percent of respondents have 16 or more applications on their PC at work, and fifty-six percent of information workers say they experience compatibility issues between various PC software applications.

According to IT research firm Gartner, “Enterprise app stores have the potential to improve business productivity by providing a broader variety of applications that better suit the variety of user needs,” in its February 1, 2012 report by Ian Finley entitled “Enterprise App Stores Reduce Risk and Improve Business Results.” Finley reports “Enterprise app stores can help software asset managers lower administration overhead and drive accountability and efficiencies through automation.”

Productivity Lost Equals Money Lost

The implications of this productivity loss impacts companies economically. On average, the reduction in productivity the respondents said they experienced translates to 67.1 hours of wasted time, costing their company $2,851.75 per employee, per year. If you project that the dollars invested in each employee should produce a three to one return, than the impact to the revenue line of the company would be $8,555.25 per employee, per year.

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PC App Store Launched

Embarcadero today also announced the launch of the AppWave Store (see release entitled “AppWave Store Transforms the Windows PC Experience with ‘Smart App Streaming’"). The AppWave Store ( represents a revolutionary new way to discover and run PC applications without all the traditional hassles of PC software. The AppWave platform addresses three of the biggest hassles with Windows software in IT: the wasted time and resources spent obtaining, distributing, installing, and uninstalling PC software, the stability and performance degradation of Windows after installing applications, and the lack of visibility into how software is actually used within organizations.

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