Expert Roundtable - Top 5 Data Trends to Watch in 2012

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Learn How to Respond to This Year’s Data Challenges

Expert Roundtable: Top Five Data Trends to Watch in 2012
Learn How to Respond to This Year’s Data Challenges

Five huge data trends are heating up for 2012, and the savvy data professional will resolve to master them during the coming months. Pleasejoin us for an interactive roundtable discussion about trends to watch and ways to respond to changing and growing data management concerns.

Moderated by returning favorite, Karen Lopez, the panel will include Pinal Dave, who runs the massively popular SQL Authority blog, Embarcadero’s own Scott Walz and Jason Tiret, and special guests.

Participants will learn how

  • Big Data won’t replace the relational database and you can (and should) still model
  • Collaboration is imperative to constantly align IT with business initiatives
  • Database rationalization will require more conversion, transition preparation, training, and change management
  • Visual SQL tuning will impact performance optimization and speed DevOps collaboration
  • Compliance regulations are becoming stricter so both code and models must keep pace to meet requirements quickly, rendering accuracy and relevance more important than ever

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