Embarcadero Prism XE2 Update 3 is now available

By: Calvin Tang

Abstract: Get the latest update for Embarcadero Prism XE2

Embarcadero Prism XE2 Update 3 is now available for download from:  https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/28639

Please check the Prism registered users download page for all of the latest updates. 

This update is available only to registered users of Embarcadero Prism XE2, RAD Studio XE2, and Embarcadero All-Access XE.

Download and run the .exe file to install. A full or trial serial number for Embarcadero Prism XE2, RAD Studio XE2, or All-Access XE is required to install and use this software.

See the changelog at https://www.remobjects.com/changelogs.aspx?id={732D12D5-F93C-4F87-A8AA-B251B14660B3} or the list below for information on fixes in this update.

If you're not yet an Embarcadero Prism XE2 user, learn more about Embarcadero Prism, download a free trial, or watch the latest Prism demo videos to learn more.

New in the "November2011" Release, Version 5.0.31 (Build .951)

(Status: November 25, 2011, Revision master-f1aa652) "Embarcadero Prism XE2, Update 3"

this is mainly a bug-fix release only, no major new features for Oxygene for .NET


  • 50336: Experimental Support for the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview from //build/ 2011
  • 47644: Oxidizer: Support for importing and pasting Java Language Code (in both editions)


  • 51562: CopyLocal should have a way to not copy with relative paths
  • 51309: IDE Performance improvements
  • 50089: New Preflight check for select prerequisites when opening a project or creating new one
  • 48463: Adjust all project templates to have "Warn on case mismatch" turned on by default


  • 51743: Exclusion setting is missing in a Oxfuscator project
  • 51738: Fix for NRE in broken array exression
  • 51714: Windows Phone 7 projects default to not build PDB files for debugging, which disables break points
  • 51713: Right Click "View Code" does not work on Windows Phone 7 projects
  • 51711: Keyword CC: 'on' after 'except'
  • 51709: NRE while compiling
  • 51692: NRE in error-list
  • 51691: Form Designer loses anchor values
  • 51675: NRE in Obfuscator project
  • 51665: Copy local options save reversed
  • 51654: Bad CC after [ with an array var
  • 51653: 'do' doesn't come up properly in CC
  • 51627: Losing .xaml.pas file when moving .xaml file in Silverlight project
  • 51624: In Generics the second character you type goes after the >
  • 51622: OxygeneBinderException << Compiler should not allow dispatching to extension methods
  • 51585: WinForms Designer crash: MegaDemo (RO SDK/.Net) sample's form can't be opened in designer mode
  • 51583: Compiler NRE
  • 51550: Missing assembly reference causes NullReferenceException in compiler
  • 51498: csC Method completion doesn't add & to escaper keyword
  • 51497: Class completion doesn't work against nested classes
  • 51487: Can't rename project subfolder
  • 51442: No CC for the definition of a class operator.
  • 51412: Cannot instantiate abstract class
  • 51410: Final keyword
  • 51406: Build events missing macros button
  • 51387: No [CompilerGenerated] attribute on the GetMetaClass method
  • 51386: LINQ clause sometimes doesnt detect invalid identifiers. sometimes.
  • 51378: Reverse class completing does not consider "static-ness"
  • 51364: Debugger doesn't recognize FileMode.Create value in aspx.net project
  • 51355: Editor tooltip misbehaving when errors are showing
  • 51325: Compiler error: Lambda's or anonymous method's result does not match, expected "System.String", but got "dynamic"
  • 51291: Cannot debug the method to which the aspect is applied
  • 51269: ArgumentOutOfRangeException in compiler
  • 51250: Warning in 'WPF User Control Library'
  • 51212: Future variable does not return correct value, but default
  • 51109: Cursor placement while selecting generic types from the code completion drop down
  • 51049: Go To Definition flukes in setter calls
  • 51035: Method hints should not show full namespace for "(com.)RemObjects.Oxygene.System.Integer"
  • 50955: 2 String Changes needed the Project properties
  • 50925: Paste C# with selection out of range exception
  • 50839: Project reproducibly crashes VS
  • 50714: [Obfuscation] and [Build] project pages are empty
  • 50703: Invariants are not working (are only checked once after .ctor call)
  • 50583: Extension/plugin errors
  • 50527: places where CC doesn't work
  • 50363: The WinForms designer cannot open if the application has a reference to a COM object
  • 50096: (E0) Internal error: NRE in 903
  • 50063: Exception when loading a C# file
  • 50055: No Case Mismatch warning when overriding
  • 50052: class reference bug
  • 50019: CustomAttributeFormatException when trying to get attributes
  • 49999: NRE in editor for files without a project
  • 49995: Editor exception after file rename
  • 49934: Compiler shows NRE on nested type link
  • 49879: "Build Action" is not a drop-down for nested files (ie .designer.pas, resx, etc)
  • 49715: Partial type highlighting in ASP.NET ancestor
  • 49581: Regression in v5: CC for delegate vars & creating anonymous method bodies
  • 49575: Make String Resource feature brought back for v5
  • 49570: "Go To Definition" and "Go To Type Definition" should be grouped together in context menu
  • 49456: Counterproductive CC in undefined IFDEF section (in "var" clause)
  • 47753: Regression: XML comment not supported
  • 38502: Case errors in templates
  • 38336: Code Completion broken when using Notify
  • 36992: Insufficient help from the auto-complete when comparing a variable of an enum type

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