RadPHP XE2 Update 2 が公開されました

By: Tomohiro Takahashi

Abstract: この記事では、RadPHP XE2 Update 2 をダウンロードする方法、および Update 2 で修正された内容について説明します。

RadPHP XE2 Update 2 は以下からダウンロード可能です。 https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/28614

以下は、Update 2 における修正点および変更点の一覧です。


  • Updated versions of several libraries used by RPCL: jQuery, jQueryMobile, Facebook SDK, Smarty, Phonegap
  • Updated debugger: XDebug 2.1.2
  • Updated Facebook integration to support latest SDK
  • Lot of fixes on mobile, both in the IDE and the RPCL: Wizard for PhoneGap, Mobile components, etc 
  • Fixed rendering problems of mobile components
  • Improved help, added a lot of documentation about mobile development
  • Added more samples
  • Lot of general fixes: General IDE fixes, Refactoring, Code Insight



  • Fixed rendering problems of controls that use webkit as rendering engine
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.4
  • Updated jQueryMobile to 1.0 RC2
  • Updated Facebook SDK to 3.1.1
  • Fixed restoring the page background color when opening it from disk
  • Updated Help, Install and Readme
  • Added property editor for MPage::CustomCssFile property
  • Added 11 new events to all mobile components
  • Added 10 new specific MPage events
  • Added Back property to the MLink component 
  • Added new properties to MButton, MCombo, Slider and MToogle
  • Added mobileRedirect function to allow mobile applications to redirect to an external URL using PHP 
  • Included 4 init attributes in MPage from JQuery Mobile RC1: subPageUrlKey, activePageClass, activeBtnClass, minScrollBack
  • Updated help system to support HTML items on the tool palette
  • Fixed when deploying a facebook app using the deployment wizard, sdk folder was not properly copied
  • Samples updated
  • Update TImagePropertyEditor, if you press the "Clear" button, also clears the image property of object inspector.
  • *.* is now accepted as a mask for File Browser
  • MTheme updated to have more control over theming mobile components
  • Fixed MLink and MButton IDE display size using "box-sizing:border-box"  
  • Fixed MLink and MButton IDE display size: Removed "margin:0" property and changed to "box-sizing:border-box"  
  • Fixed: Form components checkbox,radio,slider and toggle are refreshed after a form reset
  • Fixed: text height in MButton and MLink now is calculated with more precision
  • Added: margin gets removed in MButton and MLink to properly fit
  • Changed: IsEnhanced property changed to Enhancement, now it applies to all the visual components allowing to use the component style attributes or the ones defined in the CSS
  • Fixed: MToggle now has as default ItemIndex value, the valueChecked value.
  • Removed: MFont is not used anymore, now we use native Font Class.
  • Fixed: data-collapsed html attribute for collapsible components changes its logic in ver. 1.0rc2, now is set to false when not collapsed
  • Fixed rendering MSlider when loading data with Ajax and applying the functions.js custom script. 
  • Fixed: Cross site scripting allowed when retrieving json data using Ajax in desktop browsers
  • Fixed: Ajax calls failed in ie after jQuery upgrade. added: "jQuery.support.cors = true;" in Ajax calls to fix it.
  • Update Facebook Sample to use Facebook SDK version 3.1.1
  • Added events to MPanel:jsonvmouseover, jsonvmousedown, jsonvmousemove, jsonvmouseup, jsonvclick, jsonvmousecancel, jsontap , jsontaphold, jsonswipe , jsonswipeleft, jsonswiperight.
  • Fixed MToolBar, MCollapsibleSet, MList: Assign default empty array in items if items is not an array 
  • Updated uPhoneGapWizard.dfm. Include iOS 5 in the list of targets on the Wizard for PhoneGap
  • Added new properties to FBApplication: CanvasUrl and RedirectUri
  • Added new methods in FBApplication: goToRedirectUri and api
  • Fixed uPhoneGapExport.pas: Prevent compile project if an emulator is not selected or a real device is not offline
  • Include * in ExternalHosts in PhoneGap.plist to allow remote hosts calls.
  • Added thirdparty help on Help | Thirdparty
  • Fixed caption bug on the RPCL version, now is 4 instead of 3
  • Changed: MPage's viewportScale to 100% 
  • Fixed: ajax calls to perform a php event will not reset the hidden field after submit causing php events to keep adding and therefore sending more than one event at the same time. Now it is fixed
  • Cleaned Events Example. Removed files not related with project, also when opening the project now only the readme.txt is displayed
  • Fixed IDE display of CustomMInputGroup, now it fits in its box
  • Modified: changed vertical align in MButton and MLink to fix vertical align in safari
  • Modified custom style in enhancement's example
  • Added Theming example to show how to apply themes and the enhancement property
  • Added property touchOverflowEnabled to MPage, now allows native scroll in iOS5
  • Modified checkbox and radio vertical alignment's fix, now more precise.
  • Updated: Basic examples have the UseAjax disabled by default and are located in the basic folder
  • Added: Form component example. Shows all the form components and how to use Ajax to submit forms.
  • Added: Events example. Shows visually all the new touch and virtual events
  • Added: Links example. Shows how to link to external pages and introduces the newly created MIFrame component
  • Changed: LinkTarget property in all components have a dropdown with the standard target values (_parent,_top,_self,_blank), also allows to manually enter a frame or MIFrame name
  • Added MIFrame component that allows to load a page inside it.
  • Modified MLink: LinkTarget property now has a dropdown list that allows to select any existing MIFrame component
  • Fixed icons in Zend Framework components because the transparency was not working fine


  • QC #97380: Smarty updated to 3.1.3
  • QC #99659: Updated Phonegap to 1.1.0 
  • QC #97775: Updated XDebug to 2.1.2
  • QC #91424: [Code Formatter] Indent Number Fix
  • QC #98535: Code Completion didn't work in Mobile Application

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