IBConsole enhancements in InterBase XE Update 3

By: Sriram Balasubramanian

Abstract: IBConsole enhancements in InterBase XE Update 3

Embarcadero® InterBase Update 3

IBConsole New Features

Change Document created by Gelein van de Voorde, IBConsole Developer

Published October, 2011


    IBConsole New Features

IBConsole that ships with InterBase XE SP3 has many new features that are not documented in the help system or the InterBase documentation. The new features are documented below.

    Autodetecting Server Status

Now at startup IBConsole tries to detect the status of all servers registered in IBConsole. The icons in the server tree are enhanced to display the status of the servers. The figure below shows several possibilities.

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Servers that are currently running have a green dot in the icon


Servers that are stopped or are unreachable have a red dot in it

When you select a server node, the status bar displays more details. The server status can be “Running”, “Stopped” or “Unreachable”. The status “Unreachable” is used when IBConsole can not even ping the server. Be aware that remote servers are sometimes not able to ping due to restrictions on the network.

The status of remote servers will not always show up immediately. IBConsole uses a separate threadto detect the status of remote servers. The time needed to verify the status depends on time outs.

    Monitoring Servers

In addition to the autodetecting at startup, IBConsole also now offers the possibilty to contigously monitor the status of the InterBase servers. The “Preferences” dialog you find under “Tools” in the main menu of IBConsole has been enhanced to enable or disable monitoring. By default monitoring is disabled.

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To enable monitoring, click the “Monitor Servers” checkbox and specify a refresh interval, which defaults to 1 minute. After clicking OK, the monitoring starts. This is saved in the IBConsole settings.

    Refreshing Server Status

Independent of the monitoring of the InterBase servers you can always refresh the status of an InterBase server. There are three different ways to refresh:

  • Select it in the server tree and double-click Refresh Server Status in the right pane
  • Right-click the server tree and select Refresh Server Status from the context menu
  • On the main menu select Server->Refresh Server Status.
  • Be aware that it might take some time to refresh the status of a remote server.

    InterBase Server Manager on Windows

The main menu, context menus, and right pane of IBConsole now offers the possibility to launch InterBase Server Manager for local InterBase Servers. On Windows, the InterBase Server Manager is launched, which is a separate program that ships with InterBase.

    Database Description

The Database Properties dialog now offers the possibility to enter a description for the database. Select the database and click Database->Properties on the main menu. You can also right-click the database and select Properties from the context menu.

Click the General tab and enter a description of your database.

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    Field Descriptions

IBConsole is also enhanced to add descriptions to the fields of a table. To add or alter the descriptions you have to alter the table. Right click on the tablename in the right pane of the main menu and select alter. The Table editor opens.

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Select a field and click Description. The Edit Description dialog is displayed.

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Enter a description and click OK. If you are finished with the descriptions you can exit the Table Editor by clicking Cancel.

The descriptions of the fields are also displayed in the Object Window. When you double click on a tablename in the right pane of the main window, the Properties for the table are displayed. On the Properties tab the description is displayed at the bottom of the dialog. To display the description for a specific field just select the field.

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    Array Support

IBConsole now supports arrays with one or two dimensions. To get an idea how it works connect to the Employee database, go to the Tables node in the server tree and double click on the JOB table in the right pane. In the Properties window select the Data tab.

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In the right column double click on a cell that shows “(Array)”. The array editor is displayed showing the contents of the array.

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