Embarcadero’s Delphi Reaps Three Consecutive Years of Double Digit Growth Since Acquisition from Borland

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Delphi surpasses two million users as momentum continues to grow

    Embarcadero’s Delphi Reaps Three Consecutive Years of Double Digit Growth Since Acquisition from Borland

    Delphi surpasses two million users as momentum continues to grow

San Francisco, CA  August 15, 2011

Developers around the world continue to invest in Delphi®, according to Embarcadero Technologies, which announced today that the Delphi community now exceeds two million users worldwide, making it the second largest Windows developer community after Microsoft. Additionally, Delphi sales have steadily grown by 15 percent year-over-year since 2008, when Embarcadero acquired Delphi as part of its acquisition of the CodeGear product line from Borland Software. In addition to the Delphi product line, other products acquired from Borland include C++Builder, RadPHP, RAD Studio and InterBase.

Delphi continues to be popular among developers because it is the fastest way to deliver ultra-rich, ultra-fast native Windows applications. It dramatically reduces coding time and allows developers to create applications five times faster with component-based development and a fully visual two-way RAD IDE. Delphi speeds development across multiple Windows and database platforms - for GUI desktop applications, interactive touch-screen, kiosk, and database-driven multi-tier, cloud and Web applications.

As a result, thousands of innovative applications have been built in Delphi, including: Audio Grabber, MediaMonkey, Macromedia Captivate, QuickBooks Point of Sale, Sirius32, Skype and Webroot Spy Sweeper. And, because of its speed and agility, Delphi continues to win awards like the 2011 SD Times 100 (tools & frameworks category) and the 2011 Code Project Members Choice Award for Best Programming Language.

Delphi is also popular among academia around the globe. In the last few years, Delphi has been deployed extensively to students throughout Russia as part of the Russian Education Ministry's academic initiative. Delphi is also used across colleges and universities in Europe, Latin America, India and the United Kingdom. Many of these institutions have opted to access Delphi via Embarcadero All-Access XE, which includes access to all of Embarcadero's tools with special low academic pricing for students.

Jim Wood has been a Delphi user for 15 years and understands its appeal to both established and burgeoning developers. Wood is the chief technology officer of EZLinks Golf, the world's largest network for golf reservations and the highest volume tee time call center in the industry.

"Young entrepreneurs who want to build great applications and get them out quickly should choose Delphi," said Wood. "If you're interested in building Windows-based software, Delphi is the best tool for the job. The language structure and ready-made components of the Delphi language make it so easy to get things out quickly, which is a big benefit."

Embarcadero is planning to reveal additional benefits with the release of RAD Studio XE2 that includes the newest version of Delphi due out this quarter, and as a result, Embarcadero anticipates strong demand for Delphi XE2. The new release will be feature-rich, with capabilities such as 64 bit Windows support, multi-platform support for both Windows and Mac OSX, and full support for the new business application platform called FireMonkey? for building visually stunning HD and 3D applications.

"Delphi is a key part of Embarcadero's core business and we're very proud of the consistent growth Delphi has achieved over the past three years. This success is a testament to Delphi's innovative RAD development approach and native application performance," said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of marketing and products for Embarcadero. "We view it as our job to make it easy for developers to be heroes in their organizations and to their customers. So we're especially excited to see the apps developers build with the next generation of Delphi that is currently in beta, which is designed to revolutionize building ultra-rich business applications on Windows, Mac OS X and iOS."

Embarcadero has kicked off its RAD Studio XE2 world tour that features more than 70 events spanning 30 countries. To find an event near you, visit www.embarcadero.com/world-tour.

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