Sybase ASE Query Optimization Webinar

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Register Now to Get Direct Access to Sybase ASE Performance Experts

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Online Webinar Gives You Direct Access to Sybase ASE Performance Experts

With upgrade bumps in the rear view mirror,  it’s now time to open up the throttle on Sybase ASE 15.X. And with Peter Dobler and Kevin Sherlock at your side, you’ll get inside performance secrets directly from these top ASE DBA experts.

Participate in this online roundtable and get your most burning questions answered live by our expert panel. In the process, you’ll learn:

  • What the manuals aren’t telling you
  • How to choose the right optimizer mode
  • How to leverage the query optimizer for extreme speed

We also anticipate a spirited discussion around “The Command Line vs. The GUI” or as some are calling it, “ASE DBA 1.0 vs. 2.0.” And the winner is not as clear cut as some would have you believe…

Burning Question
When registering, don’t forget to include your most burning questions about Sybase ASE Query Optimization and Performance. Then watch the action live as our experts answer your questions!


About Our Expert Panel:

peter_dobler_web_re-sizedPeter Dobler, Founding Partner of Dobler Consulting
Peter Dobler is an accomplished IT database professional who “makes a difference” by improving efficiencies and reducing costs for small and medium sized businesses. He founded Dobler Consulting, ( a Tampa, Florida consulting firm that delivers implementation expertise for Oracle, Sybase, and MS SQL Server in 2000. His 25 plus years in technology started in Basle, Switzerland in 1985. He currently engages in strategic alliances and special projects with Sybase, the enterprise software and services company. He’s the author of two popular blogs including his Database Trends Blog (a behind the scenes look at the evolution of database technology) and his Technology Tips Blog (step-by-step instructions on today’s challenging technology). 


kevin_sherlock_headshot - re-sizedKevin Sherlock, TeamSybase and Senior DBA at Children’s Hospital
Kevin Sherlock is a Database Administrator for Children’s Hospital in Omaha Nebraska and a member of TeamSybase. Kevin has been a frequent contributor to the ASE newsgroup community for many years and has extensive experience with all aspects of ASE including performance and tuning the server, and Transact-SQL. Kevin has been working with ASE since version 4.9.2, and also has experience working with Replication Server, and Sybase IQ. He was the recipient of the ISUG Innovation and Achievement Award in 2005, and the ISUG Technical Journal Award in 2008.

 s-walz-72 small                                                                                                        
Scott Walz, Senior Director of Product Management, Database Products - Embarcadero Technologies
Scott Walz has more than 15 years of experience in database development and administration and currently serves as the senior director of product management for Embarcadero Technologies. In this position, Scott oversees the direction of the company's database product family, while focusing on database development and administration products. Prior to joining Embarcadero eight years ago, Scott served as a development lead for Louisville Gas & Electric. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from Western Kentucky University.


Three Webinar Times Available for Your Convenience

Session 1 (Oct. 21)
Local Times
Mexico City – 9AM
New York City – 10AM
Rio de Janeiro – 11AM
London – 3PM


Session 2 (Oct. 21)
Local Times

Los Angeles – 11AM
Chicago/Mexico City – 1PM
New York City – 2PM
Rio de Janeiro – 3PM


Session 3 (Oct. 21/22)
Local Times
Oct. 21:
 Los Angeles 7PM
New Delhi – 7:30AM
Beijing – 10AM
Tokyo – 11AM
Sydney – 12 Noon


 Every registrant will receive a copy of the presentation materials, including a list ofPeter and Kevin’s favorite  Go-To Resources and Links

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