Embarcadero DBArtisan XE: Go from Flintstones to Jetsons in One Easy Step with DBArtisan XE

By: Michael Findling

Abstract: Quote from review: To me, DBArtisan is has literally transformed the drudgery associated with many DBA-related tasks across multiple platforms and has taken our site from the Flintstones to the Jetsons.

The following reivew was written by a customer of Embarcadero Technologies.

To me, DBArtisan is has literally transformed the drudgery associated with many DBA-related tasks across multiple platforms and has taken our site from the Flintstones to the Jetsons.  I thoroughly recommend this product to anyone looking to get a handle on managing their database technology stack.


Capability: 9 , Pricing: 9 , Performance: 9 , Extensibility: 8 , Interoperability: 10 , Administration: 10 , Security: 9 , Enterprise suitability: 10 , Support: 10 , User experience: 10

How I tested/used this product:
As a DBA I've been using DBArstian for the better part of the last 5.5 years, and it's one of a list of great tools produced by Embarcadero. The idea is to reduce the effort involved for the DBA to perform their duties and multiply their productivity considerably. To that end, it does an awesome job with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The ability to cross database platforms makes it that much more attractive since you become accustomed to the same look and feel without having to switch between OEM for Oracle to SQL Server Management Studio, for example.
Over the years, the feel of the product has seen constant evolution. The latest version has some great filtering functionality on lists of objects to help the user get to their objects faster.

DBArtisan XE now comes fully licensed across all platforms--at a much more affordable price than in the past. This is a big win for prospective users.

Of the 3 XE Analyst Add-ons, Performance Analyst and Space Analyst are the ones I've enjoyed using they most. They each provide an interesting interface to wait event analysis and storage-related management functionality.

Overall, this product has held up really well over the years with constant improvements and is backed by a great support staff that is extremely responsive in dealing with customer issues.

I thoroughly recommend this tool without hesitation.

What job did you expect the product to do?
Primarily this tool is for the DBA--to that end, it does an awesome job. In today's world of constantly increasing work responsibilities and ever-decreasing resources, this tool delivers the edge necessary for the average DBA to become the optimal DBA--by which I mean doing more with less.

How much did the product cost as tested, and what is the value of the product relative to competing solutions?
Pricing is now better than ever since DBArtisan now allows access to all platforms with XE by default. Previously, each platform was separately licensed. So its certainly more cost effective now than ever. Is it cheap? Depends on your budget. The most important thing to keep in mind here is ROI, and with DBArtisan you can expect the improved productivity and ease of manageability to pay handsome dividends in extremely short order. The added bonus is it's likely to make for a happier DBA.

In general, how well did the product perform during your tests? (Did it run smoothly? Was it responsive?)
DBAristisan XE performed extremely crisply--with no major issues. This is testament to the constant and on-going improvements that Embarcadero has been refining into this product over the years. I've seen this tool evolve since Version 6 and there's one thing I can be sure of--that constant improvement continues with several releases per year. This is one product that is not standing still.

Are there APIs available for extending the product?


Does the product run on multiple hardware or software platforms? Which ones?
I believe this runs under multiple platforms, but I only used this under Windows.


What is required to deploy and configure the product?
This product is so easy to deploy my 6-year-old could do it. Once again, we get to the ROI component of DBArtisan. It's extremely user-friendly and does not require a rocket scientist to take advantage of its many powerful features--not the least of which is the Analyst Series of Add-ons, which I do recommend for those interested in wait event-based performance optimization. It's a place to start to find out what's going on with your database.


What facilities does the product offer for encrypting sensitive information, both stored and transmitted?

Enterprise suitability

Does the product include features that provide for redundancy and failover?
This tool is perfect for the enterprise as it turns the Mission Impossible for the DBA into at least having a fighting chance--the larger the enterprise the better--but even smaller shops will find this tool to be of immediate benefit. Having the ability to manage cross-platform databases from a single location with an identical look and feel will reduce the load and complexity on the DBA.


What are the options for and quality of paid support for this product?
The support from Embarcadero has always been exemplary, speaking from over 5 years of experience. Their products have reasonable release schedules so you know that if you log a bug it's likely to be fixed and released within a relatively short time frame.

User experience

How steep will the learning curve for new users of this product be? Will users be able to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design?
Overall, with over 5 years of experience using this product, I can definitely attest to this latest release and repackage of DBArtisan as being a great choice for those DBAs and organizations that are drowning and need a helping hand in managing database infrastructure.

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Embarcadero DBArtisan XE
DBArtisan XE is the latest generation of Embarcadero’s DBArtisan family of database administration products. DBArtisan XE helps DBAs maximize availability, performance and security across multiple DBMSes—all from a single interface. DBArtisan XE boosts productivity, streamlines routine tasks, and reduces errors, especially when managing complex environments. DBArtisan XE supports all major databases, allowing organizations to standardize on one powerful, cost- effective solution. DBArtisan X Read More

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