Performance Optimization: Extending the IT Infrastructure

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Optimizing System Performance Using Prevent, Find, and Fix Methodologies

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Performance Optimization paper

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Performance Optimization:
Extending the IT Infrastructure

In today's economy it is imperative that application and database developers work smarter, not harder, to meet the demands put on them by line of business owners, senior management, and the company as a whole. Due to time, money, and resource limitations it is often no longer feasible to rewrite, re-architect, or even replace applications and databases that are core to running a business as a means of achieving better performance or scalability. Likewise, simply throwing additional computing resources at the problem in an attempt to extend the life of an application or system is often no longer feasible due to capital costs. The only option is to get more out of existing systems with as little effort as possible.


Embarcadero’s industry-leading Java™ and SQL optimization tools let you detect performance problems earlier, correct them faster, and minimize the risk of ever deploying poor-performing code into production. Top-performing systems helps minimize IT spend by ensuring that applications and databases fully optimized to utilize existing IT resources.


  • DB Optimizer is a SQL validation tool that examines SQL queries to uncover inefficiencies and offers alternatives to improve SQL performance and prevent poor-performing SQL from ever reaching the production environment.
  • J Optimizer is a Java profiling tool designed to find and fix code problems earlier in the development process. Dynamic code analysis tools identify performance problems such as potential race conditions and unchecked exceptions, and memory and CPU bottlenecks. Advanced code metrics reveal the quality and complexity of the code structure to quickly pinpoint potential problem areas.
  • Performance Center is a 24x7 database monitoring tool that tracks and reports on all aspects of database activity like memory, I/O, contention, space, network, objects, users, and SQL code to pinpoint performance problems.
  • Schema Examiner is a design or architecture validation tool that looks at the structure of the database to find improper indexing, normalization problems and other relational modeling errors that impact database performance

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