InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 3 Readme (version

By: Sriram Balasubramanian

Abstract: InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 3 readme html file; contains installation and bug fix information

Updated: August 14, 2009

This file contains important information that may not appear in the available guides. Read this file in its entirety. This hotfix update is a cumulative hotfix and can be applied to any installation of InterBase 2009. It contains all the fixes done since the first release of InterBase 2009 (version You can download the updates from

    Installation Instructions


Run the executable InterBase2009Update3_Windows.exe, and then choose one of the following:

§         Server and Client
After you choose an install location; this will replace the binaries in the existing InterBase installation. Make sure to stop the InterBase Server before installing.

§         Client only
This will install IBConsole.exe and the type 4 InterBase JDBC Driver.

§         Extract Files only
This will extract the hotfix files in a single directory to be installed at a later time by the user.


Extract the tar file InterBase2009Update3_Linux.tar. After extracting the files, replace the files in the appropriate directory.


Extract the tar file InterBase2009Update3_Solaris.tar. After extracting the files, replace the files in the appropriate directory. Note: You must have Solaris 10 Update 3 or later system patches installed before you install this InterBase update.

    Mac OSX

Extract the zip file Right-click on the extracted file and select "Open". Follow the installation procedure to update your installation of InterBase 2009. Please make sure you choose the correct folder where you have InterBase installed so the update can replace the correct files.

    Resolved Defects

The following are resolved defects in this InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update.

Internal Defect #

External Defect # (QC)


Hotfix Update 3: 14-Aug-2009, version (Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX)


Hot links from within the PDF documents to other PDF documents come up with an error 


Page xxxx wrong type (expected 7 and encountered 5) after many hours of stressful INSERT activity from numerous simultaneous clients.


InterBase client on Windows Terminal Services reports "Cannot attach to Services Manager" when run for extended period of time, or if the server is subject to intense database activity.


Inner join with Stored Procedure that selects from the same table results in "No current record for fetch operation".


IBConsole Help is out of date on Windows Vista.


Online Dump files have corrupted indexes and page errors when taken from an encrypted database during multi-client activity.


Online Dumps are missing one (1) record after multi-client activity. The record is present in the source database, but is not included in the online dump.


Multiple clients concurrently executing ALTER TABLE statement against different databases results in client error or hang.


InterBase cannot use 2GB+ database cache even if Large Address Aware flag was set

Check Operations Guide PDF manual, chapter “InterBase Limits” section “Various InterBase Limits”, Table B.1, for new updates. Search for “Maximum number of cache pages per database” description.


A complicated query involving joins between tables and stored procedures run very slowly.


Java clients are unable to connect to databases that require a System Encryption Password, (SEP).


When executing SQL statements, JDBC driver returns SQLWarning beside the normal result, even on success.


Accessing ODS 10.x database leads to server crash.



"Request Synchronization error" reported on 8-core system with heavy activity.


Event listener does not work with native OTW connection string in InterBase 2009 Update 2


OTW/SSL connections do not work via InterBase JDBC driver.

Check Developers Guide PDF manual, chapter “Programming with JDBC” section “SSL file properties” for new updates.


Client crash on DSQL error when interbase.msg cannot be found.

Many IBConsole usability issues in the Metadata/DDL UI

Hotfix Update 2: 20-Mar-2009, version (Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX)


Query with explicit and implicit joins results in “no current record for fetch operation” error


Distinct in nested queries can return incorrect results



concurrent delete and select (and probably insert) cause database to be corrupted. "internal gds software consistency check (exceeded index level)" error in interbase.log



Join with Stored Procedure returns incorrect results


Inner Join between two views which both have left joins results in error “no current record for fetch operation”


If journal files are lost, connecting to the database may fail.

Fix notes: A new GFIX switch (-disable wal) is provided to disassociate a database from its journal files. No cleanup of the journal files or journal archive files is attempted and it is the case that committed data may have been lost. This could occur because the lost or inaccessible journals may have committed data that was never applied to the database files proper. However, it becomes possible to attach the database to access existing data contained therein.


Rogue TCP packet could cause server crash


Server crash with big SORTMEM_BUFFER_SIZE on restore


OTW: malformed connection string leads to server hang


Invalid data entered into a Unicode column hangs client on retrieval operation


Journaling and encryption combination fails with “decryption of encryption value failed”


Running GBAK as a service incurs high CPU usage in the server


Queries based on fields where the character_set_name and collation_name do not match and there is an index return no records


Security vulnerabilities exploited by rogue clients


InterBase cannot propogate events on both interfaces of a multihomed host


Exceptions only displays first 67 characters. They should display 78 characters


Server crashes with BUS alignment error on Solaris 10



Sweep under some conditions causes error "Maximum user count exceeded" and "Request depth exceeded for IRQ_93" in interbase.log


Many users doing many inserts causes InterBase server crash with seg fault on Windows or Solaris if there are multiple CPUs


After connecting to employee.gdb, subsequent validation of the database with gfix results in interbase.log having numerous "Page xxx is use but marked free"


InterBase Services API has problems working on Windows Terminal Services

Hotfix Update 1: 23-Sep-2008, version (Windows) : (Linux, Solaris, MacOSX)


Backup/Restore of encrypted databases not supported in IBConsole


Encryption failed when database or column has a character set


Re-encrypting a column crashes the server


Restore using gbak with buffers set high and -o (one at a time) causes server to crash.

JDBC: DataBaseMetadata.getTables() does not work with delimited tables/columns

JDBC: DataBaseMetadata.getTables() wrong ordering of result set

JDBC: does not recognize InterBase 2009 reserved words

    File List

Following are files in this update:


§         bin\ibserver.exe

§         bin\gfix.exe

§         bin\isql.exe

§         bin\gstat.exe

§         bin\IBConsole.exe

§         bin\gds32.dll

§         SDK\lib\interclient.jar

§         Doc\readme.html

§         Doc\*.pdf

    Linux, Solaris or Mac OSX

§         bin\ibserver

§         bin\gfix

§         bin\isql

§         bin\gstat

§         lib\gds client shared library

§         lib\interclient.jar

§         doc\readme.html

§         doc\*.pdf

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