DBArtisan 8.7 Beta Opportunity

By: Chris Pattinson

Abstract: Looking for beta testers for next release of DB Artisan

Greetings! It is with great pleasure that I announce that the DBArtisan 8.7 Beta 2 build is ready for testing.

Embarcadero DBArtisan is the leading cross-platform database administration tool that helps you maximize availability, performance and security of your databases. DBArtisan's comprehensive graphical editors and wizards boosts productivity, streamline routine tasks and reduce errors so DBAs can manage larger, more complex databases.

With DBArtisan you get:

  • Highly scalable for managing large, complex datasets
  • True cross-platform capabilities from one integrated console
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Advanced storage and capacity planning

Here are a few items of interest for DBArtisan 8.7 Beta 2:

  • Advanced filtering: DBArtisan now provides the ability to filter object lists based on specific strings.
  • Full Unicode Support: For those organizations with a global footprint, DBArtisan now supports Unicode throughout the application. (results, data editor, object editor)
  • The ISQL Editor has been enhanced with a set of automated validation and code assistance features:
    • On-the-fly syntax-checking locates and diagnoses syntax errors as you type
    • Semantic validation eliminates typographical errors and helps avoid outdated references in specified object names.
    • Code assist analyzes statements as you type and offers intelligent suggestions with regard to object names
    • In addition, specified query options that customize the execution environment can now be saved and subsequently loaded

More information is available on the beta site in the DBArtisan 8.7 Beta 2 Readme.

The beta support team will be actively monitoring these areas, ready to answer any questions you might have.

To apply to the DB Artisan 8.7 Beta, please follow this link and submit the application form:


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