Readme: Help Update 3 for Delphi and C++Builder 2009

By: Kris Houser

Abstract: Description of the contents of Help Update 3

Help Update 3 for Delphi and C++Builder 2009 provides bug fixes and other improvements to the Help system (principally for the German, French, and Japanese languages).

Visit for versions of the Help available in CHM and PDF formats.


This Help Update can be applied to:

  • C++Builder 2009, either the RTM version or any update
  • Delphi 2009, either the RTM version or any update

Important: This Help Update cannot be applied to prior software versions. You must update the product to one of the versions listed above to be able to use the Help Update mechanism.

    Help Update 3 Is Primarily Translated Languages

Help Update 2 was delivered in only the English language. Help Update 3 delivers all four language versions (German, French, Japanese, and English).

  • The German, French, and Japanese versions are the translations of Help Update 2.
  • The English version provides a bug fix for Help Update 2 (described in the Contents section).

    Installing the Help Update Using the Automatic Upgrade Mechanism

If you selected "Check for Updates Automatically" when you installed the product, you should automatically be notified when a help update is available for download.

  1. Click the automatic upgrade notification for Help Update 3.

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the help update.

NOTE: To check for updates at any time, click Start | CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 | Check for Updates.

    Installing the Help Update from the Registered Users Site

  1. Download Help Update 3 from the Registered Users Site.

  2. Install the Help Update using this command:

         Help_Setup /upgrade

    Known Problems with the Help Update Installer

  • If you close the Update before the install completes, when you run Check for Updates again, a message says there is no Update available. The workaround is to download and run Help_Setup /upgrade from theRegistered Users Site.
  • If you have registered 3rd party help in the RAD Studio/6.0/Help/Doc/h2reg.ini file, you may have problems if you used syntax that is not compatible with RAD Studio Help. For instructions, see  How to Plug 3rd-Party Help into RAD Studio Help.
  • An error message "Unable to load plug-in library" might be displayed if you use the help installer for Help Update 3 to remove the pre-existing help (the RTM help or either Help Update 1 or Help Update 2). If you encounter one or several of the "Unable to load plug-in library" messages, press Enter for each message that follows, and the help removal completes correctly.

    To avoid these errors, you can do either of the following:

    • Click the Repair option when prompted by the Help Installer, not the Remove option.

    • Use Add/Remove Programs to delete the existing help before you install the Help Update. Add/Remove Programs is available from the Control Panel.

    Contents:  Improvements in Help Update 3

NOTE: The English version of Help Update 3 is identical to the English version of Help Update 2, except for the correction of the default string type shown in the VCL for C++ (changing from AnsiString to UnicodeString). The following list describes the changes that were made for Help Update 2 and are also present in Help Update 3.

In general:

  • Documentation about string handling has been reviewed and updated to provide full Unicode support.

  • All the links in the See Also sections are now working. This includes links from the API to the subject-matter libraries, and vice versa.

  • Reverse indexes are now part of the help. That is, the individual methods and properties (and so forth) of each class are indexed separately from their namespace. Previously, you could find members only if you looked under the correct namespace in the help Index.

  • The overall formatting of many help topics has been improved in the API and in the subject-matter libraries.

  • All the API content from Delphi 7 that was not included in the previous help releases should now be in the help. The new content includes API unit members only.

  • At the top level in the Contents pane, a node has been added for the code examples. Separate index pages for Delphi and for C++Builder provide hyperlinks to the API in which examples have been injected into the help.

  • The documentation team has fixed over 300 bugs reported in QC, RAID, or JIRA.

  • Documentation specific to the Delphi for .NET compiler has been removed from the help system. Delphi for .NET is now delivered in a separate product, Delphi Prism(TM).

  • Two Delphi compiler directives have been documented ({$SCOPEDENUMS} and {$HIGHCHARUNICODE}).

  • Three Delphi compiler messages have been documented (W1062, W1063, and W1064) about information being lost when widening or narrowing data during a conversion between AnsiString/AnisiChar and WideString/WideChar.

  • New options for RIDL (the type library storage format) have been documented. These options are set on the Tools > Options dialog box.

In the VCL and RTL:

  • In the English version of Help Update 3, the default string type used in the C++ VCL/RTL has been corrected (from AnsiString to UnicodeString).

  • Many new code examples have been created, compiled, and injected into the appropriate VCL help topics. For example, there are new code snippets that demonstrate the use of the System and SysUtils string manipulation and conversion routines. Other areas include the various database, menus, and printers namespaces.

  • The Generics.Collections namespace has been placed in its correct location in the help, inside the RAD Studio VCL Reference library.

  • Documentation for Ribbon Controls has been increased.

  • Layout issues throughout the help have been resolved.

  • Documentation has been written for the following namespaces:

    • VarUtils
    • Themes
    • GraphUtil
    • SyncObjs
    • WideStrUtils

    • Generics.Defaults

  • Code examples have been added for the Delphi RTL functions in the System and SysUtils namespace. This includes "built-in" functions such as WriteLn and ReadLn.

  • Documentation for the following units has been either added or improved (by reformatting, adding examples, and fixing links:

    • Generics.Collections
    • SysUtils
    • Variants
    • Provider
    • Classes
    • ComCtrls
    • Forms
    • Controls (the TCustomHint and TCustomHintShowHideThread classes)
    • Graphics (the TBitmap and TGraphic classes)
    • System (the AnsiStringBase and UnicodeString C++ classes and others)
    • StdActns, StdCtrls
    • ExtCtrls, ExtDlgs
    • CustomizeDlg, Dialogs
    • ActnMan, AcntPopup
    • OleAuto, OleCtrls, OleServer
    • TOleControl
    • ADODB, DB, DBClient, DBGrids, DBTables

    Known Problems in the Help for Delphi and C++Builder 2009

  • If you need to install the help viewer (DExplore.exe) when you install this help update, you might see a misleading license statement that indicates that you are receiving the Beta version of the viewer. Accept the requirements in this license statement. This is a known problem. The help viewer that is installed with RAD Studio is a fully released version, not a Beta version.

  • There are several areas where content is missing or incomplete, as tracked on Quality Central.

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