J Optimizer 2009 Touchpoint Readme

By: Mark Deckert

Abstract: J Optimizer 2009 Touchpoint Readme

    Embarcadero® J Optimizer™ 2009 Touchpoint Readme

For updates to these notes, see https://dn.embarcadero.com/article/39336.

Touchpoint is a set of integration plug-ins that enables developers to use the J Optimizer configuration tools from within their own Eclipse-based development environment or IDE.

    Known Issues

The following are known issues in this build:
ID Number Summary
8243 JOpti touchpoint installer should check TPTP Agent Controller prerequisites.
Linux TPTP prerequisites may be found at:
Windows and Vista:
8381 Unable to update the touchpoint plugins in MyEclipse 7.0.
- Open Help > Software Updates > Add/Remove Software
- In the list of "Locally Installed Software", remove the touchpoing plugin 'Embarcadero JEE Profiling'
- Select "Add Software"
- Add the update site for the Embaracdero touchpoint plugins: https://www.jbuilderupdatesite.com/JOptimizer2009-TP3.4
- Select the updated plug-in and then add the updated version back and choose Next
- Continue with "Next" to install the updated plug-ins into MyEclipse
Error when profiling without setting J Optimizer agent directory
Restart the IDE if you are encountering this error when launching a profile configuration from Run|Profile Configurations. Relaunch the profile configuration with J Optimizer and set the J Optimizer agent directory when prompted to do so.
When encountering this error while launching an application server in the Servers view, delete the server from the Servers view and reconfigure the server. Right click on the server, select Profile, select J Optimizer tooling options and set the J Optimizer agent directory when prompted to do so.
Touchpoint install fails if the installer is launched from a directory with spaces
Workaround: Always extract the ESD to a directory without spaces.

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