New user profile questions and contact preferences

By: John Kaster

Abstract: A discussion of our new user profile questions and our plans for that profile information

We just added some additional profile questions to the user profile section of your Developer Network user account. These new profile questions are optional.

Your answers will help us personalize our interactions with you. In the coming months, we will be increasing the personalization of the content offered on the Developer Network, based on the answers you provide to these profile questions, and other preferences you'll be able to set in the future.

    Reorganized account editing form

We have reorganized the account editing form to group the "profile" questions together. (The profile questions are highlighted in a different color than the rest of the form.) Some customers have expressed concerns about us "spamming" them because of these new questions. We absolutely do not want to spam anyone. We only send emails out in response to actions taken by our users.

The form displayed to new users looks nearly identical to the account editing form.

Directly beneath the profile grouping is where you can set your contact preferences to ensure we only contact you with your preferred methods. You can also disable nearly all contact (not the disclaimer at the bottom of the image below):

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Contact preferences you specify

The only way you can get the Developer Network newsletter, which goes out approximately once a month, is by checking the CDN News checkbox.

I also want to again point out the notice that appears at the bottom of the above screen capture, right above the Update button on the form:

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Exceptions to contact preferences

This notice should help you determine the difference between "spam" and required email from us.

    Optional profile information prompt

Because we added these profile questions to our user account information, we also prompt for these questions on login. The screen shot below shows an example:

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Optional profile question prompt

There are several different options available for responding to this prompt.

    Answering one missing profile question at a time

When a profile question is not answered, we ask one question at a time after you login, to minimize the amount of time it takes to get back to what you were planning to do when you logged in.

You can answer select your answer, and click the Continue button to save the answer to your user profile.

You can also skip answering by simply clicking the Continue button, but the next time you log in you will be asked for this information again. (Unless you check "Please don't ask me again" before clicking Continue.)

    Answering all outstanding profile questions now

If you want to answer all missing profile questions at once rather than answering a missing one next time you login, you can check the box "Answer all outstanding profile questions now". When that checkbox is clicked, all missing profile questions are displayed on the same form. You can set your answers, and click Continue to save your answers to your profile and move on to what you were doing when you logged in.

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    Questions from you

If you want to learn more about the services we offer our members, you can read the articles at

If you have more questions about how we use customer account profiles on the Developer Network, David I invites you to send him an email with your questions and he'll correspond with you directly.

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