VCL for PHP Charting components - Part 8 - beta components available for download

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Creating a VCL for PHP Charting component. This article is a reproduction of the blog post by Jose Leon, developer of Delphi for PHP.

VCL for PHP Charting components - Available for download

The first beta for the components is available for download right here:

  • Close the IDE
  • Run the setup
  • Check the path is the Delphi for PHP 2.0 path
  • Run the IDE again

Now you will have a new category on the tool palette called Open Chart, and a component there.

There is also a sample on the vcl\openchart\samples, with the source code for this:

Bear in mind scripts run faster when running on a Linux server, so running from the IDE can be slow and the first time you open the sample, will be a bit slow also.

All source is included, even the Series property editor, so you can learn how to write your own ones. This is a beta release, so any comments, bugs, requests for documentation, etc, are welcome.

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