VCL for PHP Charting components - Part 1 - Introduction

By: Jose Leon

Abstract: Creating a VCL for PHP Charting component. This article is a reproduction of the blog post by Jose Leon, developer of Delphi for PHP

VCL for PHP Charting components - Introduction

Some time ago I found these nice flash charting library:

So it was a no-brainer to write the components to wrap that functionality so it can be used in Delphi for PHP.

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Here you can find a demo application:

To see the source for that demo, click here:

On the next few days, I will post some more articles showing how easy is to write these components and integrate them into Delphi for PHP.

The articles will show:

  • Planning
  • Add persistent properties, like Font or your own ones for the chart axis
  • Array properties and use the built-in property editors
  • Write your own property editor in Delphi for Windows
  • How to use events on your property editor
  • How to add get design information from your property editor
  • Javascript events
  • Make your component work correctly on design-time
  • Use DataSource properties
  • Write a component that process a custom request

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