Simplified login form

By: John Kaster

Abstract: We have simplified our login form for the Embarcadero web sites

Our new login form for membership services asks for two values before you can login:

  1. Your login credential
  2. Your account password

Your login credential can be either your login name or your email address. You provide the same password for either value.

This is what the login form currently looks like:

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Login form

    Login logic

Membership services will first attempt to use your supplied credentials to log you in by your login name and password. If login by login name fails, and the credential you supplied looks like an email address, an attempt to log you in by email address and password is made.

If the login is successful, you are passed on to either your personal account page, or back to the page that required a login. If the login fails, you are prompted to attempt to login again.

    Password emailing logic

If you can't remember the password for your account, you can provide either your login name or email address, and click the "Email my password" button. Membership services will first try to locate a record matching the credential to a login name. If that fails and the login value looks like an email address, matching by email address is attempted.

If a matching record is found, an email is sent to the address specified in that user record, and the form indicates the mail is sent.

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Account found for emailing the password

If a matching record is not found, the form will indicate that no email was sent.

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No account found for password email

    Login support for other systems

Because we added this flexibility at the core membership services level, all login dialogs should now have this feature. This includes the QualityCentral and discussion forum logins. The fix for discussion forum logins is described in this QC report.

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