QualityCentral domain name updates

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Important notice about changes to the QualityCentral domain name

Effective immediately, all references to "qc.borland.com" and "qc.codegear.com" should be updated to point to "qc.embarcadero.com" for all QualityCentral clients.

For the standard QualityCentral Windows client, the QualityCentral.ini file is all that needs to be updated. On Windows operating systems before Vista, this file is found in the same directory as the QualityCentral executable. On Vista, QualityCentral.ini is located in:


The browser interface for QualityCentral is found at https://qc.embarcadero.com.

Other clients will have this configuration information in their configuration files. Check the documentation for other QC clients to find out how to configure them.

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