InterBase 2007 Service Pack 2 is now available

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Increased performance and other improvements for InterBase 2007 are included in Service Pack 2. The download for InterBase 2007 Service Pack 2 is now available for registered InterBase developers.

The InterBase 2007 Service Pack 2 is now available for download from the "registered users" site at

The Service Pack is available for InterBase 2007 users on Windows, Linux and Solaris.  The InterBase version number after installing Service Pack 2 will be On Windows you can run the server manager and choose server properties to see the version number you have.  From the command line on Windows, Linux and Solaris use the isql utility and type show version;  to get the version number.

Service Pack 2 client library fixes bugs with connecting to the older version of InterBase, it is recommended that all IB 2007 clients be upgraded with the new IB 2007 SP2 client library. For local access it is required that the local InterBase client and the InterBase server (on the same machine) be the same version. The new InterBase client library allows connections to older version of the server however only connections to the IB 2007 and IB 2007 SP2 are certified and supported. Please use the appropriate InterBase client library to connect to an older version of InterBase server, i.e. IB 7.5 client to connect to IB 7.5 server and so on. This does not apply to remote or local loop back connections which are achieved using TCP/IP. Note The ability of IB clients to connect to older local Servers could be disallowed later releases.This does not apply to TCP/IP connectivity.

The following updates/changes have been implemented as of this release.

  • Journal Preallocation
  • JDBC URL Parameters
  • Database Write Mode Default SYNC
  • Database File Preallocations
  • PT_BR Collation For Brazilian Portuguese
  • Query Optimizer Enhancements
  • UDF Descriptors

All of the changes (including those to the SQL Optimizer and Disaster Recovery features) are detailed in the IB2007UpdateGuide.pdf document that is included in the download. The Update Guide can also be downloaded from if you want to read it before downloading SP2.

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