BCB6 Help Files now available

By: David Dean

Abstract: The Help files from BCB6 have been made available for download

The help files and documentation for Borland C++ Builder version 6 have been made available for download. The files listed below contain the examples and additional documentation that was provided with Borland C++ Builder version 6. During a recent webinar, the community asked us to make these files available because this content makes a good supplement to the BDS 2006 content. We are happy to fulfill this request. These files are available for download from CodeCentral in the following languages:

English: https://cc.codegear.com/item/24339

French: https://cc.codegear.com/item/24340

German: https://cc.codegear.com/item/24341

Japanese: https://cc.codegear.com/item/24342

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