Delphi Hour 23 (replay)

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: Listen to the replay, read the chat log

Listen to the replay from February 7, 2007 or download the MP3.


aohlsson: Ronald: "Just to get all the standard questions over with in one go. Any dates or other info about the big codegear launch, the new roadmap, the delphi hotfixes and the highlander fieldtest?" - This quarter. Events are being planned now. Highlander field test is in progress.
aohlsson: unixguru: "DavidI, can you post that SQL query that computes radius around longitude and latitude on your blog?" - David says "I will"

aohlsson: unixguru: "any word on a U.S. DevCon this year?" - Christine is planning an online conference. Shooting for week of March 12th. 5 days of coverage. More than 24 hours! Current plan is at no charge... How can you say no to that?

davidi: LizR: "for the UK trip could someone get me some details as to how, where, when, how much....." - LizR - will get you more information about the seminar in London - Feb 28th. It will be a free marketing/sales seminar with me and Jason Vokes and some people from our office in England.
NickH inserts the following link:
NickH: aikimark: "please say something about CF features" - CF is now into 2008, behind Unicode
davidi: aikimark: "what´s that link?" -

NickH: aikimark: "how about CF testing?" - Email nick --

aohlsson: fabio_so: "Anys new about conference at Brasil?" - Later this year

NickH: outchy: "is there any plan to make a conference here in France?" - Probably not a conference, maybe an event. Contact the Paris office

NickH: efortier: "and how about a conference in Canada? I live in Quebec and there´s very few resources for Delphi users here..." - Probably not a conference, but possible roadshows.

NickH: LizR: "btw you remember you guys did the 2 weeks of delphi, you know even though I clicked im here for each one.. I never did get a mail so I may not be alone!" - Keep an eye on BDN if you don´t see an email.

davidi inserts the following link:
davidi inserts the following link:

davidi: holger: "In case it was not sent the first time... Can you guys sing Happy Birthday for Cleggy? :-)"done

NickH: LizR: "hows the C++ product person interviewing going?"Ongoing

davidi: LizR: "when are you guys going to do more of the camtasia videos for delphi :)" - yes - please send topics and subject areas to

NickH: efortier: "how´s the help coming up? any news on that front?" - Hopeful that we´ll have a much better help system in next release

davidi: jodyd: "where is native 64 bit on the roadmap? has the survey influenced it´s priority?" - Native code 64bit is still on the roadmap for 2008. Native code development is a major focus for us. Of course we also are working on managed code too (.NET), but we are not forgetting the importance (to our customers) of native code.
NickH: PeterNort: "What about Simons proposal: Linux personality for Delphi" - We are very focused on the Windows platform
aohlsson: efortier: "did you guys looked at other installer technology before selecting InstallAware?" - Yes. We looked at a whole bunch.
davidi: PeterNort: "InnoSetup too (written in Delphi)" - Yes - it´s great to have so many wonderful partners and tools/components built with and supporting Delphi.
NickH: JoeH: "Were the Delphi Survey participants mainly from newsgroup announcements or was participation representative of installed user base?" - We broadcast it far and wide, so we feel we got a good look at the customer base.
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NickH: efortier: "Do you guys use FinalBuilder? It´s a great product and it would be nice to hear from them on Delphi Hour." - Yeah, we love FinalBuilder. We want to get them on the show.
aohlsson: LizR: "link please :) I´ll post it on 3d buzz" - Posted the C++ survey link above. Was that the one you asked for?
aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: Delphi Survey
davidi: aikimark: "cool link from a NASA dude:" -

davidi inserts the following link:
NickH: RichardW: "Any chance of getting HtmlHelp to work with Keywords in Highlander? (QC 31175)" - Probably fix in highlander
aohlsson: tngappl: "How is your guitar playing DavidI?" - I have guitars...
davidi: DaveK: "are there any plans for "turbo" news groups?" - no turbo newsgroups planned - we just use the language/product newsgroups for people. We are looking to revamp the web site.
aohlsson: PeterNort: "History Question: Who was the first Borland employee?" - David

aohlsson: LizR: "will turbo man get more adventures made?" - Send David I emails about new adventures...
aohlsson: LizR: ""Bug Bandit"" - :)
davidi: aikimark: "I just told Dan Christof (Exeletools) about your ISV request" - Thanks
davidi: LizR: "when will you guys get web cams so we can see your faces while you chat :)" - okay maybe
davidi: aikimark: "Anders, please let me know your travel schedule soon" - we´ll post the world tour stops as soon as we have the dates, locations and a link!
aohlsson: cleggy: "Can we always use Anders´ iPod for future broadcasts? :-)" - Hehe!
davidi: LizR: "Is there anything we should be doing for you guys that we havent done.. rather than stuff we nag you for that maybe you havent done :)" - thanks - write articles, talk to other developers, give us reproduceable crash bugs, and "keep the faith"

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