CodeGear Community Hour (replay)

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: David I talks to John Kaster about the Developer Network

Watch (Windows Media - WMV) or Watch (Flash - SWF) the replay of the Community Hour from January 29th, 2007 where David Intersimone interviews John Kaster about the CodeGear Developer Network. You can also download John’s slides.


aohlsson: LesK: "Indexing of articles is really important for cc and tv and is improved - I guess you are 10% there - right?" - Not sure what the question is. We have keywords, links and searching for these.
aohlsson: efortier: "can we track comments on the blogs?" - Not at this time
aohlsson: bmcgee: "Will we be able to see who has downloaded our CC entries?" - That´s a touchy subject... Something we could look into. It´s a privacy issue, etc...
aohlsson: bmcgee: "If not specific users, maybe we can see some broad trend details about CC downloads." - There´s already stats for CC
aohlsson: holger: "where can I see the number of points I have collected?" - This is on my to-do list
aohlsson: LesK: "indexing ... for instance there is no ASP.NET in tv it is all mixed in with compact frameworks etc" - John just showed the filtering. There may be other mappings we should add.
aohlsson: DaveK: "Can authors submit their own Camtasias?" - We´re implementing support for multiple file formats this quarter.
davidi: LesK: "Platforms & .NET" - we´ll make sure to update the neighborhoods and streets for video, articles, etc – thanks

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