Start earning CodeGear Developer Network Points today

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: Compete with your peers and see who can get the most points the fastest...

Note: Everything is subject to change during the beta process… ;)


The intent of the CodeGear Developer Network Points Program is to encourage people to write articles, rate articles, make quality submissions to CodeCentral, log bugs and other issues in QualityCentral and so on. As the program evolves we will add activities that earn you points, tweak the number of points earned per activity, etc, etc.

    What’s included in the algorithms now?

Quality Central Report made (100 points per report)

                                 Promoted to RAID (500 points per report)

                                 Votes on others’ reports (10 points per vote)

                                 Votes received on your reports (10 points per vote)

                                 Ratings made (1 point per rating)

Code Central              Submission made (50 points per submission)

                                 Downloaded submissions (1 points per download)

                                 Ratings made (1 point per rating)

                                 Comments made (1 point per comment)

    What are we looking to include next?

Quality Central Status is not accounted for. More points for resolved bugs.


                                 Submitted workarounds

                                 Accepted/Verified workarounds

Code Central              Updated not taken into account. Could yield more points.

Event Central              Entries made

                                 Entries subscribed to

GetPublished              Articles made live unpaid (lots of points)

                                 Articles made live paid (less points than free ones)

                                 Translations made unpaid (more than paid)

                                 Translations made paid (less than unpaid)

                                 Ratings made

                                 Comments made

Broadcast app            I’m listening

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