BDNradio: Delphi Hour #20 with Nick Hodges (replay)

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Read the chat log and listen to the Delphi hour with Christopher Jones replay

Listen to the audio replay or download the MP3.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from December 6, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

  Moderated chat

aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: Delphi Hour #14 replay

jkaster inserts the following link:,+MN+55021&ie=UTF8&z=13&om=1&iwloc=addr
jkaster: Christopher Jones' home town
jkaster: Faribault, MN 55021, USA

aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: Delphi Hour #17

jkaster: email to for the training session offer
jkaster: promo code: dh1/10/07
jkaster: Price is US$199, sorry
jkaster: You can also call +1.800.441.1511x7288
jkaster: Until Friday, Jan 12, 2007 midnight

aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: Delphi Hour #18

aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: Delphi Hour #19

jkaster: you can email Christopher Jones at

jkaster: LizR: "are you going to produce free training courses? such as more like Nick's vtms or buzz3ds.. are you even buisnessly interested in free training materials?" - christopher: we are working with Developer Relations on promoting the free material, and then offering the mentoring solutions or other models for training as an "upgrade"

jkaster: LizR: "can you download and rewatch?" - christopher: you can watch those as often as you want for at least 12 months, at any time
jkaster: bmcgee: "How up to date are these web courses?" - using BDS 2006, up to date

jkaster: LizR: "I am kinda embarassed to ask but have any of you guys read my free based training?" - nick: I'll be happy to look at that
jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster: Ronald: "Anything new about the roadmap or any reactions to the roadmaps of Simon Kissel, Kudzu and Brian Moelk" - nick: I'm very busy because things are happening fast and furious on the new roadmap

jkaster: PeterNort: "I would like to know the release date of D2006 hotfix pack" - nick: that's down to the days, not weeks

jkaster: LizR: "any clues as to what will be in the new hotfix?" - nick: SOAP fixes, the F1 key and the form designer should work a bit better. That's all I can remember right now.

jkaster: JOEH: "In first '10 days webinars' it was said another set of webinars would follow soon - still planned?" - yes, we're definitely planning more

jkaster: MarcoZ: "Will Software Assurance become available as a separate purchase, or will it always be bundled to a purchase of a product?" - nick: I think it will always be bundled to the purchase of a product. john: but you'll be able to renew it.

jkaster: MarcoZ: "Say I have BDS 2006 for a year now and want to get into SA...How do I go about it?" - unfortunately, that's a bit outside the range of "reasonable" because the term for SA is currently a year

jkaster: LizR: "How did the interviewee do?" - david: did well

jkaster: LizR: "So whens the C++ hour coming?" - david: as soon as we have a C++ product manager. We're looking for someone to fill that role ... let us know if you're interested!

jkaster: aikimark: "are you still looking for the PHP person?" - yes

jkaster: skamradt: "Are there plans to have a "CodeGearCon" this year?" - david: we hope to have a face to face conference here in the US later this year. Christine is reaching out to all the speakers who submitted abstracts. We also are toying with an online event that would be a type of conference in the first half of this year.

jkaster: Erasmus: "More Delphi webinars scheduled ?" - david: christine ellis is looking into this

aohlsson: aikimark: "how about a virtual CodeGear conference option?" - we just talked about that

jkaster: diAngelo: "Do you plan to add possibility to create driver natively with Delphi?" - nick: Delphi is intended to build business applications, but not native drivers
jkaster: diAngelo: "" - thanks for the ref

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: diAngelo: "The solution I recently discovered is the Delphi Driver Development Kit v0.0.4" - Thanks again!

jkaster: holger: "what about DevRel hour on Mondays?" - david: I want to do that once a month

jkaster: diAngelo: "Is Delphi Vista will be release on 2007 as HighLander?" - nick: watch for our roadmap updates

jkaster: diAngelo: "Is next Delphi version will support multi core CPU ?" - nick: it will run on multicore CPU. somewhere along the way we'll have to modify the compiler for this

jkaster: diAngelo: "New with Apple Mac are with Intel precessor do you plan to make Delphi for Mac Edition? you'll take advantage on Microsoft ..." - nick: we're very focused on Windows this year

jkaster: aikimark: "what about chat logs?" - ander: I posted the replays. If we find them we'll put them in.

jkaster: LizR: "are you going to be looking to release delphi based versions of things like the that new microsoft game development stuff?" - nick: if it's .NET 2.0 based, then Highlander will be able to work with it. David: maybe the JEDI project can help out

jkaster: diAngelo: "Are you plan to release last update for BDS 2006 awaiting HighLander ?" - nick: we have another hotfix coming

jkaster: aikimark: "let's have a future Delphi Hour with Alan Moore" - nick: you bet!

jkaster: LizR: "when is the delphi hour gonna have Holger on featured on it?" - soon!

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