BDNtv: Database development with Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (Webinar replay)

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Watch the replay of the webinar presented by Borland Developer Relations

Watch (1024x768) BDNtv: Database development with Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (webinar replay)
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Time: 2:18:48

  BDNtv: Database development with Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (webinar replay)

Presented by: David Intersimone and John Kaster

Are you still using BDE? Still building client/server applications? This Webinar replay covers database technologies including BDE, dbExpress, BDP, and moving your applications to a multi-tier architecture.

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Chat room Q&A

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jkaster: click "I am listening" to be eligible for the offer in the Americas and APAC. We're still waiting for word on the offer from EMEA. (Editors note: EMEA honors the offer as well)

jkaster:Guernsey: "Hello from Oklahoma City, OK, USA" - Hello from Scotts Valley, CA ... headquarters of the Borland Developer Tools Group

jkaster: if you are having connectivity problems, you can SKYPE me at upgrade_a_thon
jkaster: but I would just tell you what we've already recommended:
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jkaster:Pidgeot: "Is there any point in clicking that button if we did it yesterday?" - It lets us know interest level for each broadcast. It also makes sure I don't make a mistake and miss your contact information from one of the appropriate broadcasts. And we'd appreciate it. Thanks very much.

jkaster: mini, the recording from yesterday is already available
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jkaster: BDNtv: What's new in Delphi and C++Builder 2006

jkaster:LizR: "can you demo a simple db app from say D7 to 2006 for and do it to both win32 and .net ? showing both" - thanks, Liz. We will do this during the talk.

jkaster: lots of you are watching, too. definintely fixed the bandwidth/connectivity problem (unless I hear otherwise!)

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jkaster: The Future of the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and SQL Links

jkaster: please use /ask to ask questions

jkaster:biglesch: "yes, done that, 20sec buffer, and test broadcast plays fine.." - yesterday we had some very helpful posts in the public chat. Suggestions, anyone?

jkaster:rinn: "My first webinar, do you break or go straight though for the whole hour?" - These are actually going to be around 2 hours, perhaps a bit more. We will not be taking a break. We hardly even take breaks during our 24 hour broadcasts, except when we're switching remote presenters ;)

jkaster thinks you should remember to click "I am listening" in the broadcast application
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jkaster: @biglesh, we're going to cover reporting in another broadcast
jkaster: Monday – November 13, 2006 – 1pm to 3pm Pacific Standard Time
jkaster: Delphi/C++Builder 2006 Reporting Solutions

jkaster:cbb: "/ask I am still seeing the .NET DataSet Resolving, I am not seeing what you are currently talking about" - sorry about that. if it's still "stuck" perhaps turn off multicasting. If that doesn't work, try to reconnect. We WILL be posting the replay.
jkaster: daren, BDE SQL Links is deprecated, not BDE itself
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jkaster: The Future of the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and SQL Links

jkaster: I'll also discuss changing the database backend and steps you can take

jkaster:Benjykid: "Why can't I enter Version 2006 as "Current Delphi Version" in the user profile?" - sorry about that. Since this was for upgrading, we didn't put that as an option. We'll add it for tomorrow. (Editor's note: this is available now)

jkaster:ps-dk: "will this presentation be available later for downloading (I am thinking about both the web cast as the powerpoint presentation)" - yes, we will post all replays. Yesterday's is already available on BDN.

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jkaster:Pidgeot: "Could you possibly make the code font a bit smaller? It's hard to read the lines when so little fits" - noted, and done

jkaster:LizR: "Would it be possible to show how you would detect the data on your form is dirty and refresh it - given someone else on another PC has updated the data via another computer." - there is an action that allows you to determine when local data is dirty, and also an ApplyUpdates option. What you seem to be asking for is a broadcast changes event, instead?

jkaster:Erasmus: "Is Liz asking about callbacks from the DataSnap Server ?" - yes, that could be a solution

jkaster:heizy: "Hi, short question, how do I use connect a tables primary key like a customer no with a second table?" - David should demonstrate this, but there's also articles on BDN, particularly by Cary Jensen

jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster:glashtin: "Is the remote data module meant to be used over the internet or just the network?" - david: it can be used anywhere you can use DCOM or HTTP john: or sockets

jkaster:Erasmus: "John, would you know of any callback 'update CDS' examples, please ?" - I don't have one readily available. I think Dan Miser may have written something about it on his distribucon site.

jkaster:Pidgeot: "I don't know if the plan is to focus on using dbExpress, but I'd appreciate an ADO Win32 example" - thanks, will load an existing example to show

jkaster:BudManz: "I would like to see the recommended way of accessing an Oracle 9.2 DB with C++." - done!

jkaster:dneilsmit: "why would you use the BDE with SQL Links rather than use the TADO connector" - david: BDE is for local databases now. We're not recommending that you use the BDE for SQL moving forward. We do recommend dbExpress for SQL for the future.

jkaster:andrs: "Is there an easy way to change to another Database engine in a big project using BDE? If so, do we have to keep using Paradox?" - david: multiple questions are in there. We'll answer them ...

jkaster:Pidgeot: "You mean "do NOT recommend dbExpress for SQL", right?" - no, we definitely DO recommend dbExpress for SQL

jkaster:Jacco: "Is the midas.dll still necessary to delpoy resortable TClientDataSets?" - You can use MidasLib to link midas.dll into your source

jkaster:JANLUND1: "What happened to the Datapump ? And is a replacement available ?" - as David showed, it's still included in BDS 2006

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jkaster:JANLUND1: "Hmm - Datapump is not in my "tools" tab on 2005 or 2006. I can't find the binary in the bin folder either. Where is the binary supposed to be located ?" - will have to track that down. what SKU do you have?

jkaster:JANLUND1: "Soory - What is SKU ?" - version of product: Architect, Enterprise, Pro, etc.

jkaster:Jacco: "Is the BDE with SQL Links for access to MSSQL useable from Turbo Delphi Professional?" - will show you the feature matrix

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Delphi feature matrix

jkaster:cathy: "/ask what component are you currently showing about pooling?" - That was the BDP connection component

jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster: BDE links from our support department

jkaster:rinn: "did you get my questions about recieving the registration of the disount" - if you clicked "I'm listening" you are eligible, but we'll send a follow-up email

jkaster: if you missed "I'm listening" today, you can do it tomorrow

jkaster:Erasmus: "Could you clarify deployment of a DataSnap multi-tier app please ?" - david: you deploy your application executable, the connection information for the application, and the dlls for your data driver, and any client drivers that may not be installed on your server

jkaster:asisson: "What is the licence for MIDAS?" - Starting with Delphi 7, Enterprise and Architect include an unlimited deployment license for MIDAS/DataSnap.

jkaster:LizR: "I just tried to make a dbexpress thing to mysql, and I added a sqlconneciton, sqldataset and datasource, I connect them up, I can activate the connection and dataset, and then even connect it to the datasource, but when I try and put the datasource on a dbgrid, it says operation not allowed on a unidirectional dataset.. help?" - use ClientDataSet and TDataSetProvider, or TSimpleDataSet to make your datasets bidirectional and updateable

jkaster:dneilsmit: "is DB Express for SQL faster with SQL than say using ADO" - dbExpress is often faster

jkaster:godrigo2k: "which would be the average speed to find a string in a 500.000 record table with dbexpress ?" - that depends more on the database

jkaster:cprog: "There are lots of ways to connect to database, dbexpress, ado, ib components, bde, etc... what is the type of connection we should chose to be prepared for future versions of delphi? does it will support all forms of connection in future versions?" - david: bde will be there for Paradox and dBASE. dbExpress is the best multi-platform access for SQL connectivity. BDP is tied to ADO.NET, so it's limited to .NET.

jkaster:rmemmel: "/ask Is the BDE 'frozen' for development? To access pdox do you recommend migrating? If so to what?" - david: we're not enhancing BDE. We have done some bug fixes. We suggest you migrate the tables to a SQL database with DataPump and move to dbExpress

jkaster:javi: "We have a BDE app using more that 100 different tables which requires updates. To have a grid which allow a client manage some tables of data it’s really quiet easy, all you need is just a TTable and TDataSet for each table for which you want to offer updates. Why so many layers in dbexpress and winform? What are the advantages of that? How do you explain to your boss you need to explain a lot of time migrating to a new technology which will not report any benefits to the clients?" - david: I'll back up a bit and say that it seems daunting at first. They're one for one replacements if you use TSimpleDataSet, for example. ...

jkaster:glashtin: "I have been having problems with BDE for years meeting the memory limitations. I have messed around with the settings in the BDE Admin but still have issues that caused me to restart my servers all the time. My question is I have heard that you are dropping support for the BDE what should I switch my app to? I have attempted to go with dbExpress however the unidirectional feature is a hindrance and would require many changes to the way my large app works." - I'll try to find the link on the document for BDN memory configuration options I worked on way back. I think we've answered the rest of this

jkaster:dplock: "Can you use direct update SQL statements in dbExpress that are applied immediatly to the database not using the delta?" - yes, definitely

jkaster:cathy: "/ask when updating a field in the grid, do you need to click the check button before clicking the apply updates button?" - david: when you move off the row, it automatically posts into the deltas

jkaster:luca: "what about Data integrity using dbexpress (and all disconnected data paradigm)? I mean a user can change DB data after a lot of time (by applying updates)" - we handle this by exception rather than locking out changes. You can totally control this however you want, if you want to change it

jkaster:Eneko: "When using ClientDataSets and Data providers in a Client / Server environment, how does it work with multiple ClientDataSets in the same app?" - david: you can have joins, embedded tables, master/detail, etc. john: I provided a link to an article by Cary Jensen talking about nested datasets that will be in the chat log as well.

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jkaster:cathy: "/ask are there major differences between Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2006?" - beyond improved quality that isn't on the feature matrix, I'd compare the feature matrices. The old one can be found on

jkaster:LizR: "Will David please make his demo apps all available with the replay?" - david: yes, we'll put it on CodeCentral

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Please fill out the Delphi Survey!

jkaster:cprog: "jkaster: question for the end...any comment on the .NET framework 3.0 that seems it was annonced today, does the next version of delphi will support it and winfx? Does borland receive the .net frameworks before the announcement from microsoft to the users to develop the tools before the framework reach the final user?" - david: we should have Nick discuss this in the Delphi hour john: You can watch our current roadmap

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: our product roadmaps, which are a "working" document

jkaster:dplock: "Where is the link for the Cary Jensen article? I don't see it." - will post chat log ... closed the window already, sorry (Editor's note, included here for convenience)

jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster:JMe: "What is "Delphi Hour"?" - Nick Hodges has a (usually) weekly radio talk show on BDN

jkaster:cprog: "Today I take a look at the link you gave to us delphisvn tool that integrates borland IDE...Is there any documentation how to write plugins to delphi IDE and source code examples?" - This URL could help

jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster:Erasmus2: "When do you guys get to lunch ?" - now!

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: This is a link to the ClientDataSetGrid which allows dynamic sorting in the grid

jkaster:cprog: "Does we will have a ECO broadcast for advanced delphi users? ;)" - we will do an ECO session or several in our next round of broadcasts

jkaster:dneilsmit: "- David I, what about Europe and the UK please for pricing upgrades?" - we don't have one yet, but we're waiting for word from EMEA (Editor's note: EMEA is now honoring the offer)

jkaster:EdSalgado: "Will there be Firebird support? (I am sure this has been asked before)" - If you're talking about dbExpress, upscene (and others) have a driver for Firebird

jkaster:cprog: "Did delphi 2005 users still are able to receive updates or support to the bugs their have in the IDE that wasn't being fixed?" - david: the path is to upgrade to 2006. That's what this whole series of webinars is about. If you're still blocked by something, let us know what it is at and we'll help you. Thanks.

jkaster:Jacco: "Does dbExpress in D2006 support multiple result sets returning from a Stored Procedure?" - john: I'll get an answer for that

jkaster: thanks everyone!

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