Borland’s Developer Tools Group Introduces InterBase® 2007

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Multi-Platform, Embeddable SQL Database Combines Enhanced Durability and Performance with Low Total Cost of Ownership


Frankfurt, Germany — EuroDevCon 2006 — September 26, 2006 — Today, the Developer Tools Group of Borland Software announced InterBase® 2007, a significant new version of the Group’s multi-platform, embeddable database that is used in hundreds of thousands of applications world wide.  Combining high performance with low total cost of ownership, InterBase is a flexible database ideal for both embedded and business-critical enterprise server applications.  InterBase 2007 delivers a number of new features, including Unicode international character support, increased performance and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities.

 Today’s release includes two major editions – InterBase 2007 Server Edition and InterBase 2007 Desktop Edition.  A third edition, InterBase 2007 Developer Edition, is expected to be delivered for Borland Developer Studio, the Developer Tools Group’s enterprise-class multi-language IDE for Windows® and .NET development.  Borland Developer Studio combines the previously separate Delphi®, C++Builder® and C#Builder® products and supports both native Windows development and .NET development in a single Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. 

 InterBase 2007 includes increased durability for data protection and new disaster recovery options.  This includes log-based journaling for short-term recovery and journal archiving for long-term recovery in the event of a system failure.  The database also provides improved scalability, performance and availability.  In addition to sophisticated features that support business-critical applications, InterBase 2007 has a small footprint that makes it well suited for embedding and ideal for ISVs, OEMs and VARs that require a compact database for easy redistribution. 

 Providing database portability across platforms (Solaris™, Linux, Windows) and editions (Desktop and Server), with many standard database connectivity options, InterBase 2007 is designed for self-tuning and minimum administration.  New features and enhanced benefits include:

1       Greater Durability – Designed for long and short-term recovery, InterBase 2007 protects against failures and data loss.

2       Improved Performance – Fast database access now with batch updates, query optimizations and OLTP improvements.

3       Tight integration with development tools – InterBase Developer Edition will be included directly within Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder and JBuilder.  Tight integration and standard database connectivity options will make it easy to develop new applications using InterBase. 

“InterBase has been successful in both the embedded and small to medium enterprise database markets because it combines higher end features and performance customers expect in a modern SQL database, with simple configuration and minimal to zero management requirements; perfect for embedded and SME applications,” said Michael Swindell, senior director of product management in Borland’s Developer Tools Group.  “We’re excited to introduce InterBase 2007, which is the only SQL database that combines the flexible performance of a multi-generational architecture with the durability of log-based journaling.  InterBase 2007 increases performance, durability and international capabilities, making it ideal for both new and existing customers.”

InterBase Server Edition is available for the Microsoft® Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems, with support for Linux to be made available soon.  InterBase Desktop Edition is Windows only.  InterBase 2007 Server Edition and InterBase 2007 Desktop Edition are available immediately, while InterBase 2007 Developer Edition is expected to be available later this year.  For more information on InterBase 2007, including system requirements and pricing, please visit

 Attendees at EuroDevCon 2006, taking place September 26-28 in Frankfurt, Germany, can explore InterBase 2007 and the latest product offerings from the Developer Tools Group.

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