BDNradio: Delphi Hour #9 with Nick Hodges

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay and read the chat log of the live broadcast of Delphi Hour #9 with Nick Hodges

Listen to the audio replay or download the MP3.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from September 6, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

    VIP Lounge

NickH: Hello Marco!
jkaster: yeah, we don't know why we're getting noise all of a sudden :(
jkaster: not mobile phone either
aohlsson: No, the interference is not cell phones. It's not the cables AFAICT either. Still looking...
jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster: bmcgee: "will the Turbo download numbers be published?" - nick: we generally don't put up specific numbers.

davidi: holger: "Maybe the background noise is DavidI using morse-code from Japan? :-)" - Not me - I am not connected by audio, just listening to the stream and monitoring the chat room

jkaster inserts the following link:

Turbo Explorer mirror load

jkaster: davidi: "Why can't I install more than one Turbo explorers on the same machine?" - allen: it's technical issues limiting it, and we'll rectify it for our next release

jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster: The japanese TurboExplorer site

davidi: aikimark: "konichiwa, David"arigato

davidi: aikimark: "eat some sushi for me" - been eating all sorts of food

jkaster: davidi: "Can you install a Turbo if you have Delphi 7 or Delphi 2005 on your computer?" - nick: Yes. Delphi 2006 (and C++Builder 2006 and C#Builder 2006) is what they will clash with

jkaster: MarkS: "When will we be able to buy Turbo Professional licenses?" - David: it should be on the shop site now

jkaster: richardc: "when can people purchase the downloadable licenses for Turbo Pro be available?" - nick: Currently we're shipping it in disks. john: I think outside the US some sites are allowing downloads

jkaster: iman: "is there an I'm listening now button?" - john: yes, has it
jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster: ogiesen: "will upgrade prices from previous Delphi versions (e.g. 5, 7) to Turbo Pro be announced?" - nick: the price is already posted

jkaster: LizR: "While you wont publish is the general reaction what you hoped or better or worse?" - john: response is great. Download counts are huge already

aohlsson: aikimark: "will the buzz be removed from the audio before it is archived?" - If I can, with the editing software that I have...

jkaster: LizR: "Weill there be potential to buy just the license rather than the boxed version from borland? and or resellers as normal?" - nick: we want to be able to sell just the license. if it's not available yet, we will be making it available in the future

aohlsson: Unfortunately, I have no idea why the noise is so bad on the stream. There's nothing near as bad on the mixer board...

jkaster: LizR: "You guys gonna register domains like etc (which arent taken!)" - nick: we'll look into it

aohlsson: DaveK: It's not the first time that the network has interferred...

jkaster: MarcoZ: "David, met any blind developers in Japan?" - david: not yet

jkaster: ElSid: "Gentlemen, Turbo Kylix - or dead ?" - nick: We are very focused on the Windows platform at this point in time.

jkaster: iman: "work with crosskylix" - nick: sure, that's an interesting technology

jkaster: matra: "Dou you have any relations/plans with" - allen: not at this point

jkaster: Sebas: "Congrats guys. Great work, keep doing it!" - nick: ok, we will!

jkaster: blackbird: "Can you give us a percentage of Turbo Explorer downloads (e.g. 40% Delphi, 30% Delphi.NET, 20% C#, 10% C++)?" - sorry, no

jkaster: LESK: "Many of the target audience were not born in 1991 - are you planning to update the "World of Objects" video?" - david: it doesn't need to be changed. I'll also post " World of C++" and parts of "Learn Turbo Pascal" when I get a chance during my travels.

aohlsson: blackbird: "Alright, how about a ranking then (Delphi #1, Delphi.NET #2, etc.)?" - We can't and won't go into that for legal, SOX, etc, reasons. At least not until we're allegedly spun off.

jkaster: matra: "What is your strategy regarding the "ever new" technologies, that are constantlly being produced by MS (Windows Workflow, LINQ, .NET Framewokr 3.0). Delphi will support .net FW 2.0 a year after it has been available..." - allen: we're working as quickly as we can.

aohlsson: blackbird: "OK, then answer this, if you dare: What would y'all rather eat, the fat from behind a caribou's eyeball or a frosted poptart?" - Neither, I just ate. Thanks. :)

jkaster: bruce, we're seeing questions from you

jkaster: DaveK: "Is there anything on modeling for win32, specifically the BDS Pro SKU ???" - nick: yes, there is. Full two-way modeling with Together Allen: and ECO for the .NET side of things, and the Turbo versions for .NET include this as well

jkaster: ElSid: "Printed docs and or Turbo Books planned ?" - nick: we deliver PDFs and that's our current plan

aohlsson: aikimark: "how about posting a "best of" the public chat log (please)" - Too time consuming at this point. Sorry.

jkaster: DaveK: "Modellling is such a basic programming premise, think it will ever make it to the turbos?" - nick: yes, it already IS there!

jkaster: matra: "Will Highlander support a Windows Presentation foundation designer?" - nick: We' re supporting .NET 2.0 and parts of 3.0

jkaster: ogiesen: "given that one doesn't open any form files in the designer, is it possible to compile existing projects containing third-party components using the Explorer editions?" - allen: yes, you can compile them

jkaster: ElSid: "Turbos to be available as free magazine mounts ?" - nick: yes, it's in work. allen: absolutely

jkaster: MarcoZ: "Allen, make sure you do! People are already starting to wonder if Highlander will be an old hat when it's released. Communicate this publically sooner rather than later!" - noted

jkaster: mmead: "Where can I get a wall poster of the VCL?" - think it's a great idea

jkaster: bmcgee2: "If we have electronic copies of the VCL diagrams, are we allowed to share them?" - david: absolutely, share them

jkaster: bmcgee: "Nick asked in non-tech if we would like a registry free BDS install. Yes. Is this likely?" - allen: nick's doing market research. It's just Nick being Nick ;) (at this point)

jkaster: Sebas: "There are any news regarding Togheter for C++?" - allen: we're working on this issue for Highlander. Don't have anything else to say about status

jkaster: matra: "About bleeding edge: Borland was once kown to be on "bleeding edge" and bringing to live new development technologies (object pascal,..). Any plains to regain this position?" - nick: Yes, we have plans to take over the world. David: we have more resources dedicated to our products now than we did before February 8th

jkaster: jthurman: "How about a little Hylander teaser? Maybe some hints on new features that you're thinking about maybe possibly contemplating considering including?" - allen: I think everyone should become very familiar with technology from Microsoft called MSBuild
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davidi inserts the following link:

jkaster: Boereck: "Is there a possibility for virtual properties or properties in interface-types in future Delphi versions?" - nick: we have virtual properties already ...

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Adding a 'fake' property to a component

jkaster: bmcgee2: "Are we likely to see some clean up of existing VCL controls that ship in the box?" - nick: what do you mean by clean up?

jkaster: iman: "why not ant/nant" - allen: If you install .NET 2.0 and you will find MSBuild
jkaster: bmcgee2: "DBGrid cleanup is one of the things I have in mind. CDSGrid or a data aware Virtual TreeView would be great, too." - nick: ok, noted

jkaster: LESK: "any news on the DevCo divestiture" - all: you may have heard ... david: we're in quiet mode, and Borland will cover any additional news

    Upgrading from Turbo Explorer to Turbo Professional

Many of you are asking about upgrading from Turbo Explorer to Turbo Professional.  Right now, you can't do it on, but you can with some of the resellers:



Programmer's Paradise
(though this one has a typo in the name -- “Turo Delphi“, and it doesn't list a price)

PC Mall

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