BDNradio: Delphi Hour #6

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Nick interviews Ray Konopka of Raize Software in this installment. Listen to the replay and read the chat log.

Listen to the audio replay or download the MP3.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from August 16, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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jkaster: hi everyone
NickH: Hello -- we'll be starting in a few minutes
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jkaster: be sure to click "I am listening!" to be eligible to win CodeSite
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jkaster: holger: "Raize Components... are the components available for VCL and VCL.NET?" - ray: right now, they're available for VCL Win32

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jkaster: CodeSite product page

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jkaster: Raize Components product page

jkaster: aikimark: "any plans for Linux/OSX support?" - ray: For Raize, that's easier to answer because of its dependency on the VCL. Wherever VCL goes, we have an opportunity to take Raize there. VCL.NET is something we've done a little bit of work on it, and may still go back to it but it's on hold while we're working on other projects.

jkaster: aikimark: "Is there any protection against hackers looking at debugging strings?" - ray: we don't do anything WRT encrypting the data. That's something on "the window moving forward" for a future product. You shouldn't really do this with any logging tool. There hasn't been much demand on that feature.

jkaster: LachlanG: "Question for Ray: I used Turbopower controls as my primary library and am searching for a replacement. A key thing I'm looking for is VCL.NET versions as I don't like WinForms and I am looking forward to the VCL Compact Framework support. Does Raize have any plans to move in this direction?" - ray: we've had plans on that for a while. At this stage, I don't have anything exciting to say about it. We will listen to our customers or prospective customers.

jkaster: aikimark: "Do you still want to see really BAD UI examples?" - ray: oh, absolutely. I love seeing those!

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jkaster: Vote for your favorite conference sessions

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jkaster: Ray's session he's plugging

jkaster: LachlanG: "For Ray: Codesite clients for other languages like PHP, Ruby, Javascript?" - ray: yes
jkaster: mikb: "What is the link for the competition?" -
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jkaster: LachlanG: "In my opinion the parts of Delphi that are written in C/C++ with no source code distributed have the worst track record in terms of quality. The random errors generated by Midas.dll and the unusability of the Borland DBExpress drivers come to mind. Does Devco plan to do more of these "black box" components? I hope not. Distributing source code seems to result in better quality components." - nick: I tend to agree. I'd like to see more source code rather than less. However, sometimes there are valuable legal reasons to not distribute source code. But we will deliver as much source code as we can.

jkaster: LachlanG: "The current DBExpress drivers are unuseable for real world projects. Core

Labs has replacement DBExpress drivers written in Pascal and distributed with full source that work in every case where the Borland drivers fall over. Would you consider licensing those drivers and releasing them with Delphi?" - nick: we're probably not going to do that. I would also dispute your assertion that they can't be used for real-world projects.

jkaster: chewy: "Any intention in buying SQLFront? :)" - nick: no comment on anything we might buy

jkaster: aikimark: "any ObjectPAL in there?" - nick: I don't think so

jkaster: chewy: "any intention to revive IntraBuilder?" - nick: that would be just so cool

jkaster: aikimark: "one of my guys just used intrabuilder to extend an application to a PDA" - nick: there you go

jkaster: davidf: "How about turboexplorer ECO ?" - nick: ECO is in TurboExplorer

jkaster: abauer: "I wrote the the NSAPI -> ISAPI converter..." - nick: I remember that!

jkaster: skamradt: "How about the "compiling with .net 2.0" for bds 2006 doc you promised a few weeks ago?" - nick: I'm putting it on my todo list

jkaster: olivert: "And Hot Fix 7?" - nick: Let me just say that it's stuck in limbo

jkaster: LachlanG: "There's a lot of overlap in the QC categories for Delphi and Delphi.NET. Where should common problems be put e.g. IDE problems?" - john: The Delphi project, when in doubt

jkaster: RandyMag: "C'mon - John...what was BDE's code name internally back in the day" - john: I give up! (answer is LEGO)

jkaster: chewy: "when is DevCo spinning off? :)" - nick: you may have heard Borland is considering spinning off its Developers Tools Group

jkaster: aikimark: "who wins CodeSite?" - Jolyon Smith
jkaster: Winner: Jolyon Smith Prize: CodeSite 4 from Raize Software
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NickH: Wasabi
jkaster: (Wasabi was the original code name for Delphi)
jkaster: tx everyone, and good night

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