BDNradio: Delphi Hour #5 with Nick Hodges

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay and read the chat log of the live broadcast of Delphi Hour #5 with Nick Hodges, where Michael Swindell discusses the Turbo brand

Listen to the audio replay or download the MP3.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from August 9, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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aohlsson: Roland: Turbo Man video is available from
jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster: TomReiert: "Any more information about the divestiture?" - good timing, tom. It's being answered right now

jkaster: iman: "Did the two page scrolling limit get fixed?" - no, use the search url instead
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jkaster: we consider clarity of the abstracts, too

davidi: LizRiley: "Other than blog and link and stuff, is there anything we can do to help promote the new Turbo products?" - Everything - go to places where non-programmers hang out. Write articles or blogs about programming for beginners, kids, girls, boys, teenagers, scientists, etc. Spread the word to colleges, professors, high school computer teachers. Build your own viral videos and put them up on YouTube and other video sites.

davidi: LizRiley: "Any news on the name of "devco" announcement?" - Stay tuned to Borland for news.

jkaster: olaf, you can rate the abstracts too. it's valuable information for us to have to help determine clarity.

davidi: MarcoZ: "Will the Turbo Pro or even Explorer editions have ECO functionality, so "Child's Play" like Alex Jarvis did, is possible for new programmers as well?" - Michael says that the Turbos have UML design functionality (Delphi, Delphi .NET, C#) and ECO (Delphi .NET and C#) with persistance to XML files.

davidi: jkaster: "Is there a free version?" - Turbo Delphi/C++/Delphi.NET/C# have free Explorer editions and also Professional editions

jkaster: jkaster: "Can I develop commercial applications with the free Turbo Explorer edition?"michael: we're not imposing any licensing restrictions on the Turbo editions. Even with the Explorer version you can build for profit applications.

jkaster: TomReiert: "Will we be able to purchase the Turbo Pro products online and instantly get a serial key?" - michael: that's what we are aiming for. You should be able to use the explorer editions, then decide to buy Pro. You can purchase the key and unlock it and get the Pro version automatically out of your Explorer edition.

aohlsson: JonR: "Earlier, DavidI seemed to hesitate about a downloadable ISO. If there is anyway to do this, I think many of us would be willing to burn ISOs and take them to non-Borland user group meetings." - The Explorer editions will be downloadable. Maybe not ISO, but zips. You could certainly burn that to CDs as well. We'll look into ISOs as well.

jkaster: JohnO: "Do the Turbo Non-Professional versions come with RTL/VCL source code" - michael: yes, they will

jkaster: jkaster: "Can I use 3rd party components in the free Turbo Explorer edition?" - michael: not for the designer or tool palette, but you can invoke them via code. There are no restrictions on what you can do in source code.

jkaster: jkaster: "When will they be available?" - michael: beginning of september. david: there's a countdown timer on the site

jkaster: TomReiert: "If you want to try out the differenct Turbo products, will you have to uninstall and install the different versions or will it be possible to have more than one installed?" - michael: if you're going to get two turbos, you should just buy the studio as the upgrade. I think the price is $560. David: The architecture is set to have one version installed on one machine.

jkaster: jkaster: "Do the Turbo editions contain all the update packs and hotfixes?" - michael: BDS 2006 Update 2 and several of the hotfixes. Binary and source compatible

jkaster: jkaster: "What is the price?" - michael: under $500

davidi: lBG: "Is it a fix price ? or is the price in europa + 20% ?" - pricing is set for different currencies in different countries/currencies.

jkaster: delphi64: "Can you say (at the moment) what the pricing level for be for the Architect/Enterprise SKUs. Will price stay the same or go down slightly?" - if you're talking about BDS, the price isn't changed

jkaster: bobdawson: "/ask Future of SA program with DevCo?" - michael: that availabiilty will come out in September. We'll provide additional information then.

jkaster: LizRiley: "Michael now you've reached director level and no doubt made loads of changes, what is the one change you'd make if you didnt have resitrictions" - michael: Actually, I've been a director since 99. This year I'm now a senior director. One of the things I'd really like to do is have a more developer-oriented web presence, for both our marketing and technical side to merge together, so when you go to our site you find valuable information for everything you want to do and know.

jkaster: PetNorton: "Is a BDS2006 single Win32 edition planned? According to the Turbo's" - Yes, that's the Turbo Delphi or Turbo C++ version

jkaster: iman: "Go back to Borland No Nonsense License" - michael: it's something we'd really like to have after the DevCo split. I can't promise it will be exactly the same as the "like a book" agreement, but we want to simplify our licensing

jkaster: pwoon: " Is there going to be a Turbo Jbuilder in the future?" - michael: we haven't yet announced the editions for JBuilder 2007 yet, but we did launch the JBuilder 2006 Foundation edition (free version) back at Java One

jkaster: IanH: "/ask Are there any plans to get the free version on magazine cover disks? This opened the Delphi door for many people including myself at version 1." - david: yes, definitely

jkaster: liz, we definitely want soft wear on our site

jkaster: MarcoZ: "Does "99.9 percent of the features" also mean that you will carry over the accessibility features from BDS to the Turbo editions?" - nick: if BDS Pro does it, the Turbo single language version will do it

jkaster: outchy: "Delphi 2005 did not have the FPU debug view, will turbo versions have it?" - nick: Turbo versions have the same feature set

jkaster: JimmieSha: "/ask Will there be any special IPO offerings for BDN members?" - way ahead of the game question

jkaster: jthurman: "So will the explorer versions be able to use plugin tools Like Castalia or Modelmaker Code Explorer?" - nick: no, the explorer versions will not. Professional will

jkaster: IanH: "/ask Are there upgrade prices for existing Delphi 5/7 Professional users?" - michael: explorer editions are considered versions, and there is an upgrade from that. david: there are offers for Delphi as well

jkaster: outchy: "will Turbo C++Builder be able to compile Delphi code?" - nick: Turbo C++ can because the BDS C++Builder personality can

jkaster: bmcgee: "are the remaining hot fixes compatible with the Turbo SKUs?" - yes

jkaster: delphi64: "Will tClientDataset be available on Turbo Explorer? That create some interesting deployable capabilities."yes

jkaster: am: "One of the web pages reporting on turbo explorer talked about scripting languages being added to BDS. Any indication which ones they might be?" - michael: in that interview, we were asked if we were open to other languages. Our ansewr, as a developer focused company, was "absolutely."

aohlsson: outchy: "what will be the SKUs for student offers?" - Students can us the Explorer versions (for free). They can of course also buy the Professional SKUs at significant discounts. More details to come.

jkaster: JohnO: "Are you planning for similar Turbo editions of Highlander" - michael: yeah, the turbo editions are going to be part of our product line

jkaster: bmcgee: "If we download and burn these, do you have any CD art we can put on a label?" - yes, we'll make that available, as long as we legally can

jkaster: outchy: "what the future for the formula "made in Borland"?" - nick: you'll have to ask Borland

aohlsson: Roland: "Is it likely that the price setting of the BDS Editions also will change?" - Answered above - The price of BDS has not changed at this time. Turbo pricing will be available soon. Stay tuned.

jkaster: PetNorton: "Will there be a Trial version in the future or will this be replaced by Turbos" - david: the trial edition is of BDS Architect, which is all the features available for 30 days.

jkaster: Ilse: "/ask turbo interbase?" - david: the developer edition of InterBase is included. michael: This is really the launching of the Turbo brand. The entry level products are back. Expect to see it used in a variety of other ways.

jkaster: outchy: "will programmers be allowed to redistribute the compilers and VCL/RTL source code of Turbo editions?" - nick: no, it's the same license you have today. Tell people to go download their own versions. The command line compilers are not available in these products.

jkaster: holger: "what 3rd party stuff is being included?" - look for the feature matrix

jkaster: PetNorton: "The time between QC report and fixes software on the PC is quite long. Will there be an improvement?" - nick: we're always working hard to improve that process, and we have been improving on it

jkaster: BobWalsh: "/Ask Any plans/programs in the works (for announcement later) aimed at micro-ISV (<5 developer startups) as MS has?" - nick: we've had the two pack promotion in the past.

jkaster: delphi64: "Please say something positive about a native 64-bit compiler in the future, Just a quick plug." - nick: 64bit is cool, it's really neat. 64 bit is on the roadmap
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Product roadmap

davidi: lBG: "Pls add to" - thanks for the link - will see how to link it in. I want to make sure that the examples/info fit nicely within the learning experience.

jkaster: bmcgee: "If the command line compiler is not included, is there another way to automate builds with the Turbo SKUs?" - allen: yes, you can launch the IDE and build the project. Look at Chris Hesik's blog

jkaster: PetNorton: "Will we see more Fastcode?" - nick: yes

jkaster: iman: "Will any presentation materials be available for download soon?" - nick: yes david: what do you mean by presentation materials?

davidi: PetNorton: "will Delphi Turbo be able to compile Turbo C++Builder code?" - Answer is no.

jkaster: TomReiert: "Will we be able to purchase licenses for BDS online too? Just download it from the site and order up a license?" - allen: eventually, yes

davidi: TomReiert: "Are there any changes coming for the existing BDS? Anything you can disclose about pricing/subscriptions/name changes etc..?" - the roadmap is the living document to future versions. stay tuned for future announcements.

jkaster: Ilse: "turbo delphi win32 wil exclude cf development :-(" - michael: yes, it's win32 only, not .net development

davidi: skamradt: "How about that artical on how to configure BDS (or Turbo Delphi .net) to use the .NET 2.0 SDK?" - that information will be available in Highlander time frame.

davidi: LizRiley: "With the target audience of the turbo products being new developers will there be improvements to the documentation to help them?" - will have more how to articles and videos. for all products, the documentation team is wokring on more help.

davidi: iman: "just a script to follow" - we will have instructional videos and articles.

davidi: MarcoZ: "Will Highlander be available on DVD, or will we still have to swap CDs wit the final product?" - stay tuned for Highlander news as we get closer to release.

davidi: delphi64: "Will the Delphi32 Turbo Explorer require .NET libs as part of the install (will the IDE need it)?" - yes

jkaster: LizRiley: "are those Geurilla marketing signs for real?" - nick: yes, those are absolutely real

jkaster: BobWalsh: "/ask how about reaching out to Nick Bradbury (Feeddemon) re why he wrote it in delphi?" - good reminder. I talk to Nick every once in a while and exchange product with him ;)

jkaster: bmcgee: "How about John Kaster's "Developers developers developers!" for an intro? :)"perhaps

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