BDNradio: The Delphi Hour #4 with Nick Hodges

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay and read the chat log of the live broadcast of Delphi Hour #4 with Nick Hodges

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This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from August 2, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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davidi: aikimark: "why the time change?" - time changed to reach out to Asia Pacific region Delphi developers.

jkaster: aikimark: "what's the latest word on DevCo?" - david: Tod Nielsen says this deal is going to be completed before the end of this quarter. Stay tuned ...

jkaster: zote: "hi, what can I do to become a highlander beta tester?" - nick: One of the best ways is to become very, very active on QualityCentral. Read, rate, vote, comment, reproduce, write reports

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jkaster: has lots of ECO links and info

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jkaster: aikimark: "you should localize to Portugese, given your presence in Brazil" - chris: Could be. David: we have a conference there later this year

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jkaster: Example of a very useful bug report for QA

jkaster: holger: "Could you mention Jeremy North's Win32 client as it has excellent features that make live easier. Like keyword search, automatic attachment of images..." - nick: I'll be happy to do that!
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jkaster: Statistics in QC for all projects

aohlsson: CodeClippy says: "I see you're trying to write a multithreaded COM server. Would you like some help with that?"

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jkaster: Accessibility programming

jkaster: holger: "When was this ability to change languages introduced (in D2005?)? I had to exchange my German Delphi once as I wanted a English one..." - chris: The process has been in since Delphi 7. You can go into your registry settings and change that, but certain parts of the product the strings are injected

davidi: Jimmie: "How about a keyboard logger" - Nick will explore this feature request.

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jkaster: holger: "How much do you use Automated Incident Reports?" - chris: The majority of them are not reviewed because there's some sort of filtering mechanism. nick: They are data mined.

jkaster: holger: "Explain "escalate" as it might not be clear to everybody :-)" - chris: In this case, it means "promoting" into RAID (our internal system) from QC

jkaster: Mackhack: "@David I - What are you particulary developing at as a kind of a manager at Borland?" - david: I'm the Chief Evangelist. I run Developer Relations, which runs the technology partner group, we do user group events, press meetings, articles, demos, conferences ...

jkaster: Mackhack: "Does the Borland team have more infos about the DevCon 06?" - david: We're getting closer to date & location. Looking like first week in Dec, in the [San Francisco] Bay Area. We want to have enough Highlander, Peloton, etc new product information to present as well.

jkaster: cleggy: "DavidI, when are you getting down to NZ?" - david: you need to check with Malcolm Groves. I'll be in Japan the first week of Sept.

jkaster: venkatesh: "In India we have found that resellers are not providing proper Delphi support.Will the DevCo ensure that the resellers provide good support?" - david: In "DevCo", because we are gonig to have reselllers and partners all over the world helping us, we're already in the process of ensuring proper levels of service for our customers with our resellers. We have an office and people in India, and you can always contact me (David) or Malcolm Groves and we'll get it taken care of

jkaster: aikimark: "has anyone noticed the demise of UNDU?" - yes, I do think it's archived elsewhere and other sites are filling the need

jkaster: venkatesh: "Can we expect Delphi based documentation in the next version of BDS rather than vb & C# examples ?" - nick: You're seeing the MS.NET framework help there. We are not going to translate those examples into Delphi.

jkaster: venkatesh: "Migration from win32 to .Net has become a big issue in India..Is it possible to release a comprehensive documentation with demo for the same?" - David: there may already be some stuff for this, and will put that together into a document

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jkaster: David Clegg's babelcode client

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jkaster: Daniel Wischnewski's customized welcome page for BDS

jkaster: Lachlan: "Regarding Nick's top ten bug list. Where are we likely to see the fixes for these? An update, hotfix or the next version?" - Nick: Yes, we are actively working on the top 10 list
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jkaster: bentaylor: "it could be useful if there was an external app that could log a stack trace of all threads running in the ide.. this could be run when the ide locks up/goes 100%cpu etc. this happens fairly regulary/randomly for me, just pausing and resuming a threaded application from the ide.. theres currently not much i can do to submit a useful report.." - nick: will look into this

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