BDNtv: JBuilder 'Peloton' web services development

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Watch a preview of web services modeling and development with JBuilder "Peloton"

Format: Flash
Time: 4:20

  BDNtv: JBuilder 'Peloton' web services development

Presented by: Jon Harrison

In this episode, Jon Harrison demonstrates support for the rapid visual modeling, design, and testing of Java web services in the JBuilder "Peloton" development environment. Peloton is the code name for JBuilder 2007, the next version of JBuilder, which will be based on the Eclipse IDE. JBuilder 1 through 3 were based on the Delphi IDE. JBuilder 3.5 through 2006 are based on Primetime, our all-Java IDE framework. JBuilder "Peloton" is the first JBuilder release to be based on the Eclipse IDE framework.

For more information on JBuilder, see, and the Java community on BDN.

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