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By: John Kaster

Abstract: Use our member services to view your product registration information, duplicate accounts, and more


We provide online user account services which show information regarding your registered products, and the account(s) you have with us. We hope these services will help customers who have lost their registration information, or who are having difficulty retrieving the correct information for logging in to their user account.

    Login page options

To access these member services, you must login. Member services are available at

If you have your USER cookie for our domain set in your browser, your login name will be automatically filled in for you when you get to the login page. You can enter either your login name or email address as your login value.

After providing either your login name or email address, you must provide the correct password for that account to complete the login. Read about our simplified login form for more information.

    New user account

Our online memberships are available for free. If you don't currently have an account, you can create one by clicking on the link to create a new user account. After you fill in the information on the form and create your account, you will be sent an email notification with a unique link to verify your email address. Once you verify your email address, your account is activated.

The email address and login name you enter must be unique. If either item already in use for another account, you will not be able to create your new account.

    Email my password

If you don't remember your password, you can have a reminder emailed to you. Our options for determining the appropriate password for your account have improved.

If you provide the email address for the password reminder email, you will be provided the password for the most recent account record matching the email address you enter. The previous "forgot my password" service did not necessarily return the best match when you had more than one user account with the same email address. The new method should provide a better guess for the appropriate password to send.

A better option for locating your password is using your login name, if you remember it. We now support sending a password reminder to the email address for a specified login name. To use this option, simply fill in your login name and click the "Email my password" button. The login service will retrieve the email address for that login name, and email the password reminder to it.

If either the entered email address or login name is not found in our account table, the login page will tell you so when you click the "Email my password" button.


Click the "login" button to login and set your USER cookie for our web domain.

    My Member Services

The member services main page is normally displayed after a successful login. This page displays your current account information. It has links for retrieving additional information regarding your account, and it has links to other web pages that allow you to manage your account and see content specifically for you.

The membership system supports data in localized languages, so you should be able to put your contact information in your native language. We may have added new language selection options since the last time you looked, so be sure to check that you have selected your preferred language.

    My registered user downloads

The member services link for My registered user downloads cross references your account's registration records with the list of registered user downloads in CodeCentral, and provides your list of registered user downloads for your registered products.

Because we track all your downloads for you, and know when and if you've downloaded a specific item from CodeCentral, and we also know the update timestamp for each CodeCentral item, we can track your personal status for each download. This page is still a work in progress (I guess that makes it "Web 2.0!"). You can expect to see indicators for new and updated status being displayed for each of your registered user downloads in the near future.

I hope you find this new service valuable. It's a "one stop shop" to find all relevant downloads for your registered products.

    My registered products

Since 2001, we have been tracking user registrations with a product registration and licensing system code named "Sanctuary" internally. The first Sanctuary-enabled product was JBuilder 5. Delphi 6, C++Builder 6, Kylix 1 and 2 and Borland Enterprise Server 5 followed, and used Sanctuary version 1. Registration information from Version 2 (and up) of Sanctuary is now available to you online. Version 1 registration records are not available via member services.

All registrations you have performed on your "CDN account" (which is really a "CodeGear user account" used for other systems in addition to CDN) are attached to that account. The new service we provide allows you to see all products you have registered with a given account.

When you first connect to the site, you are prompted to login with your user account. After you login, you will see a page that includes your contact information for that active account, and options for viewing your registration information, or for viewing your duplicate user accounts, or viewing your domain cookies and optionally clearing them.

When you have successfully logged in using a valid CDN account, your contact information is displayed at the top of the page. Click on the button that says "My Registered Products" to see all products you have registered with that account.

We now display this information in multiple pages for our loyal customers who have registered a lot of products.

    The registration table

After your registration information is retrieved, the table below the button will display several columns.




The name of the product


The serial number used for registration


The registration key


True (T) if this product registration is for non-commercial use


True (T) if this is an upgrade from a previous version


True (T) if the registration is active

Current Registrations

The number of times the product has been registered by you.

You can use this information to re-register the product if you can no longer find your product box with your registration information, and need to re-install it for some reason. This is true for any active, non-trial registration record. For trial versions, once the product times out, it will remain expired whether you attempt to reinstall it or not.

If you are having problems registering products, the bottom of the page will display our customer service and support contact information to help you resolve the registration problem. This contact information is only displayed when you are viewing your personal registration information.

    My duplicate accounts

When we started the developer network, we inherited a database design problem that allowed multiple user accounts to have the same email address. This has, of course, caused all kinds of difficulties for people trying to login with their email address when that email address is associated with multiple accounts and passwords. The duplicate user accounts information we now provide is the first small step toward solving that problem.

This page displays all accounts with the same email address as your current login. Your active account is not displayed in this list. Only additional accounts with the same email address as your active account are displayed. When you click the button, the columns listed below are what you will see for your duplicate accounts.




The unique ID number for this account. If you have an issue with an account, you can use this value to uniquely identify it when corresponding with us.

First Name

Your first name.

Last Name

Your last name.


The email address for this account.


Voice phone number.


Fax phone number.


Your job title.


Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc.


Company name


Address line 1


Address line 2




State or province


Zip or postal code


Country name


Preferred language

Wants Mail

True (T) if you want postal mail correspondence

Wants Email

True (T) if you want email correspondence

Wants News

True (T) if you want periodic developer network news bulletins emailed to you

Wants Phone

True (T) if you want telephone correspondence

Wants Fax

True (T) if you want correspondence sent via facsimile


Date/time this account was created


Date/time this account was last modified

Other State

Other state/province indicated on the account

Other Country

Other country indicated on the account

Delivery Status

If email to the indicated address fails, this value will be set.

Pander Code

A flag used to indicate the status of our correspondence with you. A status of "undeliverable" means an attempt to send an email to your email address failed. It overrides the "Wants" column values listed above. If you are not currently receiving email from us, you can reset this with the "contact status" value on the account editing page so you start receiving information from us again.

Pander Date

The date and time the pander code was set.

Eventually, we will provide an option for you to select your primary account and move all your other account information to that primary account, but that feature is not available yet.

    My CodeCentral

CodeCentral also has personalized links for you when you are logged in to any Developer Network website. This link just points you to the home page for CodeCentral, where you can see all the "My" links for CodeCentral.

    My Discussions

This link points to your personal page on our discussion forums, which shows the discussions in which you have participated. For more information on our discussion forums, see the launch announcement.

    My QualityCentral

This link points to your personal area on the QualityCentral web site.

    My cookies

This link allows you to view, and optionally clear, the cookies we use to recognize you on our web sites. If you clear your cookies, you will have to log back in to see any of your personal options.

    Log out of Member Services

Use this link to end your session with the member services website. You will still have your USER cookie set, so you will still be recognized on our web sites, but if you want to edit any of your account information, you will need to log back in.

If you want to log out completely and clear all cookies, use the "Log out completely" link.

    Manage my account

The links in this section allow you to manage your active account.

    Edit my account information

You can modify your contact information with this link. All items displayed on the account editing form can be changed. If you change your email address, you will receive another email verification message automatically, so you can re-activate your account.

The email address you enter must be unique. If it is already in use for another account, you will not be able to change your existing email address to it.

You can indicate your preference for the visibility level of your email address on this page. See the "email visibility" drop down options to indicate how your email address should be treated.

    Change my login details

This link allows you to change your password and login name for your account, and edit the other information that helps you remember the values to use in your login. Another interesting tidbit on this page is the date (and time, for more recent members) you created your account with us.

The login name you enter must be unique. If it is already in use for another account, you will not be able to change your existing login name to it.

    Change my contact preferences

This relative link on the account editing form allows you to customize your communication preferences.

    Turning your contact status back "on"

If you are not receiving email from us even with your "email" and "CDN news" options turned on, your contact status has probably been sent to "undeliverable" by some previous emailing issue. You can turn your contact status back on by setting it to "Enable contact" again. This can be found near the bottom of this form. If your contact status has been turned off either at your request or because of an email failure, you will not receive any further emails from us until you enable contact again.

    Account access

The links in this section allow you to continue on to the developer network, or switch to a different login, or completely log out and clear your cookies.

    Enter the Developer Network

After you have logged in, you can click on the link to enter the developer network as that user, and whatever activities you perform that change content, such as commenting, rating, voting, downloading, submitting articles, QualityCentral reports, or CodeCentral entries events will be assigned to that account.

    Login as a different user

If you have multiple accounts, such as one for personal use and one for your job, you can use this link to switch your active account.

    Log out completely

This link passes a parameter into the cookie viewing page to clear your cookies, and then shows that no cookies are set for our domain after that. It also logs you out of member services.

    Feedback is welcome

You can report any problems with these new services, or make feature requests in the member services area in QualityCentral. We are actively enhancing the member services we provide, so please get your requests in when you think of them. We may be able to provide new services faster than you expect!

I hope you find these new services valuable.

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