BDNRadio: DeXter and the Delphi roadmap

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the audio replay of Michael Swindell discussing DeXter, the next Delphi release, and the Delphi roadmap

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This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from September 29, 2005 on DeXter and the Delphi Roadmap with Michael Swindell, Director of Product Management.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Danny’s blog on the Delphi roadmap

davidi:erwien: "will ECO basic be explained here? What will be in it, etc." - Michael is explaining ECO now. There are also lots of articles and BDNtv episodes about ECO. John mentioned that more ECO information and tutorials will appear on BDN in the coming weeks.

davidi:SteveA: "Will you have the full doco for ECO state machine and other new features at or before release date?" - John mentioned that more ECO examples and tutorials (BDNtv) will appear in the next two weeks.

davidi:JoeH: "How round trip will Together in DeXter be for code implementation generation/refactoring ?" - Michael states that DeXter will have Together "live source" technology for all Delphi applications. Full round trip. Can develop in the model, can develop in code.

davidi:RobJLove: "C# Support in Together?" - Michael states that DeXter Together technology will support Delphi Win32, Delphi .NET and C# languages in this version. C++ support for Together will be added in the future. DeXter Together also supports code audits and metrics, document generation, pattern support, and refactoring.

davidi:JoeH: "Will DeXter be faster than D2005 ? (without diabling features like Together)" - Michael is talking about the performance and quality efforts that the team is putting in to DeXter. The team is looking at architectural issues, memory usage, etc. DeXter has a new memory manager that is improving the performance, stability, and memory footprint. There are specific team members dedicated to quality/performance issues.

davidi:outchy: "any plan to optimize the IDE for low computers ?" - Michael is talking about tuning DeXter.

davidi:jozzb: "what VCL improvements (besides porting) are in the pipeline?" - Michael is talking about VCL compatibility and support for Win32, .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, .NET Compact Framework, and into Windows Vista.

aohlsson:outchy: "will ECO be shipped with personnal and professionnal versions of Dexter ?" - Michael stated that ECO will be in multiple SKUs, not which ones.

aohlsson:LauchlanM: "is the new together stuff for all SKUs?" - We’re not providing exact SKU information at this time.

jkaster:hazard: "Will C++ personality in D2006 support inlining?" - darren: That should be the same as what C++Builder 6 supported

jkaster:JoeH: "will Together in DeXter allow sequence diagram auto-generation based on implementation code ?" - Michael: We are not going to support codegen from sequence diagrams at this time

jkaster:davidi: "will C++ CLR (managed C++) be placed on the roadmap some day?" - michael: We’d like to get that on the roadmap, and we’re researching that internally.

jkaster:davidi: "Will there ever be a Unicode version of VCL Win32?" - Michael: Our goal is that all of the runtime and design-time pieces of Delphi need to be unicode. It’s going to be a multi-release, multi-year effort for complete Unicode support.

jkaster:EricSasse: "Are we going to have Designer Guidelines for VCL Win32?" - Michael: Yes
jkaster:chewy: "Will there be wizards/experts for Windows Services development in C# or Delphi.NET?" - Michael: I’m not sure, we’ll have to look at that.

jkaster:x64-lover: "Can you talk a little about operator overloading in Win32 Delphi? Will it be applicable to classes, records or both? Any important limitations to be aware of?" - Michael: let’s throw that one to Danny to answer

jkaster:chuckm: "will Together have an API for writing experts to generate custom code, not just class declaration but actually implementation as well" - Michael: We don’t have that as a feature in this release, but we’ll add it to the list.

jkaster:pachecoes: "ECO for VCL.NET?" - Michael: For DeXter, we don’t have this feature, but we have it for Highlander.

jkaster inserts the following link:,1410,33276,00.html
jkaster: Using VCL.NET with ECO - by David Clegg

jkaster:Serge_D: "how exactly 64bit compile is addressed in DeXter?" - please rephrase. I don’t understand.

jkaster:Serge_D: "what are plans for VCL being .Net compatible? regular .Net classes to see and understand core VCL classes - Control, Collection, etc" - Michael: Right now, we’re not going to be doing a lot more interoperability than what is already there.

jkaster:outchy: "/ask in the last versions, Delphi started integrating opensource codes, any roadmap about that ?" - Michael: It’s not part of our strategy to look for OS projects to put in the product. It’s when we’re looking for the best solution.

jkaster:LauchlanM: "what about ECO for VCL on native Win32? <g>" - Michael: ECO is really focused on business or Enterprise applications in many ways, and those are customers who are moving to a managed environment like .NET

jkaster:JoeH: "will ASP.Net2 ‘beta’ compatibility be available before Highlander release ?" - Michael: We do intend to be more open about technology previews, especially with our 2.0 support. I would plan on seeing something before Highlander.

jkaster:JoeH: "will ECO2 3rd party mappers work in ECO3 ? (I use NexusDB with ECO)" - Michael: the plan is for the third party providers and mappers to be available when we release. Ask your third party provider about this.

jkaster:x64-lover: "Any chance of a profiler (even a basic one) being included with Delphi in the future?" - Michael: There’s always a possibility. That’s definitely one we always look at each release.

davidi:__WILL__: "Will we see the return of CLX?" - This has already been answered by Michael. We will continue to work with the Kylix Community Project -

jkaster:Serge_D: "any plans to make ECO available for MS VS200x?" - Michael: That’s an interesting question. It’s something we definitely could do, and we’re looking into. It’s not on our roadmap currently.

jkaster:jozzb: "remote debugging available in dexter?" - Michael: Yes, we’re bringing that back for C++, Delphi, basically all the personalities

davidi:chuckm: "will Borland relent and finally announce whether they’re going to support 64-bit native app,...oh wait nevermind. <g>" - Michael said that 64-bit native compilers are on the roadmap in the 2007/2008 timeframe.

davidi:outchy: "According to the roadmap, Won’t Delphi be a module of VS ?" - On the roadmap, there is no mention of Delphi as a module for Visual Studio.

davidi:Serge_D: "it is announced that 64bit compile for .Net will be in DeXter. What exactly is planned for this release other then probably compile using dccil, like it was with Compact Framework" - Michael mentioned that DeXter compiler (delphi.NET and C#) will support 64bit .NET 1.1, and Highlander compiler will support 64bit .NET 2.0

aohlsson:JoeH: "what are the SKU diff’s in SKU’s for DeXter and Highlander ?" - We’re not quite ready to discuss what’s in what SKUs at this time.

jkaster:jozzb: "will delphi become integrated into eclipse?" - Michael: no plans on our roadmap

jkaster:EricSasse: "What about a code formatter? :)" - Michael; that is something we’re very interested in

jkaster:cleggy: "any plans to add full support for the VB.NET personality in a future version?" - Michael: Not currently

jkaster:RobertD: "StarTeam Std is included with Delphi--any chance of a CaliberRM server?" - Michael: There’s a chance for that. We currently don’t have plans but would like to get that worked out.

jkaster:__WILL__: "Will we be seeing Delphi for the Mac(considering the Intel/Apple issue)?" - Michael: Boy, I’d love to do something like that. Right now we’re focused on the Windows platforms.

jkaster:hazard: "Any chance to include an localization tool with easy language edititing outside an IDE (like text files)?" - Michael: We do have ITM, which can be provided to a localization service. We really haven’t productized them so that everybody knows about them.

jkaster:RobJLove: "Roadmap published on BDN?" - Michael: yes

jkaster:erwien: "will Highlander supports .Net 1.1 or only .Net 2.0?" - Michael: Probably only .NET 2.0. DeXter will support 1.1.

jkaster:chewy: "How about Delphi for Java?" - Michael: That again! Wow! That would be interesting.

jkaster:venks: "Will there be a reporting tool supporting both win32 &amp; .net in Dexter?" - Michael: Rave reports will support both.

jkaster:cleggy: "is there going to be an update to the Easter Egg game in the About Box. I’ve mastered that level already :-)" - Michael: That you’ll have to wait and see. Buy DeXter and pull up the Easter Egg to find out!

davidi: Attend DevCon in SF to learn all about DeXter and meet the team
davidi: Nov 8-10
davidi: San Francisco Hilton
davidi: 3:22am here in London :)
davidi: Cheers from London

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outchy: I found the reason of some clients experimenting lag on the chat, some antivirus/firewall uses proxy to monitor http transactions, and they use buffers that need to be filled before being passed to the browser...
holger: k. did I make it back from Frankfurt in time?
holger: or did I miss it?
outchy: Hi holger
outchy: it should start in half an hour
holger: k. tx.
outchy: it is a little late in the evening...hum...hum...night for european countries
holger: 2:30 am here
holger: but I cannot sleep as the drive back from Frankfurt was pretty nerve wrecking.
outchy: the same here (France)
RobJLove: only 6:29 pm here. But a late roadmap discussion is better than no roadmap ;-)
outchy: for sure ;)
outchy: I am sponsorized by coca...
outchy: when will the audio stream be available ?
holger: just having a beer actually. everybody at ekon had one, except me, because I had to drive :-)
RobJLove: usually 10 minutes before
outchy: thanks
holger: I am still watching the Red Sox, but it’s really tough to watch as they lose :-(
holger: so the audio stream may start any time ;-)
outchy: ho ! some music on bdnradio ! the audio stream is up
outchy: today it’s 70’s, let’s rock
Serge_D: Hello! What music is on?
RobJLove: Yes, not using it I trying to put up the maint message telling people that now.
RobJLove: ok maint message is up.
Serge_D: checked...
TPersiste: Everybody in the chat gets a free copy of Delphi 2006, right?
jozzb: where’s the "i’m listening" button? I got an urge to click!
x64-lover: The URL for the chat isn’t working for me :P
outchy: but you’re on the chat :)
cleggy: Luckily I have ‘A Perfect Circle’ playing on the CD player :-)
DaveN: eh? this is the chat
x64-lover: Bleh, I meant the audio
TPersiste: 17 of those people are just me logged in under different names. I am winning this free Architect, this time, I am telling you!
Serge_D: Big applause for David I and team for EKON announcments!!!!
DaveN: ooohhh
DaveN claps
outchy: that’s remember me: who has internet here ? :)
x64-lover: mms:// fails to connect in WMP10, is it live yet?
DaveN: are you in France outchy?
outchy: yes it is elvis live ;)
outchy: DaveN: yes
DaveN: which part?
outchy: 8km in the south of Paris
DaveN loved going to France
Serge_D: 17 out of 16? great, there are hidden one
MalcolmG: nice voice MIke
holger: stick to coding guys :-)
outchy: DaveN: I can’t compare France with other countries, I have never lived somewhere else :(
TPersiste: Leave singing to the professionals :-)
chuckm: developers, developers!
Serge_D: yes, this is better then Elvis.... oh continue please ;o)
outchy: lol Serge_D :)
chuckm: LOL
chuckm: THANKY OU
DaveN: hehe
outchy: yeah
RobJLove: way too much fun.
__WILL__: I guess we have to wait for the live chat to start before we can access the feed huh
RobJLove: :=P
__WILL__: ? :)
bmcgee: Will that be in the playback?
RobJLove: The feeds up.
Serge_D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you as wet now as Balmer?
outchy: any equivalent of Balmer at Borland’s ?
cleggy: LOL! Good to see David I rolling up the trouser legs and wading in the filth of non-tech ;-)
__WILL__: Ah
__WILL__: Any others from the gaming community here? ;)
__WILL__: Or do I represent them all again?
DaveN: welcome chewy
chewy: Yo!
jthurman: Hi everyone
chewy: Is anyone else here?
x64-lover: Well, media/feed isn’t working for me
Serge_D: We all playing games one way or another ;O)
DaveN: chewy: No
chewy: Got sound and radio or not?
imw: hi
__WILL__: I mean create games. :)
chewy: Heheh, I start work in 2 hours...
DaveN: they’re all out to lunch
__WILL__: With Pascal
chewy: I come to work early to get this thing... :)
JoeH: cool music :)
chewy: what media feed?
x64-lover: mms://
__WILL__: hmm... feed is not working for me either...
Serge_D: louder please!!!!
JoeH: voices !
x64-lover: Nevermind
holger: louder
x64-lover: It was PeerGuardian
chewy: is there sound???
JoeH: i hear voices :)
outchy: louder please
DaveN: volume, please?
__WILL__: Media Player doesn’t play it. :/
chewy: I see dead people! :)
chewy: Joe, stir of echoes? :))
JoeH: :)
MalcolmG: chewy, got up early did we?
JoeH: argh, music much louder than voices
chewy: Yup, Malcolm! :)
DaveN: who picked this music?
chewy: I’m not due for work in 2 hours.
chewy: But I’m in the office already!
DaveN: security!
Serge_D: lets stay all night ;o) 12 hours of Delphi again ;o)
JoeH: chewy, you workaholic !
RobJLove: I bet it is JK Ipod
x64-lover: I thought it was 24
imw: This is the best time slot for me. Better than 24 hr event last time
chewy: louder!
Serge_D: just for the night, so it will be less
JoeH: yeah ! 24 hrs of roadmap
chewy: Speak Mandarin! :)
chewy: Say something like ÄãºÃ£¡£¡£¡
chewy: oops, no Unicode?
JoeH: lol
chewy: I mean, no UTF8
chewy: hehe, not Unicode.
JoeH hands chewy a delphi 2007 unicodeburger
imw: &#35797;&#19968;&#19979;
JoeH: roadmap rox !
JoeH: ‘more open about longterm plans’ = very helpful
chewy: plus VB too! :)
erwien: VB.Net, right?
bmcgee: VB!
bmcgee: sorry...
chewy: Yeah... hehe..
DaveN: thanks Anders
chewy: heh.
cleggy: GO ECO!
chewy: cleggy’s here???
JoeH: MS is ignoring MDA, to ECO’s advantage :)
chewy: Yo David! :)
cleggy: Trying to work, listen, and chat -)
chewy: haha...
cleggy: Do you have a spare arm I can borrow there chewy?
chewy: Lower your productivity...
cleggy: Not possible ;-)
chewy: david, shake a leg! :)
cleggy: <shakes>
chewy: use your leg... :)
cleggy: Its not helping :-)
chewy: I didn’t say it’ll help...
cleggy: Right. I just spotted the hidden webcam :-)
DaveN: cleggy: I’m also trying to work/listen/chat :-/
chewy: I’m just here to listen and participate... I’m not working... haha.
cleggy: Work? But you’re Australian ;-)
DaveN: lol
Robin_AU: work/ listen/chat... not neccesarily in that order
hazard: heh, I’m just trying to not sleep, its 3:15AM here...
chewy: hazard, you’re from where? I’m in Singapore...
hazard:Poland here
chewy: in = in/from
erwien: state machine reminds me to DTS designer....
DaveN: this should have been BDNtv.. need visuals :-)
chewy: What visuals?
cleggy: Yep
chewy: They’ll just wave their hands here and there...
DaveN: of what they’re describing
DaveN: :-P
chewy: Besides, they might be drinking coffee or wearing pajamas!
chewy: Tim Jarvis filmed a Child’s Play episode...
LauchlanM: Yo’d see screenshots on BDN TV
chewy: I told him he can call it Charlie’s episode... haha... LOL
chewy: Tim actually haven’t watched Child’s Play before!
chewy: Child’s Play for ECO, starring Alex Jarvis.
chewy: Tim’s daughter.
cleggy: John needs to finish that nag app so he can nag himself to get it posted on BDNTV
chewy: What about VB.NET? :)
chewy: hehe
chewy: what’s with the buzz???
outchy: stop cell phones please !!!
x64-lover: Yes, the buzz is annoying :P
Serge_D: ouch, getting static
hazard: cell phone probably
chewy: Dengue? :)
hazard: :-)
x64-lover: Yay
erwien: :)
DaveN: sounded like a fly was in the studio
chewy: Jeff Goldblum? :)
chewy: Anders, ni hao! :)
cleggy: Sounds nice. Together for VS,NET was cool
Serge_D: did you put his phone on microwave?
DaveN: was? is it no longer cool?
imw: ask: what’s the biggest challenge for delphi when implementing .Net 2.0 features?
cleggy: I last used it about a year ago
cleggy: So it probably still is cool :-)
x64-lover: imw: you gotta use /ask
chuckm: is there an official roadmap posted yet on the web?
chuckm: or is it only in a blog entry
x64-lover: chuckm: the blog entry (well one of them anyways) has a photo of a slide that Borland showed at EKON
Serge_D: it was presented on EKON, so it is official
outchy: great approach of material :)
chuckm: thx
cleggy: Is anyone ripping the audio stream? There were some folks at work who couldn’t be here for the live broadcast
x64-lover: They usually make the older audio streams available on the website
cleggy: I know it will probably end up on BDN eventually, but I also can guess how big JKs TODO list is :-)
JoeH: cleggy: i think all bdn radio shows are archived ebentually
cleggy: I know. I forgot to state I have little patience :-)
JoeH: :)
chewy: more like no patience
cleggy: :-P
cleggy: That explains the QC notifications I got about 10 minutes ago :-)
chuckm: i’m going :)
JoeH hands cleggy a D2007 unicodeburger :-)
outchy: impressive numbers of fixed bugs :)
cleggy: Hold the pickle please JoeH
JoeH: hehe
x64-lover: More votes in QC would help too. ;)
TPersiste: That pickle, you are talking about, sweetens the deal. I’ll take it!
Serge_D: discussed many times...
JoeH: x64-lover.. where ? which QC’s ?
x64-lover: Sorry, more votes for users to use
chewy: finished my breakfast... fish porridge... :)
JoeH: ah
chuckm: WOW Thank you Borland, you fixed a bug for me:
cleggy: Hey!
JoeH refactors pickle volume with DeXter
x64-lover: But you could always vote for QC 7324. ;)
TPersiste: Mucho gracias!
chewy: Highlander... There can only be one! :)
chewy: These guys watch too much of Connor McLeod...
cleggy presents ECOPickle app for mass consumption
x64-lover: chewy: How can there be only one when Highlander will be multiple personality? :P
erwien: hey... bug 9775 is fixed, interface delegation using implements!
chewy: MCPs are hosted in the same body. :)
cleggy: The same way that you can write C# in Delphi :-)
chewy: Like psychos... :)
JoeH: lol
cleggy: Marketing isn’t meant to make sense, chewy
MalcolmG: just like all the voices in your head, right?
cleggy: Hey Malcolm
MalcolmG: marketing didn’t come up with the Highlander name
chewy: David, I didn’t say it doesn’t make sense.
chewy: Malcolm, need a beer?
chewy: Penny Black. :)
cleggy: We have some Stellas in the fridge
MalcolmG: :-) Jon Harrison can claim that title, in the bar of the ScottsValley Hilton
cleggy hands Chewy a Stella
chewy: what’s a Stella?
MalcolmG: Bit early mate
chewy: I don’t drink beer much... I prefer coffee. :)
outchy: a beer :)
cleggy: Stella Artois. A Belgium beer brewed in Hamilton :-)
chewy: coffee or Variants...
JoeH: native 64bit - yay !
Robin_AU: too early for beer?
MalcolmG: yeah, I know, difficult to comprehend
cleggy: And I thought you were an Aussie, Robin_AU
hazard: Robin_AU: too late...
JoeH: native 64bit will be competitive advantage over MS VS :-)
Robin_AU: I am :-)
DaveN: Stella! A streetcar named beer-sire
cleggy: Oh. I see. Malcolm is the one dissing his heriatige
Robin_AU: never too early. Ever.
chewy: heritage.
x64-lover: JoeH: absolutely agree
chewy: as usual, cleggy can’t spell. :))
TPersiste: I am drinking Alaskan Amber alt style beer here. It’s bland, but it’s good, because it does not distract from presentation.
JoeH: :)
cleggy: Thats because I’m multitasking :-)
chewy: excuses... excuses...
MalcolmG: a Kiwi thinking about more than one thing at a time?
chewy: that’ll be the day! :)
cleggy: More than one is ok. It’s when I get to 10 that I have problems :-)
chewy: Who’s Darren?
chewy: What’s his full name?
chewy: Yo Nick!
JoeH: hey Nick :)
MalcolmG: Darren Kosinksi, C++ team
NickH: Hello -- I’m not listening but only chatting.
chewy: oh..
MalcolmG: sorry, Kosinski
NickH: I’m caught in a user group meeting.
outchy: Hi NickH
chewy: Anders, ah!
JoeH: DUG’s are deadly !
erwien: pay attention to you meeting, then! :)
DaveN: they should all be listening, Nick :-P
chewy: Thanks, AM... :)
chewy: Anders and Malcolm... AM... LOL
hazard: Kosinski? Polish?
erwien: did he said sequence diagram or no?
NickH: We actually have a net meeting going with an MS guy in India explaining SQL Server 2005
cleggy: Whats the polite way to tell customers to P**s off, the roadmap broadcasts on? :-)
MalcolmG: we support sequence diagrams, but not gen code from them
erwien: cool...
chewy: cleggy, say you’re talking to Danny Thorpe or something.
jthurman: cleggy: Turn off the phone and close the door.
MalcolmG: we support all UML 1.4 and 2.0 diagrams, AFAIK
cleggy: That was 10 minutes ago :-)
cleggy: That works for me, jthurman ;-)
EricSasse: Are we going to have Designer Guidelines for VCL Win32?
chewy: Unicode for Win32!
JoeH: lol @ jthurman
chewy: hee hee
outchy: useless
DaveN: Eric: that was already described at EKON, apparently
hazard: MalcolmG: i guess UML 1.5 & 2.0
chewy: TntUnicode?
chewy: :)
MalcolmG: just checked, yes, you are right. 1.5
outchy: yes it is already existing
outchy: innovate !
EricSasse: DaveN, I didn’t see it.. are you going to have it?
MalcolmG: yeah
EricSasse: Thanks!
JoeH: UML 1.5 allows ‘robustness diagrams’, which are cool
chewy: So now I need to buy a UML book?
chewy:Delphi for Java! :))
JoeH: chewy: buy books from
chewy: Revive the project of 1998!
JoeH: ..keep it simple !
DaveN: Eric: well, I’ll have DeXter eventually :-)
chewy: One language to rule them all... :)
Leonel: designer guidelines:
JoeH: who else in here will be at BorCon ? (ok, ‘DevCon’)
chewy: Delphi for Java, Delphi for .NET, Delphi for Win32.
Leonel: and also:
DaveN: I’m coming, JoeH
EricSasse: DaveN, hehe.. thanks! ;)
MalcolmG: I’m coming
DaveN inserts the following link:
hazard: & Delphi for *nix
JoeH: cool. lookfoprward to meeting you guys !
outchy: chewy: why a wizard for creating services ?
DaveN: thanks for the link, Leonel
chewy: outchy, Windows services
Leonel: thanks for making it a link. :)
chewy: Make Danny say I’m Danny... :)
chewy: Can’t tell who’s Danny from all the voices talking together.
x64-lover: I thought Danny was at this event
DaveN: for future reference, you can use /url to make a link
outchy: i know, but I don’t think there is a need of a service
chewy: We need a video frame showing who’s talking each time...
chewy: video broadcast.
cleggy: Cool! ECO VCL.NET for Highlander!
cleggy blushes
cleggy: Thanks John
JoeH: cleggy: yeah, quite cool
chewy: getting hot there, cleggy?
chewy gives cleggy some ice to cool down his face... :))
cleggy: Yep. This leg shaking is hard work!
erwien: why the codename is Dexter, Highlander? Why no longer use snake names? :)
chewy: :))
cleggy: Octane wasn’t a snake
chewy: Like what? Sidewinder? Cobra? Rattlesnake?
MalcolmG: on that nore, I’m outa here. see ya guys
cleggy: Seeya Malcolm
chuckm: will Integer stay 32bit in 64bit delphi?
Robin_AU: bye Malcome
chewy: cya Malcolm!
erwien: Sidewinder was used.
DaveN thwacks an Octane slithering by
hazard: Highlander is probably from small company that Borland bought few years ago:)
cleggy: LOL
MalcolmG: no, unrelated
MalcolmG: anyway, I really gotta go. see ya
erwien: And Dexter? He works at Borland?
chewy: Yup, Dexter works at Borland. :)
chewy: I work at Borland too... :)
cleggy: Can’t wait until they have a "Cleggy" release then :-)
Robin_AU: Delphi 2009 ‘Chewy’
hazard: cleggy: lol;d
chewy: Setting up Delphi now. :)
chewy: Only 42 users???
RobertD: just us core folks
outchy: thanks for this complete answer
Robin_AU: ...but the quality of those 42....
NickH: Chewy -- it’s late in the US for this....
hazard: 42 Delphi fanatics in one place ;-)
chewy: Nick, what time is it in US?
chewy: Or Silicon Valley.
x64-lover: 6:50 PM
Serge_D: 20:50 in Wisconsin
chewy: Oh...
NickH: its 2030 in the midwest
DaveN: US Central Time is: 20:48:35
outchy: hazard: this is not the best hour to have users in europa
chewy: Europa?
hazard: yes its 03:50
chewy: We have clubs opened until wee hours in the morning... :)
pachecoes: 10:00PM Canada
outchy: 03:50AM !
hazard: :)
erwien: what are those time in zulu time? :)
x64-lover: Ooo, tricky
RobertD: now, Zulu
unixguru: is live audio not working?
erwien: unixguru it works
outchy: unixguru, it’s working
DaveN: Universal Time Coordinated is: 01:49:55
chewy: Now I know how John ask questions!!!
unixguru: hmmm -- must be overloaded ;-)
x64-lover: It’s 01:50 Zulu
chewy: He already knows all the answers, but he asks questions so that the person answering can inform users...
JoeH: MS has no MDA plans - great for ECO future
chewy: new meeting notes! woohoo!!!
Serge_D: Please team up with Automated QA? !!!!!!!!!
JoeH: yeah AQA is awesome
x64-lover: Serge_D: that’d be awesome =)
JoeH: hey Eivind :)
cleggy: If there are VS customers who want ECO, buy Delphi! :-)
Serge_D: ========== question is about making Borland technologies popular everywhere and not only within Delphi
venks: Does any knows what is the latest on SA .Is it 20 % or 30 % ?
Leonel inserts the following link:
__WILL__: I can’t get the audio feed working... Might be my firewall. :(
JoeH: cleggy - yeah !
Leonel: the QC profiler report
LauchlanM: I had to turn off the firewall
__WILL__: Guess I just have to ask my questions and listen to the answers from the backup :P
unixguru: no audio here either, and i’ve been able to hear the live audio in previous chats
__WILL__: I’ve tried lots of things... and nothing...
chewy: toys???
chewy: DeXter is not a toy!
Serge_D: but there are toys IN DeXter, might be ;o)
DaveN: ..or space rangers?
fdweller: Has anyone any news on a Kylix personality for BDN?
fdweller: er, BDS, that is.
JoeH: 64bit native apps will insure longlive for Dlephi !
chewy: darn, I just yawned and lost some of what the guys are saying!
JoeH: er, Delphi ;)
jthurman: That sounds REALLY familiar. :p
DaveN: fdweller: ask using /ask or the Ask button
chuckm: templates sound cool
fdweller: Heh, tried that - as usual I received vast, echoing SILENCE.
chewy: better update my newsgroups. :)
kgberry: Is code coverage on the roadmap? i.e. to verify unit tests are complete.
JoeH: kgberry: ‘verify unit tests are complete’ ?
kgberry: You can use code coverage to see that your unit tests are covering any new code introduced etc.
JoeH: interesting
erwien: how long is this chat?
x64-lover: Should be over soon
Serge_D: To John: How many people are actually listen audio feed?
kgberry: I currently use AutomatedQA to do this- but it would work better if integrated into the IDE
JoeH: 9000 hrs i think
kgberry: AQTime I mean. :-)
x64-lover: kgberry: see the QC report
__WILL__: Where is the roadmap published online?
x64-lover inserts the following link:
TPersiste: 9000 hrs according to the event central.
JoeH: hehe
kgberry: x64-lover- it doesn’t mention code coverage though...
x64-lover: o, didn’t see your previous msg’s
unixguru: how come the realtime transcription feature doesn’t work here?
Robin_AU: Is Dexter likely to be released as a ‘personal’ version like 2005 was?
kgberry: (I noticed that too- would be nice if the realtime transcript worked)
RobJLove: According to the .NET spec I think that a there is a bit flag in the header marking (Open, 32bit, and 64bit support) So I suspect that D2005 might even work on .NET for 64 bit if the flag was set correctly.
outchy: Robin_AU: D2005 personnal was not available in all localisations
JoeH: RLove, when will the new BDN url stuff be launched ?
RobJLove: ShortURL or ContentAgg?
chewy: Robert... ContentAgg!!!
chewy: :))
JoeH: uh... uh... both :)
DaveN: what’s ShortURL?
RobJLove: long url to short url
RobJLove: They will be released when they are ready ;-)
DaveN: using what? Shorl? TinyUrl?
RobJLove: Yes same concept
JoeH: lol, thats cool
chewy: Robert, I’m still waiting for ContentAgg... :)
RobJLove: lol
RobJLove: Lets talk tommorow Chewy.
chewy: ok! :)
chewy: hehe
chewy: code formatter... :)
NickH:Delphi on Eclipse? I’d rather rub my paper cuts in lemon juice.
JoeH: don’t stop ! keep going for 24 hrs !
Serge_D: yes, yes, yes, please add code formater
x64-lover: Yes, keep going :P
NickH: I asked about a code formatter, too. Would be very nice
outchy: I vote for a code formatter !
outchy: anyone reports a QC ?
JoeH: ? isn’t that a virus ??
chewy: I can do a code formatter... :)
chewy: plugin. :0
cleggy: :-)
chewy: ;o)
chewy: As part of Productivity Experts...
DaveN: VB.NET? Sheesh Cleggy :-P
Serge_D: there is one on sourceforge, but it is huge... because of JVCL
hazard: JoeH: lol!
jthurman: I’ve thought about a code formatter too.
JoeH: hehe
cleggy: As John said, that one was for Bruce :-)
bmcgee: Cleggy: oh you’re funny... :)
cleggy: :-)
outchy: Serge_D: JVCL is not as big as it could be :)
chewy:Delphi for Mac?
chewy: How about Delphi for Java?
chewy: hehe
Serge_D: outchy: ;o)
JoeH: Delphi For Atari !
__WILL__:Delphi Mac indeed! :D
hazard: LOL
unixguru: No MAC -- stay focused on Windows
DaveN: be serious: Delphi for Amiga
JoeH: go Amiga !
NickH:Delphi for the Mac? I’d rather run sandpaper over my eyeballs.
outchy:Delphi for XBox, PS3, GameCube !!!
hazard: Delphi for C64 & ZX-Spectrum
outchy: with support of PSP as a compact framework :)
__WILL__: unixguru, you make game developers cry... :(
unixguru: since I don’t develop games with Delphi, don’t really care ;-)
DaveN: I wonder if Michael drives his MacMini to work
x64-lover: unixguru: that’s cuz you’re not a fun guy
JoeH: games ?! don’t you write all biz apps on Amiga ?
JoeH shocked
JoeH: :-)
__WILL__: Oh BTW thanks to Borland for the awesome 1st place prize to the PGD Dogfight Competition(it’s a game development competition)
RobJLove: :-)
__WILL__: The contest was a nice success!
imw4 ( has joined the chat...
DaveN: 4m194 rul3z  )00 )
JoeH: roadmap rox !
x64-lover: DaveN: I never knew you were so l33t
hazard: :)
JoeH: lol
cleggy: DaveN, you’re making me feel old :-(
chewy: L0S3r
chewy: lus3r
hazard: l0l
chewy: hehe
x64-lover: chewy: that’s luser :P
DaveN: 1 4m 4 5upr3m3 h4x0r
chewy: I thought there’s a leet command?
chuckm: how about delphi on Borland’s own VM
__WILL__: What would really get me going(and all that go to my site) is support for video game onsoles...
JoeH hands out D2007 unicodeburgers
x64-lover: The sad thing is, I can still read that :D
outchy: stop lamerization please :p
cleggy: I think that was a statement about a certain part of your anatomy, but I’m not 100% sure I’m translating properly :-)
chuckm: Borland: write a VM to compete with java and .net VM’s
DaveN: I also cheat and use a l33+ +r4n5l4+0r
NickH: Delphi for Java? I’d rather peel all my skin off with a butter knife.
pachecoes: live Delpi alone
chuckm: <g>
NickH: ;-)
x64-lover: lol
pachecoes: Java stakys where it is
JoeH: lol
pachecoes: stays <correction>
hazard: NickH: LOL
RobJLove: I need interop with java not support for JVM
jthurman: .NET is the new java
x64-lover: No, .NET is COOL
hazard: Make Kylix.NET for Mono
JoeH: for mybclients, .NET is a toy, sigh
x64-lover: And what about Mono 2.0: Stereo?
outchy: lol about easter eggs :)
unixguru: what about Delphi 2005 Update 4 official????
hazard: ;d
chewy:Delphi for Eclipse? Eclipse is not a platform!
jozzb: great show, thanks yall!
chuckm: Great show
cleggy: Ditto. Thanks guys
x64-lover: These definitely need to be longer in the future ;)
erwien: that was good.
pachecoes: THANKS guys.
chewy: Thanks for listeting to this Borland chat, everyone!
hazard: cleggy: what easter egg game?
x64-lover: Yep, thanks
JoeH: thanks for a great show guys ! Delphi FOREVER !!
Serge_D: Very good, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RobertD: Thanks all--interesting chat
unixguru: I guess it’s over then???
LauchlanM: ok thanks guys
Robin_AU: indeed
chewy: oops, listening... :)
__WILL__: I can’t wait to actually hear it. :)
kgberry: chewy: You can build Eclipse framework apps- i.e. they run on top of the framework.
bmcgee: Thanks guys. Great job.
hazard: Thank you all :)
cleggy: hazard: Look for the alternative team ;-)
chewy: hmm...
hazard: hmm
outchy: thanks for this chat
chewy: how shortly is shortly?
JoeH: everybody go to DevCon Sf ! (my first time there)
JoeH will cook unicode burgers at DevCon
outchy: see ya in ngs
chewy: no music?
cleggy: DexCon? I can only imagine how a Kiwi would pronounce that :-)
chewy: how?
chewy: I can call you and you pronounce it. :)
hazard: time for Presley
cleggy: e=i :-)
outchy: good night everyones 4:20AM
chewy: DixCon?
outchy: time to sleep
JoeH: bye all
x64-lover: You said 4:20
cleggy: May attract the wrong audience :-)
cleggy: Better get back to work now. Catch you all later
hazard: yes sleep time
x64-lover: later all
hazard: cu
chewy: hmm, back to work!
chewy: :(
outchy: lol chewy
outchy: have fun
chewy: I start work in half an hour. :)
chewy: So I can still hang around for a chat... :)
hazard: i will see Delphi in my dreams!
outchy: I don’t work tomorrow :)
outchy: but i need some time to sleep
chewy: hehe
chewy: don’t sleep.
outchy: cola stopped sponsorizing me :(

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