EDNtv: MDA Tour Episode 2, persisting your ECO Space

By: John Kaster

Abstract: John continues his recording of his ECO presentation by showing the persistence mechanism for ECO

Format: Flash
Time: 5:36

  BDNtv: MDA Tour Episode 2, persisting your ECO space

Presented by: John Kaster

This second episode of the MDA tour shows how easily the objects managed by your ECO space can be persisted to just about any database supported by ADO.NET.

This is a slightly new format for EDNtv episodes, where major parts of the recording can be accessed directly by name from a table of contents. Please let me know whether or not you like this format. Thanks very much!

You should watch Episode 1 first before viewing this presentation.

For more information on ECO, see the ECO neighborhood on EDN. For more information on Delphi 2005, see the Delphi Home Page, and the Delphi community on EDN.

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