JBuilder 2005 update 4

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: This article contains information on all the fixes in update 4 for JBuilder 2005

JBuilder 2005: The leading development solution for JavaTM: Release Notes

Borland JBuilder 2005 Update 4

Specific fixes

This document contains information about fixes and improvements for JBuilder 2005 Update 4. This update contains fixes in the following areas:


  • [205544] Code Audits/Warnings: The Warnings tree node is automatically collapsed if any new error message appears in the structure pane while a user is typing (to fix an existing error). This means you have to expand this node every single time you want to look at a new warning message.
  • [207192] Detail on a hides field warning is both meaningless and incomplete. It repeats the same information as its parent warning and has -1 as the line and column numbers.
  • [208700] When the warning message in the structure pane, package name does not begin with top level domain name, is clicked on, the line is not selected in the source code in the editor.
  • [209348] (Seen on MAC and Windows 2000) When Provide Javadoc Comment (PJDC) in the documentation section is selected, warnings appear, and ClassCastException in the template Provide @throws Javadoc tag for %tchar t from object Exception is thrown. The function still works.
  • [214125] Code audit reports an incorrect warning in the subclass when you define a variable with same name as a private class member in the superclass.

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  • [209324] It is possible to have two threads trying to update the Java structure pane content.
  • [212060] The IDE crashes when you choose a menu from the main menu or open a search combo box from the toolbar and minimize JBuilder while either the menu or search combo box is still open.
  • [215794] In some instances, when you open or create a .java file (that will open), a java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown.

Content view

  • [208311] When the layout policy is set to a single row with scroll control and the content pane orientation is set to vertical on the left, the context menus appear on the far right of the screen, instead of at the right mouse-click location.

Message view

  • [215128] The message pane cuts off text and has a smaller buffer than before.

Project properties

  • [208384] Unable to add a new opti.jar library in the Project Properties dialog box to compile a project.

Project view

  • [212591] Files disappear and reappear when dragging and dropping from folders in the project pane.

Structure view

  • [214243] Right-clicking on the structure pane causes a java.lang.NullPointerException when multiple projects share the same source file.
  • [215465] The structure pane doesn't show the structure for generated files after you compile a Web Service project.

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Build system

  • [208630] The build performance is worse for projects with J2EE modules (compared with JBuilder X). The activity monitor takes time to come up, allowing users to select Project|Build multiple times which causes JBuilder to crash in certain cases.
  • [216045] An updated JAR file does not always get refreshed in another project where it's being used.
  • [216385] The clean operation doesn't work for all projects.


  • [216388] When deleting files in a rebuild, the dependency file is kept and an error message occurs.


  • [212238] Building a JB X Struts-based project with the filter, Include all classes/resources (added in JB X), does not include any struts descriptors/tld files in the resultant WAR.
  • [214191] Using Make on a class which is referenced in a web component (JSP), does not copy over the class to the web module.
  • [214440] Building a project with a JSP brings up the automatic source discovery dialog for each JSP compile task.
  • [215483] Building an existing project with tld files referenced from the web application's WEB-INF directory does not include the tld files into the resultant WAR.
  • [216074] Java source files are getting included in WARs by default.


  • [199113] SourceInfo is keeping the JAR/WAR files open in the compiler context until garbage is collected. Even when the WAR/JAR file is closed, JBuilder continues to hold the file open, so it cannot be deleted. JBuilder has to be restarted to close the file.

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Class browser

  • [215618] Using Find Classes in the class browser does not always set the focus to the text field on Mac OS X. Most of the time it is on the tab instead. Also, on the Browse tab, the cursor is placed at the beginning instead of the end of the text.


  • [211735] The candidate list of the class is not switched by Ctrl+Space for the Windows Look & Feel.

Code templates

  • [215124] Code templates sometimes do not handle the $CurrentClass macro correctly.


  • [208656] When ErrorInsight's Suggest Method Reference option is used to fix a method call that follows an else clause without braces, it adds a closing brace. This introduces a syntax error.


  • [211033] Code Insight incorrectly strips fully qualified generic types to short types.
  • [215885] Static fields don't come up when entering imports.


  • [207534] The ParameterInsight window is still visible after switching to another file.
  • [216139] Parameter Insight shows constructor parameters for superclasses, which it should not. With classes that have overridden constructors, this means that duplicates are shown for each override. It also means that constructors that should not be shown are shown.

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  • [193941] When you build a Native Executable (.exe), which uses System.loadLibrary(LIBNAME);, you get an exception, no LIBNAME in java.library.path.
  • [211232] There's a problem with the backward compatibility mode for JDK 1.5 language changes.
  • [218924] An expression of the form:
    private static final String str1 = (flag ? "STRING" : null);
    is incorrectly evaluated to be "STRING" even when flag is false.

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Db tools

Data modeler

  • [208431] Dev SKU: The SQL Builder button in the query property editor is disabled in the developer SKU. It was enabled in JB9, the last time database skuification was reworked.
  • [208776] If you modify the WHERE clause of a query for a master table, Data Modeler throws java.lang.Exception: jomMethodCall not found in the console when you try to save and does not write the code out correctly.
  • [216418] When you save a new DataModule definition from the Data Modeler, the message "Failed to create live value from private static DataModule2 myDM;: null" is displayed in the message pane. Nothing is written to the console and the generated code seems to be correct.

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DD editor

  • [215075] If any of the descriptor files in the WEB-INF directory are set to read-only, the web module node does not build properly, and if you bring up the properties page for the web context node, there are missing items in the left-hand navigator tree (for instance the WebLogic APPC settings). This includes the web.xml, weblogic.xml and any wsdd files. It happens with all servers and all node types.
  • [215229] The Web Module DD editor drops the user-data-constraint element.
  • [216423] Read-only modules should not be listed in available modules for wizards that modify descriptors. This process works correctly for all the servlet wizards and the webstart wizard.
  • [216427] Switching servers for projects with read-only modules does not do anything with the read-only modules. We should display a message notifying the user that read-only modules have not been converted for the new server setting.
  • [216430] The Add button for external files in the Connector viewer should be disabled (the connector module properties for read-only modules based on archives).

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  • [215125] JBuilder uses the project JDK for retrieving source files for debugging and for tracebacks, even if you have used a run configuration that specifies an alternate JDK.

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  • [203539] The Default and Data Access tabs do not open the design work area. They only activate the tab and the inspector. Also, the same inspector appears in the UI designer.
  • [204002] The default designer does have have a design surface.
  • [206020] When you paste a menu item to another designer (UI/Data Access/Default) a java.lang.NullPointerException occurs.
  • [208152] Setting XMLDBMSTable and XMLDBMSQuery components’ mode parameter creates uncompilable code.
  • [214673] A DataExpress component is dropped into the Default folder instead of into the Data Access folder. If you switch to the source code, then back to the designer, the component now is in the Data Access folder where it belongs.
  • [216094] Attempting to design a new default application on Macintosh throws java.lang.SecurityException: System.exit() not allowed and displays Failed to create live value from JPanel in the message pane. The design surface is red. You can use the designer (structure pane, palette, inspector), but you don't see design objects in the design surface.
  • [216175] Old designer error messages for particular files should be cleared from the message pane after switching to design again or closing the file.
  • [218944] Adding an assertion in designer-generated code results in errors.

Column designer

  • [206946] The content in the designer (structure pane, inspector, and DataAccess tab) gets out of synch with the source code and doesn't show recent changes.
  • [206967] DataAccess designer's "Make MetaData Dynamic" function seem to work but throws a DataSetException in the console with the explanation "Column names cannot be set to null".
  • [207308] Designer does not show persistent vs. non-persistent status of column.


  • [204787] Undo can't restore a component's properties.
  • [214393] The properties that were changed from the default values (values that are assigned in constructor/superconstructor), should be shown in bold.
  • [215500] For standard adapters, the inspector doesn't display the name of actions.
  • [216007] For properties in the inspector that have enumerated value lists, the integer value is being placed in the inspector in a text field, rather than in a combo box displaying the string associated with the integer value.

Menu designer

  • [207316] Undoing code involving action events for a menu item throws numerous exceptions on the console.
  • [207479] Undoing a menu item delete brings back the item, but leaves the label blank.
  • [207751] After dropping components on a pop-up menu in the designer, then switching to the source code and pressing Ctrl+Z to delete all of the pop-up menu components, the design surface should be empty, but still contains the components.
  • [218558] A menu bar added to a panel in the designer disappears when you switch to the Source view, select the menu bar in the structure pane, and then switch back to the designer.

Property editors/database

  • [182971] Designer fails to create a live instance of component.
  • [205285] An IllegalArgumentException occurs for the DateBean in the BeanCustomizer.jpx sample project.
  • [207228] UI Designer writes a query to a resource file successfully, but fails to read from the resource file, so the value of the query property reverts to None. At this point, further work may cause a NPE in the console.
  • [207582] Attempt to modify picklist definition causes incorrect code generation. The program execution fails with DataSetException: Attempt to add a column with a duplicate column name.
  • [208483] Attempting to display the query property of QueryDataSet in JDataStore's OfflineEdition sample fails with the "cannot set property.... OfflineEditing.jds database is already opened" message for filename and password properties. This may be the only sample that accesses a JDS without using the JDBC driver; it connects to a JDS by setting the data set's filename and password properties.
  • [209004] If you use a resource bundle when saving a query property, then display the property's value again, there are two problems:
    • The Place SQL in resource bundle is not checked, as it should be.
    • There is an IndexOutOfBoundsException (attached) in the terminal window.
    The generated code seems to be right.
  • [213522] If you have resourced a query definition, you get an IndexOutOfBoundsException when you reopen the QueryDataSet's query property editor. This may only happen the first time you reopen the editor. The query definition appears to be correct.
  • [213539] When you modify a query that's stored in a resource bundle through the query property editor, the name of the resource bundle object is incremented. This produces code that won't compile.
  • [216097] When a query is resourced, "Place SQL text in resource bundle" is correctly checked when you open the query property editor again. But in this state, your changes to the query definition are not saved. If you cancel the query dialog and open it again, "Place SQL text in resource bundle" is not checked as it should be, but changes to the query definition are saved.

Structure pane

  • [201460] Cutting and pasting components in the structure pane flattens the hierarchical structures in the cut/pasted components.

UI designer

  • [181930] Choosing none for glasspane in a frame fails with exception.
  • [182737] Opening TreeControl sample (<jbuilder>/samples/Swing/TreeControl) raises exceptions.
  • [198173] Tool tips for nibs do not display when dragging multiple components. Only a tool tip for one of components is displayed.
  • [198930] Get a NullPointerException while pasting in the Designer.
  • [198936] Undo removes component from Form but keeps it inside the source code.
  • [202331] Cannot drop non-UI based components onto the design surface when designing a non-Swing source file.
  • [203538] Component palette trees default to closed. They should default to fully expanded, as in previous versions.
  • [206295] Copy/Paste does not copy a container with components properly.
  • [206354] Unable to copy a component in the designer.
  • [206700] Using the Ctrl+UpArrow for a very small movement only works once. After pressing the Ctrl+UpArrow, the component loses its focus.
  • [206755] Event handlers for a component don't show up in the object inspector even after being generated.
  • [207326] Warning message prints on the console each time a switch is performed between the source code and the designer (Warning: Component jToolBar added to both contentPane and contentPane).
  • [208142] Doja 3.5: No designer surface is available for Doja 3.5 Projects.
  • [208220] Opening java.awt.Container.java in the designer throws exceptions.
  • [208228] The designer surface disappears after selecting an option in the designer and then switching from the designer to the source code back to the designer. The surface also gets distorted after pressing Ctrl+Z to undo the actions.
  • [208607] The designer surface goes away after selecting option an in the designer and moving away from it.
  • [208609] Copying and pasting components with the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keystrokes don't repaint the designer surface.
  • [208708] NPE occurs in the Screen Manager when you change a command type or priority. This is an inner-class constructor problem.
  • [208743] When you undo a cut of a component, it may have unexpected behavior. (This bug is a duplicate for bug #216073.)
  • [208976] Clearing the property setting of the contentPane component may cause the design face to temporarily disappear.
  • [209035] Opening a Displayable that extends List will throw a Type Mismatch Exception.
  • [209300] Changing a nested JTabbedPane tabPlacement property between Top and Left causes the source and designer to get out of synch (the property indicates Top, but the application when running is set to Left).
  • [211539] Opening a file in the UI designer prints out debug statements on the console.
  • [211624] Opening the java.awt.Container.java in the UI designer causes the java.lang.StackOverflowError.
  • [211645] Opening a frame with all options turned on throws the java.lang.SecurityException on console.
  • [212092] Designing a frame after creating a default application without compiling displays the following error in the message pane: Failed to create live value from JPanel contentPane;: null.
  • [212695] A NPE is thrown after adding Log4j.jar as a library, importing org.apache.log4j.Logger, and adding a line of code instantiating Logger and passing in the Frame1.class.
  • [213309] When a call method is passed to an object before calling jbinit, the text is not displayed.
  • [213636] Opening up a designable file in the UI Designer throws NPE on console.
  • [213837] Opening LineupDialogCrash.java crashes JBuilder.
  • [214394] "Select All" should be implemented in the design surface.
  • [214646] Clicking on the area of the Default tab throws a NPE.
  • [214648] Undo (Ctrl+Z), has unexpected behavior when adding components, changing layouts, then switching back and forth between the designer and source code.
  • [214672] Edit|Undo is unexpectedly disabled when adding components, changing layouts, then switching back and forth between the designer and source code.
  • [214724] The UI designer fails with valid Java code in the constructor before the jbInit() method is called.
  • [214790] Opening LineupDialogCrash.java in the test project for bug #213837 throws the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError on the console.
  • [215097] Setting the visible property to true should not pop up the dialog box or frame.
  • [215135] The UI designer is not correctly displayed after opening a project, Java file, then opening the designer. The java.lang.NoSuchMethodException is thrown.
  • [215402] Changes made to components on a GridBagLayout container get lost after moving the focus from the designer to the editor to the designer again.
  • [215405] The constraints value gets the full package prefix after moving the focus from the designer to the editor to the designer again from editor.
  • [215939] The toolbar buttons are not showing up for an application at design time. The toolbar is empty because the icons are not loaded.
  • [216065] A java.lang.StackOverflowError occurs while copying this over itself in the structure pane.
  • [216069] Changing the orientation of a split pane may cause code corruption.
  • [216070] Double-clicking on a component in the designer to invoke an action performed throws a NPE.
  • [216073] The Undo action removes the component from Form but leaves it outside this. This problem was fixed for one occurrence of an undo, but it still happens if you undo twice or more.
  • [216296] An internal compiler error is thrown when attempting to set the model property of a combo box to an inner class ComboBoxModel.
  • [216616] A java.lang.Error is thrown on the console when switching from your source code to the designer and back again.

Additional notes: Painting problems associated with moving a component have been fixed. The selected component's target area no longer appears as a blue transparent block, but as a dark-blue outline around the place where it will drop when you let go. (Where exactly that might be depends on the layout manager controlling the component.)

Feature Request: Provide a way to make the component palette horizontal. To change the palette orientation, add DesignerViewer;palette.horizontal=1 to the <user home>.primetime2005user.properties file when JBuilder is not running. This forces the component palette to the horizontal position along the top of the design surface. Note that this does not use the old tabbed interface; it simply rotates the present component palette 90 degrees.

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  • [183125] Entering text, backspacing over it, and then undoing the backspacing results in an unmodified buffer.
  • [183926] Choosing a single Undo action may undo too many typed entries.
  • [212601] The Edit Fields/Properties dialog action isn’t available from the Javadoc section of a file in the editor.
  • [213816] After changing the sort order of bookmarks, removing a bookmark deletes the wrong bookmark from the list.
  • [214559] Selecting Tools|Preferences|Keymaps|Emacs brings up a dialog box with a tree control that is unusable. The text for each item in the tree is clipped and clicking the + (plus), sign always expands a different node than you targeted.


  • [134656] No-operation Tab(s) need to be undone to restore an otherwise clean file.
  • [207549] Over-indenting when cutting and pasting multiple lines of source code.
  • [216518] A StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error occurs when using the Enter key inside a case statement.


  • [209092] The Keymap editor tree has become unusable on Mac. The first click to expand a node often expands the one above it; the nodes below an expanded node cannot be expanded. The difference between the node you click and the one that expands seems to be proportional to the location in the tree. At the top of the tree, the correct node is expanded, at the bottom, they differ by four.
  • [214725] There is a problem with underlining errors: even if the Underline Error option is unchecked in the properties it will still underlines errors if any of the other two options are checked (Show in Gutter or Show Tooltip).


  • [213843] If you print a file with the Wrap at word break option enabled, you get a rogue character printed at the end of any wrapped lines.


  • [203635] The Cancel choice on the message pane menu and toolbar doesn't cancel a Find in path search that has been paused. It does navigate through the list of files with matches.
  • [208051] After setting a key binding for the Incremental Search action, the second invocation doesn't work when JBuilder is first started. It's necessary to reset the keymap to get it working.
  • [208432] The right-hand half of the Search|Find in Path output, displaying lines in selected file that contain hits, is empty after you maximize, then restore, the content pane.
  • [209304] If the text being searched for is on the last line of the file, the search starts from the beginning of the file even if the Search From Start of File option is unchecked.
  • [209401] (same as bug #209422) An exception occurs when a backward Replace All is issued after replacing the Forward search strings. Characters (chars), need to precede the first occurrence of the search string.
  • [209418] A todo item does not appear correctly if .java file is not located to <project_dir>/src directory, (even if the file is part of project).
  • [209422] (same as bug #209401) An exception occurs when a backward Replace All is issued after replacing Forward search strings. Characters (chars) need to precede the first occurrence of the search string. No exception occurs if you do a backward and then a forward replacement.
  • [210269] Find in Path looks in the VCS directories. It should not.
  • [213122] The Find/Replace command ignores the Search word at cursor option and returns old text from the previous search.
  • [213471] The search dialog still doesn't include the words that contain underscores. For example, some_word, with the cursor at word, some, will not bring in the whole some_word when the search dialog is invoked.


  • [208322] When word wrapping is not turned on in the codestyle preferences, some method calls (e.g. to entity bean create() statements) can be wider than the screen. When moving word by word using Ctrl+RightArrow, the cursor moves to the beginning of the next word as expected but the word is off-screen.
  • [208383] The gutter width does not change for open files when the editor font is increased or decreased in size.
  • [209142] In the Code Folding preview, if a section of code is folded and a surrounding section is folded, and preview is used on the outermost section, the last item doesn't appear.
  • [209326] Performance can suffer because the scoping logic research logic runs on the Event Queue thread. If a Java structure pane content update is happening it can hang the UI for a while.

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  • [195111] BES60: When switching the project server from BES5.2.1 to BES60 without manually saving project first, the bean's JNDI name and Table information are all lost. This only happens when you are retargeting with an EJB 1.1/2.0 module and the EJB designer is closed.
  • [211709] ErrorInsight displays errors when primitive Java types are used for the <method-param> tag in the ejb-jar.xml file.

DTO session facade

  • [197771] Truncated code is generated in the session facade bean when generating a facade for an entity bean with 254+ fields.
  • [208586] The DTO wizard does not launch for entity beans whose names begin with a lower-case letter.


  • [210471] EJB 1.1: Importing an EJB 1.1 CMP entity bean into the EJB designer deletes the primary key class (if specified).
  • [211302] EJB2.1: Editing classes and packages erases the label for Enable as service endpoint.


  • [210793] Adding a CMP field to a CMP bean, renaming the field, and then changing the type does not rename the field name in the bean. This causes compilation errors.
  • [216113] Incorrect code is generated and CPU/memory has problems while using the EJB designer.

Schema manager

  • [211662] Extended data source properties are removed after restarting JBuilder.


  • [208638] Unable to selectively include and exclude archives in a connector module.
  • [216390] All the the sub-modules (EJB and web), are included in the read-only application module when you choose the option in the wizard to only include the web module and you don't check the option to include EJB modules.


  • [211885] IBM WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition 4.0.6: Unable to build a JBuilder project imported from JBuilder 9. A NPE is thrown.

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Extreme programming

  • [214430] Find definition sometimes fails to work for inner classes.
  • [216872] Refactoring may create unsaved buffers for files which are not open.
  • [216873] Some occurrences of method calls are not renamed during a rename refactoring.


  • [207581] Introducing the superclass on a generic class doesn't introduce the generic superclass but instead a simple superclass. If the existing superclass is generic, this breaks the code.
  • [207585] Disabling the push down refactoring command for Enum constants makes no sense. All enum declarations are implicitly final. Any time a method is in a final class, the push down option should not be available.
  • [207587] Disabling the Introduce SuperClass for Enum (which is final) should also remove Extract Interface and change Rename Class to Rename Enum.
  • [207590] The Refactor/Move command for the annotation type should update the corresponding annotations. It does the update, but those annotations don't appear to be used and they disappear when optimize imports is used.
  • [208193] Refactoring does not change descriptors when changing package names in a web services project.
  • [208301] The ErrorInsight option Create Variable can insert a variable in the wrong place within a constructor causing a compilation error.
  • [208657] The Import action fails to insert if you use an incorrect import with a substring (matching the import that ClassInsight is trying to insert).
  • [208667] Delegate to Member generates a NPE if the class being used has not been imported with the correct class.
  • [209207] An additional generic marker is added to an implemented generic interface when an additional generic interface is added.
  • [209247] Overriding a method with generic parameters results in a method created with non-generic parameters, (it has not been overridden correctly). The project will not compile because there is a name clash.
  • [209283] Refactor/Extract Interface; Changing the default interface name and selecting methods will result in the interface being added to the wrong package. The code will not be compilable because the proper import has not been added to the class that should now be implementing that interface.
  • [209458] Push Up/Pull Down often adds unnecessary additional brackets in methods that contain switch case statements. If those switch case statements contain for loops, extraneous information may be added.
  • [210625] Optimize Imports: Adding a static import to a file and calling the method shows the import statement as unused.
  • [210628] Change Parameters: Changing parameters using refactoring on a method with an annotation adds the parameter to the annotation instead to the method.
  • [211672] The operation parameter annotation should be updated on the Refactor/Rename annotation type.
  • [211676] Pull Up/PushDown refactoring for methods/attributes of generic type corrupts code.
  • [211678] Correct the PushDown refactoring for the Annotation type methods with a default value.
  • [211688] Change parameters should add new arguments before, not after existing Varargs.
  • [211690] Import statements are not changed for generic parameters implemented by other classes.
  • [211698] Generics are not updated when they are based on a class that is being renamed. (The rename refactoring is not finding references to generic usage.)
  • [211717] Extract Super class refactoring doesn't work for generic classes with complex parameter types.
  • [211719] An import statement is not added for the moved class in the case where the class has been extended with a generic parameter.
  • [211726] Refactoring doesn't work for updating the vararg generic parameter name of the rename class for class-parameter.
  • [211730] Pushdown Refactoring fails for pushing down a method.
  • [211731] Renaming a class for annotated types doesn't work.
  • [214453] Selecting "Include content related refactorings" in the archive does not include content related refactorings in the jar.
  • [214465] Overriding methods are not refactored when the parent method is refactored using the Distributed Refactorings dialog box.
  • [214472] Auto(un)boxing refactoring fails to refactor many common code constructs. The .intValue() calls at the end of a call chain are missed.
  • [214722] If you rename a local variable using Refactor (Ctrl+Shift+R), then rename it again, the old name is displayed in the dialog box. This doesn't happen as long as the user clicks on the local variable before renaming it.
  • [214809] If a method has varargs callers of that method, it won't get modified with the change method signature if they just pass in values of that type. If the type is an array then the callers will be evaluated.
  • [215643] Attempting to move a non-public annotation type results in an unexpected error.
  • [215646] A NPE occurs when attempting to pull down a method that takes generic parameters.
  • [216281] The generic implemented interface is not updated when it is based on a class that is being renamed and the file is not opened on the editor pane. (The rename refactoring is not finding references to generic usage when the file is closed.)

Unit test

  • [213834] Clicking for the full stack trace does not open up the stack trace if the link is in the Test Hierarchy tab.

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Code generation

  • [209320] The return type is always set to void no matter what is selected when adding a new method.


  • [212506] The tracking functionality in the JavaCodeFormatter is not correctly tracking the positions for inserted lines for type parameters.
  • [218929] Incremental compilation doesn't work well with JOM constructs. JOM cannot see initializers in files when they are touched by incremental compilation.
  • [218927] JBuilder's memory consumption is adversely affected by weak references in JOM's caching mechanism.

Language support

  • [215655] JAM does not correctly support reading annotations. Since we are exposing JAM/JOM API, we should have working annotation support.

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Mobile development

  • [211431] When using the WTK 2.1 as the JDK, there is a NPE being thrown when clicking on the Apply on the Command editor.
  • [211491] The modified server8080.xml is lost if you click the Run button to start the Tomcat server again.
  • [212430] MicroTestRunner should check for the instanceof JBProject first before it casts the project to JBProject.
  • [214638] MIDlet instead of Application appears as the default type when you create a new runtime configuration.
  • [214652] JBuilder crashes when starting the MIDP designer.
  • [214686] After creating a project, an application, and a panel using Doja 3.0 as the SDK, then switching to the designer, an error message is sent to the console.

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Runtime system

  • [215105] When a new runtime configuration is created, the default type is set to MIDlet. The default type is set to Application in the non-patched JBuilder 2005 build.

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  • [211512] JBuilder will not run on a machine which has greater than 2 GB of RAM.
  • [211540] The following error is displayed on startup: Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx-900m Unable to create JVM.
  • [215478] You can't start JBuilder 2005 from a Symlink on Linux/Solaris.

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Team development

  • [209366] If you run VSS 6.0d (shipped 12-2002) on a machine which has a non-English locale, the VSS integration will hang JBuilder. The user will have to kill either or both JBuilder.exe and/or ss.exe to escape.
  • [208400] A NPE occurred from the Diff tab of the History view.
  • [208596] In the History view, synchronize scrolling should be enabled by default for the Content and Annotations tabs, but disabled for Diff tab.
  • [209301] After you've checked out, modified, and saved a file in CVS, Create Patch generates the wrong date for the local file.
  • [210917] When you select a file which has size 0, this causes the java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bad position: 1 error.

Additional notes: The tables in the History view for open files now have tool tips in all columns.


  • [206271] The Place Project Into ClearCase and Project For ClearCase wizards take an excessive amount of time to gather view and VOB information. The wizards have been modified to start up faster by only populating with started views and mounted VOBs. Since the Project For ClearCase wizard also works with snapshot views, it now provides the ability to either fetch their names on request or by entering the name of a specific view. Use the appropriate actions on the Team|ClearCase Tools menu to start a view or mount a VOB if needed.
  • [209485] The Team|ClearCase Tools|Stop View action actually launches the Start View native tool.
  • [213550] The History tab does not display the correct version for branched files. The ClearCase integration now supplies History viewer information about all revisions of that file with a numeric revision identifier.
  • [213792] For ClearCase client/server version 5.0, JBuilder appears to hang when using the Project From Clearcase wizard. It tries to get a list of every ClearCase view, even the views that no longer exist. The Project for ClearCase and Place Project into ClearCase wizards now start up faster.

Additional notes: The Checkout and Checkin dialog boxes under UCM now fetch the UCM activity list in the background. This change allows these dialog boxes to open more quickly. If the current activity is to be used then there is no need to wait for the activity combo box to be come enabled.

The Checkin dialog box under UCM will no longer show the UCM activity combo box unless an option to checkout the file after checkin is selected. The checkin always uses the same activity which was selected by checkout.


  • [208128] Need to autoconfigure the CVS settings every time we open a project. Currently we read the settings once, save the values in the project's local file, and never read them again.
  • [210964] When you perform an update when the network is down, the dialog reads "Update operation successfully completed" and the message pane displays an error message.
  • [213793] If you undo a local change in the Commit Browser, the file disappears from the project pane under the automatic package and reappears when you refresh the project pane.
  • [214822] CVS Synch: Project settings for the Pull Latest project setting are not context-sensitive.
  • [214816] Pull latest project settings does not refresh the project file correctly when the project is part of a project group. This only fails when the project is part in a project group.


  • [208173] Network connections are lost while using the Team Commit Browser. While the connection dies, selecting the Workspace Diff and Repository Source tabs and the VCS actions associated with both of those tabs, result in timing out with a java.net.SocketException.
  • [208498] When closing JBuilder with a new item alternate property editor open, the user is asked three times if they want to save it.


  • [212492] Placing a project into Subversion does not work with Subversion 1.1

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Unit test - EJB

  • [216067] A JSP generated by Cactus wizard has compilation errors. Opening the JSP reports missing class files.

EJB Test Client wizard

  • [195713] Nothing happens when you choose the EJB Test Client from the object gallery. It doesn't invoke the Select Project Containing EJBs for Which to Create Client dialog box.

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Web development

  • [215849] Although only a web.xml is read-only file for a web module, after web-run, the web module itself changes to read-only also, and you can not add any JSPs to the module anymore.
  • [200128] Errors should be displayed on the message pane, not the console, when JBuilder parses a schema file.
  • [209358] When you press Ctrl+I for a JSP file, the pop-up window, Errors During Import Optimization, appears.
  • [209717] With a web application, after adding in JSP source, there is no indication where the error is located in the source code. A line number should be included when reporting the error in the structure pane.
  • [211312] Added the ability to disable session serialization for Tomcat versions 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0. To disable session serialization:
    1. Exit JBuilder.
    2. Add the following line to user.properties located in <home>/.primetime2005:
    3. Start JBuilder.
    Session serialization is enabled by default.
  • [211643] If there are spaces in the markup code, you will get an improper formatting result when you use the Tab key.
  • [211654] When you create a project with a JSF web module, create a JSP, and use the Tab key, the end tag of the nested tags is at wrong formatting location.
  • [211667] A NPE is thrown when you open searchresults.jsp under the web module in the sample, jsf/WebLogic/bookstore.jpx, and attempt to format using the Tab key.
  • [211668] A NPE is thrown when you open Footer.jsp under the web module in the sample, jsf/WebLogic/bookstore.jpx, and attempt to format using the Tab key.
  • [211692] Confused formatting results from using the Tab key and the Tabs option (Tools|Preferences|Editor|Markup Formatting), for a JSP file.
  • [214637] The Find|Definition, Find|References, Find|Local References context menu options are grayed out in JSPs (in scriptlet tags) in certain cases.
  • [214650] Cannot create a Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 web module with the server set to Tomcat 5.0.
  • [215240] An error error shows on JSP for the useBean even after the related Java file is built.
  • [215447] The wrong import code is generated when you create a Listener Servlet using the wizard.
  • [215769] Tag inspector fails to display ejb-jar tags when you create a project, set the server to sun8.x, and add an EJB 2.1 module, a session bean, and an entity bean when you use the designer.
  • [216114] Find|Definition, Find|References, etc., are grayed out for the Java code in JSP expressions.
  • [216410] An exception occurs when you choose OK at the module property's web node page (if there is a read-only DD file: web.xml or server-specific DD file). The message pane should display an error message.
  • [216472] Frameworks in the JSP wizard should be disabled if web.xml is read-only.
  • [216618] For a Tomcat application, the user is unable to save a project after changing the context root at the module property with a read-only web.xml file.


  • [202150] ErrorInsight does not display markup errors for mismatched tags.
  • [205745] ErrorInsight isn't working when the equals sign is missing for attribute/value pairs.
  • [208665] Adding a property to an existing bean in a JSF project with more than one managed bean always selects the first managed bean in the bean combo box.
  • [208686] The uri or tagdir are choices for <%@taglib. ErrorInsight should not show these choices if the uri is not present.
  • [208697] Creating a value change listener class with ErrorInsight still shows a markup error for a missing class until the JSP is closed and reopened.
  • [208703] Generated code contains an error when you click Yes to overwrite the exiting property/component at JSF wizards.
  • [208707] When you create a project with JSF web module and jsp, add code, invoke ErrorInsight and select add property for managed or referenced bean, the default name is not set at Create value or Converter Binding.
  • [209194] You get a markup error when you use the uppercase tag for <A and <SCRIP.
  • [213552] There are performance problems when editing large XML/JSP files. It takes too long to display errors.


  • [216475] The menu options to add content should be disabled in the JSF DD editor if the JSF descriptor is read-only.

JSF/Flow designer

  • [209293] A JSP gets created but is not linked in the designer when you're running ErrorInsight while the navigation case's pop-up editor is open.

JSF/Page editor

  • [207461] There is a focus issue when switching back to the JSF source editor. The focus is in the text field at the top of the component palette (the palette at the left) instead of in the editor.
  • [208694] Setting value binding using the wizard invoked from the tag palette for a value attribute (without changing the existing value attribute setting), does not remove the ErrorInsight squiggle.
  • [209197] When the tag inspector adds schema elements, they are not prefixed by ss.
  • [209828] Markup formatting is not using the settings in the Preferences dialog box (spaces during indent).
  • [212950] Expanding the left pane of a JSP and reopening it throws an IllegalArgumentException and causes JBuilder to be unusable.


  • [209887] When you choose the Framework tab in the Struts library, delete the tag lib for the template, and then create a JSP, the JSP Struts Converter won't work.
  • [209973] The put value is not updated on the designer.
  • [210185] The Convert JSP To Struts wizard breaks when you download the latest Struts 1.2.2, create another library, configure it appropriately, mark it as Struts, create a new JSP, and convert the JSP to Struts.
  • [215841] Struts 1.1 Tile and Validation no longer get generated after adding a new Struts configuration (i.e. Struts 1.2.2).
  • [215942] There is no support for Struts 1.2. We should provide the Struts 1.2 framework and deliver the libraries in the patch.
  • [215945] The tag library, struts-template, should not be included for Struts 1.2 framework, it is obsolete. This will cause java.io.FileNotFoundException when the struts 1.2 framework is used.
  • [216063] For Struts 1.2, the struts-config.xml file should point to http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/dtds/struts-config_1_2.dtd instead of to the struts-config_1_1.dtd. Also, 216074validator-rules.xml and validation.xml should point to validator_1_1_3.dtd.
  • [216138] Running a Struts application that writes out bean properties fails with a Struts exception. This happens with the code generated by the EJB-DTO Session facade wizard when trying to list a number of rows retrieved from an entity bean. This happens with all servers.
  • [216560] The SYSTEM id used in struts-config.xml is different from the one mentioned in struts-config_1_2.dtd.
  • [216582] Validation doesn't work for Struts 1.2, the validator-rules.xml should be using 1.1.3.


  • [200252] The attributes are not shown on TagInsight and the tag inspector when using <xs:anyAttribute/>.

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Web Services

  • [215611] Rebuilding a project fails with an error after you remove the included WSDL from the server option.
  • [215844] Got java.lang.ClassNotFoundExceptionexception in the server console when running a service test case.


  • [210187] The WS-I monitor needs to have log file automatically populated.
  • [211093] Running the WS-I analyzer on a .wsdl file causes the following errors to be displayed in the message pane: "There were errors. Could not create the report file. Registry key SoftwareJavaSoftJava Runtime EnvironmentCurrentVersion has value 1.4, but 1.5 is required. Error: could not find java.dll. Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment."
  • [216789] Running WS-I Monitor may fail if non-final version of JDK 1.5 is installed.

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  • [209013] Dialog.show() is deprecated in JDK 1.5. The New Application wizard generates this call in the Frame class when the Generate About Dialog option is selected.

Data module

  • [216014] A NPE occurs while creating a Data Module.


  • [214649] Recreating an existing servlet generates incorrect code.

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  • [211297] The directory, extras/xalan doesn't exist in the installation, though the xalan.library file reads, in part,

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