BDNradio: Live chat with Ravi Kumar on JBuilder 2005 web services

By: John Kaster

Abstract: See the chat room log and listen to the replay of this live chat with Ravi

JBuilder 2005 Web Services with Ravi Kumar

Listen to the audio replay.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from December 9, 2004 on JBuilder 2005 with Ravi Kumar, a Borland R&D Engineer. Ravi discusses his work on web services in JBuilder 2005 during this chat.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all previous and upcoming live chats, see

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aohlsson: doychin: "Will there be session for gui designer?" - Yes. Of course. Thanks for reminding us about that one.

aohlsson: You guys really need to check EventCentral and subscribe to the BDN RSS feeds. We can't guarantee personal reminders every time.

aohlsson: doychin: "anything interesting from Cupertino meeting?" - I'll blog about Cupertino later today (I hope).

aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: (Link to all JSRs)
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Web Services projects from
aohlsson inserts the following link:

jkaster: wdb11: "What's the current level of web services support in JBuilder 2005, and what's planned for 2006?" - Right now we have all JSRs currently out there, and toolkits like the Axis and weblogic toolkit.

jkaster: we'll probably be the first to have J2EE 1.4 support as well
jkaster: doychin: "how is this J2ee 1.4 be delivered? As update or new release? WIth this new release cycle this means somtime in Q3 of next year" - It certainly could be an update for JBuilder 2005. I just finished fixing my last bug on it, but I can't talk about dates.

aohlsson: doychin: "Session about JBoss support ;-)" - Yes. This is actually planned. I believe that we'll have Shelby Sanders discussing this.
aohlsson: (sometime in January after holidays and vacations)

jkaster: jkaster: "Where's the next big direction for web services? What major functional areas need additional support?" - WebServices are evolving toward being an operating system, with things you typically expect from an OS

jkaster: jkaster: "Have you participated in any JSRs? Which ones do you particularly care about?" - I certainly liked 101, which became JaxRPC. Right now I'm interested in the business integration of it, and I'm participating in 208, and a colleague is in 109.
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aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson inserts the following link:

jkaster: doychin: "Isn't using of Webservices problem for application peformance?" - It depends!

jkaster: doychin: "Can web services be used for applications that process a lot of requests at the same time?" - That is a very interesting question. I think that's one area that needs to evolve a little bit more. right now we're driven by the implementation support of available toolkits

jkaster: doychin: "Is it good to use web services for interfaces with complex parameters whch as result produce huge http requests?" - I think the answer is, yes it is, but I think you'd want to use document literal for it.

jkaster: jkaster: "How did the data type richness of XML schema change your thoughts or approach for supporting data manipulation and persistence?" - I always look at that as the battle between O/R databases and relational databases. There's decisions that have to be made about XML databases or scalar type databases.

jkaster: landis: "Where can we find more information about JBuilder's WS capabilities?" - I would point to the JBuilder documentation. I think the WS docs are some of the finest documentation examples in JBuilder. Tutorials, examples, different scenarios. Check my blog because now I'm motivated. Some articles are also on CodeCentral.

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: check that area for Ravi's blog

jkaster: doychin: "Do you think that there is need to market more actively web services as somthing not mady by Microsoft becouse most people that use MS tools think that this is MS technology" - I find this view surprising because of the huge number of Java implementations for web services

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wdb11: any plans for chat sessions about other products :$ ? (i.e. starteam etc.)
wdb11: nice.
doychin: thanks for the chat

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