InterBase with Windows XP SP2

By: Quinn Wildman

Abstract: XP SP2 turns on the Windows firewall and disables all ports by default. You need to enable port 3050.

The InterBase Server requires port 3050 for connections from remote computers. InterServer is part of InterBase's JDBC type 3 driver (and is now deprecated) requires port 3060. Because InterServer is deprecated, this article will not discuss it, but you should be able to apply what is written below for the InterBase server to it as well.

When you install Windows XP SP2, it turns on Windows firewall and disables all ports by default. To allow the InterBase Server to be accessed from a remote computer you will need to either turn off the Windows firewall, or enable port 3050. Not doing so results in the error "Unable to complete network request to host".

Windows XP SP2 adds a new control panel called Windows Firewall.

To turn off the Windows firewall is quite straight forward, just select the radio button from the control panel. However, most users will probably just want to enable port 3050. To enable port 3050, select the Exceptions tab from the Windows Firewall control panel.

Next, click Add Port. You can enter any name you want, but InterBase Server is probably what you will want. Enter a port number of 3050.

Click OK 2 times and connections to InterBase should work. No need to reboot. Note that you may need to make these changes on the server and the client.

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