Could not find a suitable Java Virtual Machine on your system.

By: Quinn Wildman

Abstract: The InterBase 7.1 uninstall will fail if it cannot find a suitable Java Virtual Machine.

The InterBase 7.1 install and uninstall use the Java Virtual Machine. (JVM). This is no problem for the install because the JVM is found on the InterBase 7.1 CD and is used if necessary. However, the install does not install the JVM because it not need for any InterBase operations, and the InterBase CD may not be around when the uninstall runs, therefore the uninstaller will not be able to find the JVM if you do not have it installed elsewhere. If the JVM cannot be found you get the error:

Can't launch executable.
Could not find a suitable Java Virtual machine on your system. See to download one.

Try reinstalling the Java VM or change the Java VM used by the application.

There are 3 possible solutions to this problem:

  1. Change your path to point to the JVM on the InterBase CD, or a JVM you have installed elsewhere on your computer. The InterBase CD has JVM's for Windows, Linux and Solaris. The JVM's on the InterBase CD are located at:


  2. Edit the Uninstall InterBase 7.1 .lax file in the UninstallData directory below your InterBase directory with a text editor. Find the entry and make it point to the Java VM on the InterBase CD or an existing Java VM on your computer. Example:\windows\resource\jre\bin\java.exe

  3. As the error indicates, download and install the Java VM from Sun.

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