InterBase Community Tools and Solutions

By: Aaron Ruddick

Abstract: Third party tools and solutions for InterBase

The InterBase community has been around for over 18 years and is constantly growing. In an effort to show our customers the vast range of tools and services our community provides we have dedicated this page.

*** Denotes major contributors to our InterBase community and active participants in our early-release testing programs for InterBase.

InterBase Tools:

DeZign for databases ***

"DeZign for databases" is a database development tool using an entity relationship diagram. It visually supports the lay out of the entities and relationships and automatically generates InterBase schemas.  
"DeZign for databases" supports the logical and physical data-level from a single specification achieved by using automatic foreign key migration at design-time. Multiple display options include entity/primary key/attributes inclusive foreign keys/attributes exclusive foreign keys. "DeZign for databases" also supports domains (user defined datatypes).
Reports generated by DeZign can be used for conveying complex designs in simplified format to managers at various management levels. You can generate reports, data dictionaries and databases in one simple click.
With the ImportER add-ins you can import existing databases in the database design tool "DeZign for Databases".

CASE Studio 2 - database design tool ***

"CASE Studio 2 is a very intuitive database designing and management tool using well-arranged Entity Relationship Diagrams, through which complex SQL (DDL) scripts for physical creation of tables can be generated. When creating ERD the program considers individual database options such as referential integrity, constraints, domains, triggers... "

IBAdmin ***

IBAdmin is a DBA/Development tool for InterBase databases.  This is the most functional tool available to manage InterBase servers and databases. IBAdmin provides many capabilities to help in your DB design and management. You can use "Database Designer" to visually design database structure or "Grant Manager" to manage users, or "SQL Debugger" which can be used to debug stored procedures and triggers. Comfortable code editing is possible with Code-Insight and Code Completion. Other features include "Database Comparer," where you can easily upgrade deployed databases and "Dependencies Explorer" which can show you all dependencies between database objects.

Database Workbench ***

Database Workbench streamlines your database development process by adding a convenient and powerful user interface with drag 'n drop, development and testing tools.  With Database Workbench, you will increase your productivity and cut down on your development time, you need to write less scripts and you get to spend your time on the tasks that really matter!

Database Comparer ***

Database Comparer helps to compare, synchronize and update databases structure. You can compare one database with another database or database with SQL/DDL script or even two SQL/DDL scripts!
Database Comparer implements highly intelligent and robust synchronization algorithm. During first comparison step it takes Target database or Target SQL/DDL script and compare it to the Master database or Master SQL/DDL script trying to locate all structure differences and prepare final SQL script which will be applied to the Target and make its structure equal to Master structure.
At this stage Database Comparer extracts all objects, descriptions and links from both Master and Target structures and then compares actual objects from Master with objects from Target building final update SQL script. After final update SQL script is ready you can apply it to the Target database if it is available or just save it to the file and run it later.
Database Comparer also support batch mode so you can synchronize list of Target databases with given Master database or SQL/DDL script at one pass.

Interbase DataPump ***

Interbase DataPump allows you to pump data and migrate from any ADO/BDE/ODBC sources (such as dBase, Paradox, Access, MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB2 etc) and native Interbase databases into Interbase databases easy, fast and painless with total control over the whole process.  You can generate SQL script to create Interbase database based on your ADO/BDE/ODBC source. This tool will help you to migrate from Interbase 5.xx and older Interbase databases to the new Interbase 6.x format. Easily can be used for generic update/replication. A "must have" utility for all Interbase developers and administrators!

IBPLANalyzer ***

IBPLANalyzer helps you easily understand the optimization PLAN that IB creates for your queries, quickly determine if the indices used are highly selective and to get accurate information on table reads. "InterBase PLANalyzer speeds optimization of InterBase SQL by graphically displaying the techniques that InterBase is using to run your query, including relevant index information, and by providing the most accurate statistics possible.
On top of that, it's easy to use and free! Use it regularly and you'll find that not only do your programs run faster, but you'll spend less time optimizing them."

Devrace BlazeTop

BlazeTop is a "tool for database administration and development. It offers a new style of user's interface, which can highly improve the performance and convenience of your work . The main principle of BlazeTop IDE (integrated development environment, look at the screenshot) is its visualization of database objects in the Borland Delphi style."

EMS IB Manager

EMS IB Manager is a high-performance tool for administering InterBase.  It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for maintaining databases and database objects, managing table data, building SQL queries, administering users and their privileges, extracting, printing, and searching metadata, etc. IB Manager has also a lot of unique features, such as: Visual Database Designer, SP Debugger, Visual Query Builder, HTML Report Generator, BLOB Viewer/Editor, Graphical Plan Analyzer, Export Data to 14 available formats and Import Data from most popular formats, Grant and User Managers, SQL Script processor, Third-party plugin support and others...

Database Workshop

Database Workshop is powerful tool intended for professional work with databases and has ample opportunities of their processing and the analysis. Due to technology of the connected modules executed as standard 32 digit libraries Windows, it has an opportunity of support of not limited amount databases and a high degree of expansibility of opportunities that does by its irreplaceable tool for users and developers.

Replication Suite

The replicator services the Interbase database replication. Changes of a (source) database are transferred to other (target) databases according to a preset scheme. All the configuration data (schemes) are stored to a separate configuration database. In the replicated database triggers (that watches database modification and writes it to replication log) are created. The replication log is utilized by the replication server that replicates changes to target databases according to the replication log. 

The IB LogManager Product Family

The IB LogManager Product Family is a suite of tools which helps you to keep track of data changes in your InterBase database. But, it's more than simply integrating a logging/auditing mechanism in your InterBase database, because the available Addon's will help you to manage and to process log data in different ways.
IB LogManager: The core product to integrate a server-side logging/auditing mechanism in your InterBase database
IB LogManager Viewer: Same code base as IB LogManager, but without the capability to change the logging schema
IBLMExport: A command-line utility to export logged data into different file formats
IBLMPump: A command-line utility to pump/transfer logged data from the production database into an external "transaction log" database using the two phase commit (2PC) protocol
IBLMRedo: A utility with a wizard driven graphical user interface to apply logs in a source (external "transaction log") database on a destination database

Grant Manager

Grant Manager is a user's permissions manager for Borland InterBase.  Written by EADSOFT.COM, a Borland Technology partner, Grant Manager is the security management tool of choice for Borland InterBase.  It not only manages security it can generate scripts, saving rights sets in a template format for later use, and much more. In addition to the core funtionality, software developers can use Grant manager 3 for Interbase as a COM server in their own software.

Version Control Master for InterBase

"Version Control Master is an administration utility for easy control of the metadata modifications during project updating. It helps you to easy logging all of changes and automatically checks the version number of the same database (for example, on another computer) and can apply only new changes to this database."

AdeptSQL Diff/IB

This is the first public Beta of the InterBase flavor of our Diff tool. It has all the same features as the version for MS SQL, but reads and compares InterBase 6.0 databases.


To repair corrupted databases (more details about it read in Services) we use our tool IBSurgeon. It is a unique tool directly analyzing InterBase databases. It does not use the InterBase engine to get access to databases and does not require installation of additional software. It is the only way to solve your problems if your database is corrupted!

InterBase Restructurer v 1.2.1

Compares and rebuild domains, exceptions, generators, tables and more

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InterBase Connectivity Drivers:

Gemini ***

Gemini is a native ODBC driver for InterBase.  They keep up to date with the InterBase community and are active participants in our early-release testing program.  The Gemini ODBC driver for InterBase is an implementation of database specific part of ODBC technology, than enables applications to access relational database servers via standard database API. Also, it makes applications portable between different OS platforms and DBMS products.

IBProvider ***

IBProvider is a Native OLEDB provider for access to InterBase. They have a wonderful web site with good documentation and examples.  Using IBProvider you can create applications on Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Visual Studio .NET, MS Office, MS Access, ActiveX Scripts and Crystal Reports to work with InterBase databases. In fact, you can use IBProvider to create any Windows-based applications for InterBase.

Devrace FIBPlus

Flexible and easy-to-use library of Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix components for direct work with InterBase and Firebird. It has been made for developers of database applications. From the very outset we were developing it in accordance with our customers' wishes and requests. Every component, method and property is intended to solve the most common daily tasks. At present FIBPlus supports Borland Delphi 3-7, C++ Builder 3-6, Kylix 3, Borland InterBase 4.x-7.0.
BDB is a DBI driver for InterBase that allows a database interface for Perl.

SQLAPI++ Library

SQLAPI++ is a C++ library for accessing multiple SQL databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, SQLBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC). It uses native APIs of target DBMS so applications developed with SQLAPI++ library run swiftly and efficiently. The product also provides a low-level interface that allows developers to access database-specific features. By encapsulating a vendor's API, SQLAPI++ library acts as middleware and delivers database portability.

InterBase® Visual SQL for Delphi

Free version of Visual SQL with complete Pascal source code. Nonvisual component creates visual form for SQL editing, design, and testing. Displays visual SQL form with a simple "open" method (see properties and events below). Uses InterBase Express components and newly added support for FIBPlus contributed by Devrace Software.

ADOdb (PHP drivers)

PHP is a wonderful language for building dynamic web pages. Unfortunately, PHP's database access functions are not standardized. Every database extension uses a different and incompatibile API. This creates a need for a database class library to hide the differences between the different databases (encapsulate the differences) so we can easily switch databases.
ADOdb stands for Active Data Objects Data Base. We currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Informix, Oracle, MS SQL 7, Foxpro, Access, ADO, Sybase, DB2 and generic ODBC. The Sybase, Informix and PostgreSQL drivers are community contributions. We hope more people will contribute drivers to support more databases.

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InterBase Software Contractors and Consultants:

AIT GmbH team ***

This is a company out of Germany specializing in custom database application design.  AIT is an active contributor to our InterBase community and a knowledge base for InterBase customers.  A good example of the software they have developed for clients is a product called "WinWeigh Plus", a software suite for weigh data management, which includes data communication to a number of weigh controllers, manual or automatic production of receipts (delivery notes, weigh receipts ect.), billing, accountancy, clearing, payment reminders, support of ident card readers and other devices (like traffic lights) and more. The software is suitable for different branches, most often used in the recycling industry and for weighing materials for civil engineering. There are also modules for database replication and extensive customizing facilities using scripting techniques."Pfister Waagen Bilanciai GmbH" in Augsburg ( ).

MER Systems Inc.

MER Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in customer client/server software development and training throughout North America, using Delphi, CBuilder, JBuilder, InterBase and Oracle.
MER Systems Inc. is an Inprise Premier Partner, an Inprise Authorized Training Center, an InterBase VAR, and Oracle Business Alliance Partner.

Altair IV Ltd. ***

Kris Golko, founder and director of Altair IV, is based in London and specializes in Delphi and Interbase consulting.  He is a major contributor to the InterBase community and works with our engineering team on the development of IBConsole.

The Database Group, Inc ***

"The Database Group, Inc. specializes in Delphi and InterBase training and consulting and all types of technical writing and documentation. Training is done at your site and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Consultation can be provided at your site or from our location.
Bill Todd is president and principal consultant of The Database Group, Inc. He is co-author of four books, author of over 100 articles and is a frequent speaker at software development conferences in the U.S. and Europe.   For more information on our InterBase and Delphi training and consulting services or our technical writing and documentation services please email us."

Dunstan Thomas

"Dunstan Thomas is a leading provider of software development services in the UK with a distinct focus on software architecture, design, and process consulting. They have been working with InterBase since version 3.3 and provide a wide range of expertise relating to InterBase from configuration and design to development using IB. For more information, visit there web site at or contact Matt Hopkins at"

Intuitive Sight

Ian Marteens, owner of Intuitive Sight, provides specialized training and consulting for InterBase & Delphi.  Ian is the author of bestselling Spanish Delphi book "La Cara Oculta de Delphi", and is a valuable contributor to the InterBase/Delphi community.   Intuitive Sight is now offering a Spanish e-course on InterBase & DB Express for Delphi 6/7 (more info:, in PDF format). Intuitive Sight provides training and consulting for  important companies in Spain, and have lots of customers in Latin America and even some Spanish-speaking developers from the U.S.A.   Intuitive Sight will soon extend their services for the upcoming Delphi 8, the .NET platform and C#Builder in the next months.

Presence Tecnologia ***

Presence is a Brazilian based Borland Solution Partner and exclusive Borland InterBase specialist with certified professionals offering software development services, design, training and process consulting.  In addition, Presence is a leader in point of sales software, developed using Borland solutions: Delphi and InterBase.  For more information, visit or contact Andreano
Lanusse at

Please note:  This is not an all inclusive list of InterBase tools and solutions vendors.  If you don't see your name here please give me an email and I will be happy to add you (  If you would like to see another good InterBase tools site try

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