Reporting for DataExpress DataSet components

By: Steven Shaughnessy

Abstract: Reporting solutions for DataExpress DataSet components

One option for printing the contents of a DataExpress DataSet component (this includes StorageDataSet, TableDataSet, QueryDataSet and ProcedureDataSet) is to use the JDataStore database with your DataSet components. Any component that extends StorageDataSet has a "Store" and "StoreName" property. If the Store property is set to an instance of com.borland.datastore.DataStoreConnection component and the StoreName property is set to the name of a table in the JDataStore database, the DataSet component will use the associated JDataStore table as a "backing store" for its contents. Once this association has been established, any reporting tool that supports JDBC or ODBC can be used to report the contents of a DataSet component. This is because the JDataStore product also provide a JDBC driver. provides an ODBC driver for JDataStore.

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