Sip from the Firehose: March 31, 2003 - Borland wins three Software Development Jolt awards

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Each year at the spring Software Development Conference, Software Development magazine gives out the prestigious Jolt awards. This year, Borland won three Jolt awards.

Borland wins three Jolt Cola awards

Monday, March 31, 2003
Scotts Valley, CA

The 13th annual Jolt Cola awards were given out  March 26, 2003 at the Software Development conference that was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  The Jolt Cola awards are voted by a panel of software industry luminaries and are awarded by Software Development magazine. Awards are presented annually to products that make the task of creating software faster, easier and more efficient.

For those of you who have never heard or had a drink of Jolt cola, it is the soft drink (available in the US, Sweden, Germany, Australia, UK, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland) that some software programmers use to help them survive the long hours of software development. Twelve ounces of Jolt cola contains 72 milligrams of caffeine (2 times that of Coke).

Borland's 2003 awards

Borland JBuilder 8 Performance Bundle
Languages and Development Environments
Jolt Award

Together WebSphere Studio Edition
Design and Analysis Tools
Jolt Award

Borland Optimizeit Suite 5
Testing Tools
Jolt Award

Libraries, Frameworks, and Components
Productivity Award

A History Of Excellence

Over the past 13 years, Borland's products have won numerous Jolt and productivity awards. Borland was especially honored with the Jolt Hall of Fame award in 2001. The following list shows that excellence, at Borland, really does endure.

2002Borland JBuilder 8 Performance BundleJoltLanguages and Development Environments
Together WebSphere Studio EditionJoltDesign and Analysis Tools
Borland Optimizeit Suite 5JoltTesting Tools
CLXProductivityLibraries, Frameworks, and Components
2001BorlandHall of Fame
JBuilderProductivityLanguages and Development Environments
Delphi 6 and Kylix 2ProductivityLanguages and Development Environments
2000JBuilderJoltLanguages and Development Environments
Together Control CenterProductivityDesign Tools and Processes
Bold for DelphiProductivityLibraries, Components and Frameworks
1999JBuilderJoltLanguages and Development Environments
Together/EnterpriseProductivityDesign Tools and Processes
1998Together/JJoltDesign Tools and Processes
JBuilderProductivityLanguages and Development Environments
1997JBuilderProductivityLanguages and Development Environments
Borland C++BuilderProductivityLanguages and Development Environments
1996Together/C++ ProfessionalJoltDesign Tools and Processes
How To Build Better Object Models CD-ROM WorkshopProductivitySpecial/Other
1995DelphiJoltLanguages and Development Environments
1993Borland C++JoltLanguages and Development Environments
1992Borland Pascal with Objects 7.0JoltLanguages and Development Environments
CodeWright 2.0ProductivityUtilities
1991Borland C++ and Application Frameworks 3.0JoltLanguages and Development Environments
Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.0ProductivityLanguages and Development Environments
Paradox Engine 2.0ProductivityLibraries, Components and Frameworks
1990Turbo C++ Professional 1.0JoltLanguages and Development Environments
Turbo Vision for Turbo Pascal 6.0ProductivitySpecial/Other

2002, A Year Of Acquisitions

At the beginning of the Jolt awards ceremony, the presenters from Software Development magazine put up a slide containing funny covers from two of those grocery store newspapers.


David Intersimone "David I"
Vice President, Developer Relations
Borland Software Corporation

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